How to Make Your Social Networking More…Social- 5 Tips

Doctors, dentists and healthcare providers are often guilty of being dry and matter-of-fact when providing information on social media platforms.  After all, they have messages that they feel are important to spread and want to maintain a professional air.

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Are you like this?  Well, stop it right here and now.  Social media is to be engaging, entertaining and social. (although not too personal; there is a thin line that you must straddle) Did you forget?  People do have a delete key!


Tips for Social Networking

Tip #1  Use a Headshot

Every social networking site has a place for your picture.  So does your email.  Show those pearly whites right next t your signature to infuse some more personality into your email.  Note– your photo should be one where you are looking straight out at the viewer,, where you are not part of a group shot or with your children and pets.

Tip #2 Start a Group your subscribers can join

While social networking may be a many-to-many communication tool which differentiates it from the conventional web and email experience, post in  way that makes each reader feel that you are talking to him/her.  Would your subscribers be even more engaged with your content if they could discuss it with one another on Facebook?  Would they then share it with their friends on the social networking sites they use?

Note– Having your subscribers communicate with one anther may get them mrs interested in your content without you having to do any more work.

Tip #3 Interact with Subscribers

People can always hit reply to anything you send them.  Take advantage of that fact.  Ask for feedback



Note– You can also use polls and surveys on social websites and include zithromax online with mastercard these results and subscriber feedback in your future messages.  TV and radio programs do this sort of thing to keep you tuned during commercials.



Tip #4 Be a Person, Not a Salesperson

You’re a real person and not a computer bot, right?  Well, don’t be afraid to write like it!  Remember to connect and relate with your subscribers and be approachable.

Note– It’ possible to overdo it with the personal information, but too often social marketers underachieve on this front.  On social networking sites, people are looking to connect and get to know people with whom they may develop a professional relationship.


Tip #5 Remember HIPAA

While you are being that “real” person, interacting with your readers, and answering questions, remember that you must post in a way that is not too specific for any individual person.  Information must be posted in a general way that would apply to many people so that any one person can not be identified.

Note– if a person has a question that needs to be answered on a personal basis, have that person make an appointment to see you personally in your office (this is the point of most interactions, after all!)

Bonus Tip- Profiles

Every social media site provides the opportunity for you to create your profile on the site.  This is a golden chance for you to describe what services you provide, what affiliations you have, your location, your educational background, etc.  Not only does this enable you to “toot your own horn” but enables people searching for your services, to find you online at that site.

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