Do You Have a Strategy for Your Content Marketing?

Your Content Marketing Strategy May be Failing Because of This: No Strategy!

Many doctors and health professionals are frustrated.  They put in the time to add fresh content but it does’t seem to bring the effect they are looking for.  Whether it is to retain current patients, attract prospective patients and grow their practice, or sell a book they authored, their content marketing doesn’t seem to show any effect.

Why would this be?  On one hand, you are following the techniques that big business uses with their content marketing, but it doesn’t give the same effect.  In a nutshell, it is because there is no effective strategy.  Do you have a plan?


A mere 9% of B2B marketers perceive their organization’s content marketing as effective according to the CMI’s industry survey.


Key data from CMI’s survey shows:



The Team

Content marketing in medical practices take a team to carry forward.  Assign staff to do posts in topics that they are intimately involved in on a routine basis and assign a day in the week or calendar month when they are responsible for it.  You can’t be expected to take care of all the content marketing for your practice but like anything else in medicine these days, if it’s not written down, it doesn’t exist.  Don’t expect everyone to read your mind or be consistent unless it is written in a content calendar.Content marketing is a method that takes a team to carry forward. If the organization’s individuals are holding some nebulous strategy in their minds, that’s not really a strategy at all. That’s just some thoughts on content marketing.

Types of Content Marketing


  • Lists
  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • How-tos
  • Polls
  • Infographics
  • Case studies
  • Guides
  • PDF downloads
  • Reviews
  • Interviews
  • Podcasts
  • Tutorials
  • White papers
  • Research

Everyone loves lists.  Think of 5 best ways to…. or 7 types of…..3 steps to…  Most things that you do can be broken down into lists for your reader. The thing is, each of these types of content affect people in different ways and as such, practices can create several in their content strategy.



As the image points out, diversify your content.  This keeps it fresh and interesting with viewers returning to see what you’ve just produced. The key is keeping it relevant to your services and the reader.  What does your prospective patient want to read.  Remember, the information is to engage and inform.

Measure ROI

Use analytical tools to show which content is getting the most traction and then concentrate on those.

Scott Severson  tracked specific keyword data to demonstrate content marketing efficacy. He measured performance based on SEO-click value.




Of course, there are other ways to measure ROI and effectiveness. Stick to the parameters that you’e chosen. Set goals and finish the projects when the goals are met.

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Create Content that is Ten-Times better than Your Competition

Rand Fishkin posted an article last year for Moz. In a blog article he recommended that content marketers concentrate on creating content that’s ten times better than content already published by their competitors.

Bear in mind that unique, quality content is great for:

Content Marketing for Your Medical Practice- it goes a long way!

Most doctors spend the majority of  time with their patients asking a standard set of questions and recording the answers into electronic health records on their computers rather than getting to the deeper issues troubling these patients.

This situation prevents the patient from engaging  in a more meaningful way. Not only that but  most patients either remember it wrong or completely forget what was said in these encounters.

By creating content that answers the most common questions and entering it on the website, in the patient portal, and in an email before the patient ever arrives, face time with the patients can be optimized.  The staff can provide better service when the answers to frequently asked questions can be accessed on the website. Patients can also ask questions on the portal while letting the doctor know that this is what they want to discuss at a specific date and time scheduled so that the doctor can provide this information more effectively.

Patients are looking for doctors and healthcare organizations to provide the right content before they ever walk in the door so they can have a visit that is personal.


To help optimize your practice’s time with patients, make sure you incorporate the following:

  • Have a robust FAQ that allows patients to find answers to common questions 24/7
  • Supply the content across platforms/portals that your patients are accessing, such as your practice’s website, the patient portal, and any applicable social media sites.
  • Engage the patient and caregivers before the appointment with a clear idea of what to expect.
  • Encourage patients to post any articles they have found which they feel may pertain to them that they want to discuss.  This discourages bringing the articles with them to the office where you may not have time to review it properly. This action also validates the patient.
  • Make the information relevant to the prospective patient coming to your office and make it captivating.  Discover what your patient finds interesting.
  • Check out your analytics and run A/B split tests to see what kinds of content is more well received and interesting to your patients.  This style of content creation allows your practice to refine and improve materials to get them closer to the goal: Making marketing more personal.

It may seem like a lot duplicated effort to have the same materials going in multiple digital spaces, but when it comes to keeping up with the marketing best practices in 2016, consistency and personalization are going to be key.

