Successful Health Writing Content

You are analyzing all day long- your patients, your diagnoses and treatments, your schedule, surgical procedures.

But do you analyze your marketing and what works with the content that you put out online?

Plan of Action

Implementing an analytic program  is the only way you’ll have insight into which content is working — or totally being ignored.  Ideally, you’ll make use of a closed-loop analytics solution so you’re able to see what happens to all that site traffic.

One of the easiest analytical programs is Google Analytics which you can currently adopt freely.  Find out whether the health writing and information that you have put out there is being shared with social media sites, being picked up by searches (Google, Bing, Yahoo), or  being linked to other sites.

Since  people don’t think exactly alike, Google Analytics helps you analyze visitor traffic. It provides a total  picture of your readers and patients along  their needs.  Tools like In-Page Analytics demonstrates how viewers interact with your pages.  Find out how long they linger on each page, and which pages are skipped or ignored.

See what they’re searching for, what they find interesting and what helps them.  Then you can concentrate your efforts on providing more information in those areas of interest.  Perhaps it is educating them about a new technique, remedies, symptoms to diagnose an ailment.  You’ll find that no only will your patients appreciate the effort that you take in satisfying their needs, but it also will bring you prospective new patients as well.

Where are they?

Are you attracting local readers or are your viewers mainly coming to you from different geographical areas?  If you are a single medical facility, people from other areas will not be as helpful in seeking out appointments in your medical facility. Tools like Traffic Sources and Visitor Flow enable you to track the routes viewers have taken to reach you as well as the devices they used to get to you.  You can them improve their viewer experience by meeting them where they are.  Are you mobile-ready?

The more views you get and the more you are shared, the more successful your health writing content will be.

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Health Marketing Tip: Google Wants to Help YOU!

Did you know that Google offers free tools for site optimization?  Take advantage of it.

Here are some tools that you can get in on now to improve your search rankings and get found by prospective patients and clients.

1) Google Analytics

Not only measures your sales and conversions, it displays your visitors’ actions to see what pages on your website are doing well and which has no or few views.  Adjustments can then be made accordingly.

2) Google Webmaster Tools

Here you can see how Google indexes your site and the top searches that drove traffic.

3) Google Insights for Search

Compare search volume across times, geographical areas and categories for each set term or long-tailed keywords. Discover customers based on search volume.

4) Google Alerts

After entering a keyword into this tool, any place on the web where this keyword is talked about (blogs, articles, newsletters, web pages) will pop up in your inbox.  Designation of volume or type of information that you want is possible. Seeing the amount and type of email results lets you know how popular a keyword or phrase is in your target market.

5) Google Adwords

Discover which keywords will get the most leads to your site with this tool.

6) Google Trends

See what’s hot in the market currently.  This tool shows the most popular search terms in a given niche.  Contrast the trends for several keywords or sites.  See trends in keyword campaigns to achieve maximum success.


There are certain key questions to enable you to choose the ideal keywords.


  • How do you describe your medical practice or business?
  • What words best depict your services or products?
  • What problems do you solve?
  • Which of the products are most profitable?
  • What keywords do YOU think describe you?

Write down 15 key phrases that answer the questions above and then explore these out with the keyword search tools above.

Don’t let the lack of time to optimize your site, make you anxious or tense.  Outsource it!

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