How to Improve Your Health Email Connection- In 6 steps

Posted by barbarahales

People are only going to open your emails if they feel you've made a connection with them.

Here are 6 ways that you can brush up on this connection:

1. Add pictures- whether these are photographs, vectors or drawings, your eyes gravitate to the images immediately rather than glossing over words.  Just like stories, the pictures do get remembered.  This was a key in why Pinterest is making such a popular push!

2. Find out which schedule works the best.-Send your emails out at different times and on different days to see which one is optimal in the day and life of your audience.  As you pinpoint this, send them out on this day and time consistently.  There is no point in sending out your emails at a time when your target market doesn't log on.  Consistency will ensure that your audience, eagerly awaiting your message and anticipating your email, will not be disappointed.  When this happens and you let them down, they will not stay loyal to your email campaigns.

3. Split Test- Send out copies that differ by the heading, color, subject line, etc. to see which gets the greater opening and on which page people spent the most time

4. Calls to Action- Tell your readers what you would like them to do. Whether it is to sign up for an event or webinar, subscribe to a newsletter or blog, or purchase products and services, let your readers know that there are valuable and interesting things available to them.  Don't keep them guessing or assume that they will figure it out from your site.  It needs to be spelled out and highlighted.

5. Create relevancy- Your emails will not be read if you are writing to the wrong audience. (e.g. parenting tips for the senior citizens)  Your topic must be one that touches your audience's lives and one that they share, whether it is helpful tips, a story or words of wisdom

6. Add Analytic Tools- Google analytics is easy to incorporate, download and use.  Find out how many bounces there were, which page or article people were more attracted to and many more categories.  Besides having the link, make sure that you view the measurements so that you can adjust your emails accordingly.

Following these steps will increase your email opens, increase your subscription and help convert leads and readers to fast fans and buyers.

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