Be consistent in all areas where your content is posted from the website to the waiting room.  This way, when a patient is ready to select your practice as their provider, or they are checking out your practice after a referral, all of the assets are in place to let them know they’re in good hands and they’re going to receive the best care possible.

Share your experiences in the comment box below.

Useful Apps for Health Marketing

Everyone is posting their photos (and videos) these days and a great way to do so is with Instagram.  The beauty of it is that in addition to posting the images, you are allowed to write a lengthy “caption” or explanation after it.  Inserting hashtags allows searchers to find your post and like or comment on them.  This is ideal for physicians and health marketers as there is so much to create images with- from procedures to symptomatology, to medical devices.  The best part is that this site is where loads of your patients spend their viewing time as well as prospective patients who will be attracted to you and your practice.

But, Instagram is not where it ends!

There are three apps that I would like to recommend today for the health marketer, health copywriter and medical professional. Their purpose is to encourage likes and comments on Instagram from other people viewing your images.  They act as magnets for viewers.


This application enables you to create squares with various backgrounds and two areas for text. The larger area provided is to add a quote and the smaller area is to insert the person cited.  The color of the words can be modified by you as well.

If you decide to upgrade, additional features include more backgrounds with airbrushes abstracts and textures as eek as adding your own images for the background.  The watermark is removed for your benefit here. You can extract quoters from your blog posts, inspirational quotes or sayings from the books that you have published.     From here, you can post them to your social media ties, i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Photogrid enables you to not only create collages but also prepare your collection of photos for Instagram.  Three options on the app enable:

  • Pinboard- a digital bulletin board
  • Video Slides- makes your photos into a slide show
  • Grid-frames with a range of creative to symmetrical

When you are satisfied with the way the collage was created by you, it can be exported to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and Google+ as well as Instagram itself. Collages catches eyes which is your goal, after all!


Vidstitch enables you to create cool collages from your Instagram images and even insert a video clip to one of the frames within the collage. An upgrade enables widescreen images and an expanded gallery of photos.

Check these out and have fun with them!

Need help?  I would be happy to make suggestions and discuss your needs with a free consultation at 561-325-9664.

Great Channel for Health Marketing- Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns

Social media darling BuzzFeed added over 1 million email subscribers in the past 12 months. How? Analytics found that the fastest and most critical technique to growing an audience (ergo, your practice) is with email campaigns.  As social media moves in the direction of revenue growth, brands are losing the ability to communicate directly with followers. By initiating an email campaign,, brands get that control back.

For example, The Washington Post now has over 75 e-newsletters, while The New York Times has 12 people dedicated to newsletters.  The CMI/MarketingProfs B2B study found that email was rated as the No. 1 success metric for measuring content marketing.



Takeaway: In 2017, we’ll see two things. First, more brands will launch targeted and relevant e-newsletters, which will become the key method to grow their audiences. Second, more brands will take a hard look at the e-newsletters they have and move them from “email as marketing collateral” to “truly amazing and relevant customer experiences.”

Best Practices of Email Marketing

  1. Call to Action

Sending out emails with information is a good start but you want them to have a call-to-action.  A great way to do this without seeming sales, is to have the emails link to your landing pages. Each email ideally would link to a personalized landing page which strengthens your website and further fulfills con their needs through additional content.  You may capture their email address, permission for sending Ezines or get them to make an office appointment for further investigation of their problems.

2. Triggers

Messages can be automatically sent out based on triggers from patient responses. For instance: if a prospective patient visits your website twice in five days and then you don’t see them for a week, an automated email could be sent telling them how much you miss them, and inviting them to come back, perhaps with an incentive like a tip sheet of FAQs (frequently asked questions from your practice)

There is a huge variety of possible trigger points that you can use to send your prospect emails. The purpose of these messages is to build a rapport with your prospective patients and start encouraging them to make a genuine connection with you and your practice.

3. Humanization

In order for your email to stand out above the hundreds of emails that people receive on a daily basis, you need to humanize the email. Besides using their first name, you need to send personalized messages to your viewers and also to make yourself human and approachable while doing it.  The proof in succeeding will be a higher click-through rate.  If there is no response, it’s time to modify how you write the Email.

So, as 2017 approaches, more brands will develop and launch Ezines or e-newsletters specific to their services as the lynchpin to growing readership (and attracting prospective patients).

The next Step

Have you considered e-newsletters yet?  Perhaps it seems like to much work!  No worries!  Outsource it.  Contact 561-325-9664. We can discuss your needs and get your started!


