Newsletters for Health…Yours and the Patients

Posted by barbarahales

Ezines or newsletters are not only a great way to educate patients on new ways to promote health, they are also a great way to promote yourself.

Ezines/Newsletter Marketing as a Cost Effective and Powerful Tool

Electronic Newsletters (ezines) can be widely distributed instantly, focusing on specific groups of people on your list.

Benefits of ezines:

  • Drives traffic to your business website
  • Increases your profile
  • Builds relationships between yourself and clients
  • Keeps your name in your clients’ minds
  • Gets leads by forwarding your ezines to prospective clients
  • Enables you to announce a new service or product
  • Enables you to explain the product or service
  • Gives great impact

Have you got a newsletter already or want to spread a message?

Maybe you're saying that you don't have time for this in your day- that your 24 hours are already stretched to 25!

The thing is, you can use your blogs in your newsletters.

If not, a great way to get your newsletter chock-full of content but also done on a regular basis , is to outsource it!

Contact me for a free consultation.  I am here to help you!

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