On A Health Writing Mission- What Can You Say?

Posted by barbarahales

When people ask what your business mission is, do you know?  What do you say?

Mentioning that you heal people or help people is pretty vague and doesn't make you unique or any different from all the other healthcare providers out there.  On the other hand, as an example, if you were to say "empathetic humans answer the phone all the time", this would set you apart because you know that everyone uses voice mail or telephone message services after hours.  Another example would be "We take all medical insurance plans. We've got you covered".  Now, I am not saying that these are the ones that you should use but there is some thinking to be done here. What is it that you do differently from everyone else?

Rather than rambling, a great mission statement is one that is short and describes the business completely.  Not only that, it's memorable so that it stays in everyone's mind.  If I were to say the mission is "connecting with customers in 140 characters or less", you would have no doubt that it is Twitter.  It describes the company to a tee and yet it is only 8 words.  Check out the following one-" to refresh the world in mind, body, spirit".  This one belongs to Coke.  Facebook's mission is "to make the world more connected."  Yes, of course it does.  There is no arguing about this and yet it is only 6 words.

Now think of your mission statement.

Take the paragraph and hone it down to the essentials.  This will help give you a specific idea of what you stand for. The mission statement should be two sentences or less.  Think of what you want to be known for, or the goal that you represent.  An example of this is Zappos- "to provide the best customer service possible.

A mission statement, although memorable like a tagline would be, is not to be cute.  Rather it is to keep you on track as to what the business goals are.  Just think what happens if you have a tweet with 200 characters.  It doesn't go through until you pare it down.  The mission statement can be viewed as the goals or structure within which the company operates. It includes the target market within the mission so that people know the company represents goods and services specific to their wants and needs. It fills a need that people have.

5 Tips for a Great Mission Statement

Ask yourself the following questions and the answers can be incorporated into your mission:

1) What does the business stand for?

2) What solutions do I provide?

3) What values do I represent?

4) How do I differ from my competition?

5) What do I want to be known for?

As you and your business evolves, the mission statement may no longer represent exactly what you do or reflect your uniqueness.  When that happens, change it, just as time and desires may have changed.

If you need help with your mission statement, or want someone to bounce your ideas off of, feel free to contact Barbara@TheWriteTreatment.com



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