Improve Your Healthcare Marketing for your Own Survival

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As the link between physician reimbursement and patient satisfaction becomes forged, so too will the importance be of marketing to your patients.

The patient of today is informed, empowered and interested in finding not only solutions to her problems but also how best to achieve health in a proactive way.

Patient-centered Healthcare marketing

We all live in a technical world now where 90% have smartphones turning their cell devices into mini computers, internet service and health apps for these smart devices numbering in the thousands and increasing daily.  Though not all the health information online is accurate, patient access is readily available and there is an obvious desire by patients to get this information.

With Pay-For-Performance being heralded in to replace the old pay- for- services rendered model, it will be paramount to promote yourself as the "one who cares" and the ones who can set themselves up as authority figures in the specialty.  This is done with "marketing".  The word marketing may seem distasteful to you, or maybe even a bit nebulous.  But, it is just a method of strategies and  "spreading the word" communication about who you are and why your services or practice is unique.  The first ones that establish communication will be the ones that set themselves apart from the pack and will ramp up their practice...and revenue.

With the mandate for physicians to digitalize their records with patient access highlighted in the Affordable Care Act, it is a natural transition to communicate digitally as well.

Consider having a "disease of the week" on your website where there is a little discussion regarding symptomatology, diagnostic tests and treatments.

Put out a blog where people can read about the latest breakthroughs in health and technology.  Why not be the one that patients come to as a source!  You will be the one in their mind to come to if you provide value.

Consider having a forum on your site where patients can go to see how others have been helped by following your suggestions and advice.

Put out a tip sheet of the ten most asked questions in your practice and the solutions. (this will help you in the long run because these questions won't be asked of you, taking away valuable time)

So, why is it that you are not the one providing this information?  Why are you not harnessing the power of digital technology and making use of a stellar website for your patients (and perspective patients)? Ask yourself why you have not adopted new ways of communication.  Not doing so will have patients wondering what else you have not been keeping up with!

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