Useful Apps for Health Marketing

Everyone is posting their photos (and videos) these days and a great way to do so is with Instagram.  The beauty of it is that in addition to posting the images, you are allowed to write a lengthy “caption” or explanation after it.  Inserting hashtags allows searchers to find your post and like or comment on them.  This is ideal for physicians and health marketers as there is so much to create images with- from procedures to symptomatology, to medical devices.  The best part is that this site is where loads of your patients spend their viewing time as well as prospective patients who will be attracted to you and your practice.

But, Instagram is not where it ends!

There are three apps that I would like to recommend today for the health marketer, health copywriter and medical professional. Their purpose is to encourage likes and comments on Instagram from other people viewing your images.  They act as magnets for viewers.


This application enables you to create squares with various backgrounds and two areas for text. The larger area provided is to add a quote and the smaller area is to insert the person cited.  The color of the words can be modified by you as well.

If you decide to upgrade, additional features include more backgrounds with airbrushes abstracts and textures as eek as adding your own images for the background.  The watermark is removed for your benefit here. You can extract quoters from your blog posts, inspirational quotes or sayings from the books that you have published.     From here, you can post them to your social media ties, i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Photogrid enables you to not only create collages but also prepare your collection of photos for Instagram.  Three options on the app enable:

  • Pinboard- a digital bulletin board
  • Video Slides- makes your photos into a slide show
  • Grid-frames with a range of creative to symmetrical

When you are satisfied with the way the collage was created by you, it can be exported to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and Google+ as well as Instagram itself. Collages catches eyes which is your goal, after all!


Vidstitch enables you to create cool collages from your Instagram images and even insert a video clip to one of the frames within the collage. An upgrade enables widescreen images and an expanded gallery of photos.

Check these out and have fun with them!

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How to get Followers for Your Instagram Site in Medical Marketing

Okay, you’ve just set up your Instagram account. Now you want people to actually view it. These viewers are your potential clients and a great way to build your practice as well as strengthening your brand.

5 Tips to Captivate Your Audience

  • 1) Captions

Though most of us think of Instagram as a site for sharing photos, one is able to post a caption with as many as 2,000 characters. This is a great opportunity to tell a story, touching emotions and showing how the image can help the potential patient.

  • 2) Call to Action

Include the action you would like the viewer to take such as tagging the person in the photo, adding comments, going to website for free bonus, subscribing to practice newsletter. You can also suggest viewers go to the “link in our profile” to be featured.

  • 3) Benefit by Incorporating Hashtags

Using hashtags is a great way to attract people who are looking for you and your brand. In enables you to sort and categorize photo content for discovery on topic searches. Remember to use hashtags that make sense for your brand and are relevant to the images you’re posting. Hashtags will attract the type of viewer that will be prospective patients for you.

  • 4) Mingle with Like-minded users

Use hashtags to search for other Instagram users who have similar brands and post in the same industry. By engaging with them, their wide-spread audience is viewing your posts too. This increases your visibility. By liking or commenting on other sites, the users are notified that you have done so along with your name and avatar. Typically, the users check out your profile and if they like your posts, they will follow you too!

  • 5) Publicize your Instagram site on other networks

Once you have content in your account that you are satisfied with, start sharing your content on other social media channels. Choices available from Instagram are:

  • Tag People
  • Add to Photo Map
  • Name this location
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Flickr
  • Foursquare

Currently more than four out of every ten Fortune 100 companies are incorporating Instagram into their marketing. With the right health marketing strategy, you can reap a large number of interested and engaged patients, both current and new ones to strengthen your brand, increase your visibility and grow your practice!

If you need help getting started, I would be happy to consult with you.


How to Use Instagram for Your Health Marketing

Have you thought of using instagram as part of your medical marketing and wondered whether it is worth your while?

Like any other strategy in medical marketing, you must have a plan. The images need to be collected and posted with meaningful intent and true to your branding.

Here are 5 tips to help with your strategy

  • 1) Catch eyes with an alluring design

Take care that the image compliments the medical device or office rooms. If additional props will convey the message better, place them in the background of the shots. If you have a special effect like sepia, black and white or color,or an artsy angle, be consistent with all the images on your posts. There is a variety of filters in Instagram that help present your image in the best light.

