Instagram Exploding in 2014- Will You Be Left Out?

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Instagram has humorously been described as Twitter for those that can't read.

The truth of the matter is that seemingly over night, the popularity of this site continues to soar as photo sharing in mobil devices tells a story and strengthens brands through images. The association of stories with photos helps us to remember and recall these stories.  The importance of this connection is not wasted on Instagram, who is now giving Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, a run for their money.

Historically, storytelling has been shared for centuries, passed from one generation to the next.  Now it is being utilized to cut through the noise of marketing ads and give companies an opportunity to emotionally link to the public.

Popularity of Instagram

On a daily basis, 55 million photos are uploaded, 86.4 million comments are posted and 691.2 million viewers like photos for their Instagram feed.

In order to maximize the potential of Instagram:

  • Add a profile picture

The photo does not have to be yours.  More importantly have the image represent your logo or your main product and services.  Have this image consistent with your current website.

  • Add your bio

The bio should represent your company as well as you.

  • Connect Instagram with your website

Inserting a hyperlink to your url makes it easier for potential viewers to get to you.

4 Types of Instagram Posts

  • Motivational/ Inspirational Quotes

Touch people's heart and emotions by inspiring your target market in areas that they are interested in.

  • Behind the Scenes Information

This not only adds transparency, but also makes you more real; One that makes people feel or relate to you.

  • Brand Content

Highlight each one of the products that you sell or provide

  • Storytelling

Adding captions to the photos help to relate the story or event.  Share content from pop or social images to draw a reference or help people relate to you.

Share your images and add hashtags so that when people comment, they aggregate in one spot for all to see.

Don't forget a call to action on the images so that your viewers then perform the function that you are leading them to.

Don't think that Instagram is for you?  Your competition is hoping you feel that way!

Get in while this medium is young and the competition is relatively low…it won't be for long!

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