Doctors and Copywriters Have Something in Common

This week, I had a tremendous opportunity to share time with some of the greatest copywriters alive today:

  • Clayton Makepeace
  • Dan Kennedy
  • Mark Forde (Michael Masterson)
  • Katie Yeakle
  • Bob Bly
  • John Carlton
  • Richard Armstrong
  • And many others

While these pros are making 7 figures annually, their great accomplishment is their art of persuasion.  You see, they each have been able to get into the head of their prospect and strike a responsive chord.  It’s taking empathy to a whole new level.  Have you ever seen two tuning forks where you hit only one but the other sings the same vibration?  Picture the ability to get everyone in a room to “resonate” or get your vibes!

Though they each may concentrate on different niches or be different people, they each related a similar story of their humble beginnings.  None were born into copywriting.  It was a desire to be one…and not just one but the best.  So, they did what any competitive person would do.  They worked on it and worked on it.  They were open to criticism as they molded and honed their craft.  They poured sweat into it, analyzed it and poured more sweat into the craft.  It wasn’t just a job. It was a passion… a driving force- just like becoming a doctor.  Just like a doctor, copywriters make you feel better about yourself.

Both doctors and copywriters can be motivational and inspirational.  They listen and hear the stories that others tell to better understand them. They validate what others are saying about themselves to help them go beyond their current state.  The ones that can truly do this are the most successful and the ones that are getting the most self-satisfaction.

Are you still in touch with these motivations?  Are you still in touch with your passions and acting upon them?

If you could be in a room with “the greats” in your field, who would they be?

Share your answers and comments in the box below.

5 Easy Steps for Successful Medical Website Copywriting

Effective Web Copy engages the reader with captivating content while maintaining an air of professionalism.  But how is that done?  Below are some easy steps to get you going.

11 Tips for Effective Website Copywriting image shutterstock 111140711

1. Tell a story

Human interest stories are remembered far longer than any data or information that you wish to convey.  If you can evoke emotions, you will have your viewers hooked!

11 Tips for Effective Website Copywriting image shutterstock 162365198

                                                                       Resources from B2C

2. Have contact information visible- make it the star

Have the office address and telephone number upfront and easily seen from each website page.   If prospective patients decide to make an appointment based on your captivating information, make it easy for them to do so.  If clients and patients have to search for your contact information, they probably won’t.  It is easier to click on the next name on the list- your competition!

3. Keep it easy to read

Convey your information in a conversational tone and make it easy for your reader to understand you.  After all, with medicine becoming patient centric, you want patients able to feel that they can pursue the information they are seeking from you.

Make the information scannable.  People like to skim over the information that you have provided.  Give the eyes some resting stops such as subheads in bold font and bullet points.  According to a recent study, internet users typically read only 28 percent of the words on an average web page.  Keep the paragraphs short, limiting them to only 3 or 4 sentences.  If more information is needed, patients can engage you in a conversation or get more details in your blog posts and published articles.

4. Use images and videos

Here is an opportunity to show photographs of your office and staff so that new patients have a sense of familiarity when entering the premises.  Videos allow you the opportunity to explain techniques and procedures that you offer to patients, including preoperative and postoperative instructions.

Separating the most vital information on a page into boxes and headers showcases the content that is most likely to sell them on your products and services.

5. Implement SEO into your web copy

SEO stands for search engine optimization.

By incorporating the keywords into your copy, search engines can identify what you stand for and patients viewing the site can get an understanding of what you are all about.  When search engines rank you well for your keywords, every time a search is done for a term by a patient, you will show up (and being first on the page makes the difference between a call or patient visit vs. being buried on the 8th page!)

If you need help in website creation or you are unsure as to the effectiveness of your copy, call for a free consult- 516-647-3002.

How to Increase Your Google Page Rank: Good Thing For Health Copywriters to Know

Think your efforts are paying off with the search engines?  Maybe they are, but maybe not.  To check your page ranking, you can get a free assessment of your score from one to ten at:

You can also add a free page rank checker tool to your website for visitors to check the ranking assigned to any pages from your site with the following HTML code, placed into your HTML document where you wish the tool to appear:

<div style=”text-align:center;”>

<table cellspacing=”1″ style=”margin:10px auto 40px;width:400px;border:1px solid #DDD;text-align:center;”>

<tr><td style=”background:#D1FFA4;vertical-align:middle;”>

<p style=”font-size:11px;font-family:Verdana;margin:0px;padding:2px;color:#666;”><strong>Check Page Rank of your Web site pages instantly:</strong></p>