  • 2) Add a caption to the image

The most effective ones are those that let patients and prospective patients know how the device or subject in the image will help them. Giving examples of usage as opposed to a mere description is very helpful for the patients to understand the value of the image.

  • 3) Add a Call to Action

Add an action that you would like your viewer to perform (e.g. like a page, become a follower, call the office for a consultation, sign up for medical office newsletter, visit website)

  • 4) Use #hashtags with your posts

Having relevant hashtags help viewers find your photos by the topics they are searching. Three hashtags can be used for each one if they are relevant. Providing a brand-centric hashtag enables viewers to follow you and strengthens your brand.

  • 5) Apply analytic measures

Measure which images perform best so that you know the content that engages your viewers and expand upon them to drive traffic. Those that bring no likes will be ones that you don’t create again.

As instagram becomes more and more popular, it speaks to the marketplace as being visual. If you can be found, Instagram can be a potent driver to your medical practice. Planning your brand strategically and how you want to present it on Instagram has the power to generate more prospective patients and grow your practice more than any other social medium.

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Instagram Exploding in 2014- Will You Be Left Out?

Instagram has humorously been described as Twitter for those that can’t read.

The truth of the matter is that seemingly over night, the popularity of this site continues to soar as photo sharing in mobil devices tells a story and strengthens brands through images. The association of stories with photos helps us to remember and recall these stories.  The importance of this connection is not wasted on Instagram, who is now giving Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, a run for their money.

Historically, storytelling has been shared for centuries, passed from one generation to the next.  Now it is being utilized to cut through the noise of marketing ads and give companies an opportunity to emotionally link to the public.

Popularity of Instagram

On a daily basis, 55 million photos are uploaded, 86.4 million comments are posted and 691.2 million viewers like photos for their Instagram feed.

In order to maximize the potential of Instagram:

  • Add a profile picture

The photo does not have to be yours.  More importantly have the image represent your logo or your main product and services.  Have this image consistent with your current website.

  • Add your bio

The bio should represent your company as well as you.

  • Connect Instagram with your website

Inserting a hyperlink to your url makes it easier for potential viewers to get to you.

4 Types of Instagram Posts

  • Motivational/ Inspirational Quotes

Touch people’s heart and emotions by inspiring your target market in areas that they are interested in.

  • Behind the Scenes Information

This not only adds transparency, but also makes you more real; One that makes people feel or relate to you.

  • Brand Content

Highlight each one of the products that you sell or provide

  • Storytelling

Adding captions to the photos help to relate the story or event.  Share content from pop or social images to draw a reference or help people relate to you.

Share your images and add hashtags so that when people comment, they aggregate in one spot for all to see.

Don’t forget a call to action on the images so that your viewers then perform the function that you are leading them to.

Don’t think that Instagram is for you?  Your competition is hoping you feel that way!

Get in while this medium is young and the competition is relatively low…it won’t be for long!

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Can Health Writers and Healthcare Benefit from Instagram?

Chances are that even if you are not using Instagram, your friends and colleagues may be.  And what better way to spread the images such as the covers for your eBooks and snaps of your practice than with a service where images are virally spread!

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a fun application (app) for your smartphone or smart device that enables you to share your life with friends and peers through photos.  Capture an image with your phone camera, select a filter and then share through this app.  You can download the program for free at both the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

Why is it so popular?

Everyone loves a story and images tell them so well.  Think of the adage “a picture tells a thousand words”.  Images can also be posters that relate cute messages or sayings as well as the ever adorable photos of pets that everyone loves and can relate to.

Not only do photos tell a story, they also reflect who you are.  They make you more human so that people can relate to you better.

Instagram uploads instantly!

When you upload your photos, they post simultaneously to your Facebook, Twitter and Flickr accounts without having to spend extra time inserting them into each of your sites.  This enables your followers and friends to all share your images at once.  The app. also allows you to be found on Foursquare.  Additional capabilities are currently in the works.


The fact that you are public on Instagram means that all those using the app or logged onto can view your images.  However, you can opt to have your account private which precludes most people from viewing your pix. (However, since Instagram is used for marketing, having the account private counteracts the benefits) Photos can be synced with your computer and printed as desired.

Currently the  Instagram app is only functional on the iPhone and Android devices.  However, other platforms like WindowsPhone7, Blackberry and iPad will have these capabilities down the road.t

Are you currently using Instagram?  Share your experiences in the comment box below.