Forget Your Passwords- You Won’t Need them!

Posted by barbarahales

Having trouble remembering all your passwords?  Are you changing up your passwords periodically for security? Now you won’t have to!

Biometrics for security have now become affordable and gone mainstream with Apple and its new iPhone 5S.  The new device enables you to use fingerprint scanning in lieu of passwords which are safer, more unique and harder to break into. Data on your fingerprint points remains in a secure file on your phone and is only located there. This surpasses the need to have an intricate password and can’t be guessed the way a pin code may be.

Touch ID system

Not only is fingerprint scanning a great security benefit but it is also very convenient. (you always carry your unique print with you). A mere touch on the home button scanner will automatically unlock the phone.

According to the president of Nok Nok Labs, a tech security firm, Phillip Dunkelberger “user experience will be much better.  It’s a very good first step for everybody trying to use biometrics”.

Berin Soka, in charge of tech policy thinktank TechFreedom points out  that a fingerprint scanner on your phone “could make it easier for us to engage in sensitive transactions over mobile devices, like banking and government services.”  Now that the majority of Americans look to their mobile devices for website communications, this is the start of something great!

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