The Kiss of Death in Health care Marketing…and YOU

Posted by barbarahales

Perhaps you are guilty of saying or making the following mistakes:

  • "I don't need to market my practice.  Doctors are becoming scarce and patients will be happy that I accept them"
  • "With reimbursements declining, I don't have the money to budget for marketing.  This is not a priority"
  • "I participate in the insurance plans- they'll refer their clients to me"
  • "My peers and colleagues at work will refer their patients to me"
  • "I don't have time for a marketing plan"

If you think that it doesn't really matter what patients think of you and your practice as long as they get their needed healthcare, think again!  As we transition into your payments based on patient satisfaction and a more patient-driven market, you will shrivel and die as a healthcare facility or medical practice unless you drastically alter your thinking.

A referral source can be fickle.  If there is a greater benefit to referring elsewhere, that will be the end of your business affiliation.  Then too, if patients return to an office and complain about you, you can anticipate a loss of recommendations from that office.  They simply cannot afford to ignore the feedback. In terms of insurance participation, unless you are the only doctor for 50 miles around, there are other doctors in those referral directories and patients will travel further to those professionals that better meet their needs.

With reimbursements being reduced, you will need to see more patients.  Even if you convert to a concierge model, you will still need to generate new patients to the practice.  Having a marketing plan or advertising will let people know that you are accepting new patients, that you have the expertise to treat particular ailments and that you are up on the latest in both medicine and technology.

Get the buzz going about your practice.  If you don't have the time for this now, you'll have all the time in the world later as your waiting room stands empty!

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