How To Promote Your Health Newsletter in 14 Steps

Posted by barbarahales

You have great ideas for your ezine (electronic newsletter) and you have planned your first few issues.

Now the question is "how do I get it out there?" and "Who will I get to read it?"  Having helpful information to share with others is wonderful but if there are no readers, your rantings will fall on deaf ears.

The Money is in the List

Have you heard this statement before?  It means that your data base of clients and subscribers is golden.  These are your thousands of fans, just waiting eagerly to devour your next pearls of wisdom and advice!

What?  You don't have a list?  No problem, there are several ways in which to develop them.  Building this list involves having an opt-in so that perspective clients as well as your loyal readers can essentially raise their hand and voice a desire to get information from you.

Effective Places to Have an Opt-In and Get Yourself  Out There

Promotion strategies work effectively when done consistently and include:

  1. Message Boards- Look to see what people are talking about.  Find concerns and problems that participants have and solve them.  The more you do this, the more people will view you as the authority or go-to person for advice.
  2. Opt-In Box- have a place where people can sign up on every page of your website.  Placing this prominently will allow people to take this call to action
  3. Directory Lists- Register your ezine in as many free directories as time permits, pertaining  to your niche and messages.  There are hundreds of directories to choose from.
  4. Bonuses- Offer premiums or free gifts to readers that opt-in for your ezines.  These gifts do not have to cost anything.  They can be tip sheets, ebooks, advice, FAQs of most common problems shared by your clients
  5. Press releases- This is one of the most helpful and underutilized tools.  Put out the new launch of your ezine and watch interested parties come take a look.
  6. Guest Blogs- Place blogs on other people's sites that have built-in audiences.  Make sure to put in your byline so they know how to reach you.
  7. Discussion Groups and Forums- Just like message boards, find concerns that people have and solve them.
  8. Affiliate links- Find places where your clients or target market hangs out and find out whether the publishers or site owners would be interested in having a JV partnership with you
  9. Reviews- Compile a list of the most informative ezines in your niche and place your newsletter among them
  10. Submit Articles- Write and share helpful information about what you solve in an easy-to-understand manner.  Have it published with your byline.  People are always looking for good resources
  11. Swap ads with sites that would be helpful to your readers.  In addition to getting widespread exposure, you are supplying your clients with  good resources.
  12. Freely distribute your Ebook- A book does not have to take years or months to write.  Compile your articles and blog posts in one place and make it a give away on your site and other sites as well
  13. Link Trades- Construct a links page to your website and swap this with other sites in your niche
  14. Certification- People love to add certifications to their resumes.  Is this something that you can offer with a free ecourse?

There are hundreds of ways to promote your ezine and your business.  But, we realize that there are just so many hours in a day.  If you find that there is just no time in your schedule to take these action steps, outsource it!

Promotion can be done for you and you will have your list in a very short time!  Contact me and we can discuss this further at:

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