Health Writer to Health Professionals: Can you Digg it?

Posted by barbarahales

Digg Out Your Useful Information
Posted by barbarahales

Health writers and medical professionals can collect useful articles,images, photos, videos and stories from the web which will help their patients and readers “digg” this information.
The digg website is social and is now connected to your Twitter,Facebook, linkedIn and StumbleUpon. When a Facebook account is connected to Digg, articles can be shared on the Facebook page.

A great feature is that when Digg interviews a celebrity, registered digg users can submit questions to that famous personality. Imagine having your name linked with celebrities in your field? Picture being linked to the Surgeon General or celebrities that can give you and your company good reviews by mentioning your name.
With negotiations for buyouts over the last few years and releases of new versions, some fans of the Digg website have been lost.

What does this mean for you? Well for starters, there is not as much competition with others for good placement of your articles and stories. The chances of you getting more visibility are greatly increased.

So, when it comes to wanting to get a message out there which will be helpful to your herd, “Can You Digg it” ?
Do you Digg it too?

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