</td></tr><form action=”” method=”post” style=”margin:0px;padding:0px;”>

<tr><td style=”border:1px solid #CCC;padding:10px;background:#DDD;”>

<input type=”hidden” name=”action” value=”docheck”>

<input type=”text” value=”http://” name=”urlo” maxlength=”150″ style=”width:250px;padding:1px 2px 2px 3px;margin-right:10px;font-size:13px;font-family:Arial;”>

<input type=”submit” name=”submit” value=” Check PR ” style=”width:80px;font-size:11px;font-family:Arial;padding:1px;”>

</td></tr></form><tr><td><p style=”margin:0px;padding:3px 0px 1px 0px;color:#AAA;font-size:9px;font-family:Verdana;”>This page rank checking tool is powered by <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Page Rank Checker</a> service</p></td></tr></table></div>”


The tool will appear like this on your web page:

Check Page Rank of your Web site pages instantly:


This page rank checking tool is powered by Page Rank Checker service


So How Do You Increase Your Rankings?

It’s all in the communications!  Back links (links that another website points toward yours) determine your rank and the more you have, the more currency for your PR (page ranking)

Ways to Increase Back Links (outside of paying for them which the search engines can detect and frown upon)

1. Join forums related to your website niche with a link to your website with your signature, which not only  adds back links but serves to promote your site as well.

2.Publish articles.  The bylines or source box brings in traffic and new leads.  In the source box, place the website title and a link to the site with a catchy headline or promotion to draw the readers in)

3.Publish an ezine with links for viewers to come to your site.  Submit information about your ezine to an ezine directory which links to your website.

4.Register with various search engine directories which not only give you a free link to your website, but also help to list your site higher on that search engine.  This is usually a free process.

5.Link to related websites

How am I doing?

Every so often, it is helpful to check your page ranking.  Although the method of ranking changes sporadically by the search engines themselves, seeing whether the rank goes up or down will allow you to see how you can adjust your site for more success.


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10 Simple Ways to Promote Yourself as a Health Writer and Increase Sales

The phrase “people won’t do business with you until they know you and trust you” will always apply.
It is with this idea in mind that you could promote yourself. People will feel more at ease with you when they feel that they know you.
This holds true for health writing as much as any other business.

So, how can you get people to feel that they know you?
Here are simple ways:

1)Make a video explaining your products and services. Tell a story about yourself.
People remember stories long after the message wanes.

2)Write a guest blog on another site that matches your niche. When you solve people’s problems on other sites, not only will everyone appreciate it, but also you are viewed as the expert and go-to person. When you are on a popular site, you already have a built in level of fans and “eyes” upon you.

3)Have a great profile on your social media sites- this is something that you want to bone up and not forget to have in detail.

4)Create an “About me” tab on your website and include photos with your background and accomplishments

5)Publish articles in your area of expertise with a resource box to link back to your website. Don’t forget a call to action.

6)Participate in forums and online communities as well as message boards and chat groups so that others can get to know you.

7)Give a tele seminar or webinar that helps solve existing problems for your clients, patients or perspective customers

8)Publish a regular blog that reflects who you are. One of the blogs each week can be helpful tips and another can be “the quote of the week that reflects your personality and that you enjoy.

9)Offer to evaluate someone’s work

10) Publish an ebook that asserts you as an authority in your field and helps get the word out about you.

If you would like to discuss this further or you would like me to evaluate your work, shoot me a line at:

“Once Upon a” Market Tool for Health Writers and Others

When marketing yourself or your services,whether it is as a health writer or any other field, a crucial tool in your bag to reach your target is the art of story telling.

The most important aspect of story telling is to be authentic and have your passion show through. Don’t take someone else’s story. The tale must be who you are. Dig deep and look at who you are and your experiences that brought you to this point. Touch others emotionally and those hearing your story will pass it on.

Share the benefit by sharing your experience and evoking emotion.
Motivate yourself and the enthusiasm will not only be authentic but infectious.

Who are you talking to? Is the crowd that you are talking to, people who have something to gain by the story? If the people you are talking to do not have any vested interest in the points within the story, there will be no success or interest in the story itself.

Each story has a goal- it is to market or promote goods or services. But the story must be engaged with the crowd. There must be interaction for engagement. You need a dialogue and you need to be a participant. Otherwise, you are merely dictating your thoughts.

Make sure that your story or dialogue has a call to action at the end. This way when it goes viral, the intended action will be passed along as well.