Create Content that is Ten-Times better than Your Competition

Rand Fishkin posted an article last year for Moz. In a blog article he recommended that content marketers concentrate on creating content that’s ten times better than content already published by their competitors.

Bear in mind that unique, quality content is great for:

Blogging and Content Creation for Doctors, Dentists and other Health providers

Doctors, dentists, and other healthcare providers are already strapped for time.  Let’s face it, there are only 24 hours in a day and between all the practice concerns and home responsibilities, you’re already spending 25 hours out of every 24!  I get it.

The thing is, without social media interaction, blogging and content marketing, you simply won’t be found when prospective patients do an online search for you- unless of course you practice in an area where you are the only doctor in the state. (highly unlikely!)

The good news is, in a sense, you are already getting your information with which to jot your blogs.  Patients are coming to you each day and asking questions- many the same questions.  Why not put out an FAQ each week. (frequently asked questions and answers).  Patients are always looking for solutions to the problems they are struggling with in your specialty and for you it would not be difficult.  What are your nurses dealing with?  What new breakthroughs are in your specialty?  What was just highlighted in your journals?  What topics are discussed at rounds?  These all make for good blog posts.

You don’t even have to write them all yourself.  Have a calendar where each person in your office i assigned a day to write up a small article on a chosen topic and keyword.

What is Content?  What is it for?

Simply put, content is for educational purposes.  People want answers.  They want information.  They also want to be entertained.  Let’s face it, where you able to read 3 chapters of any medical tomes without nodding off?  When you put out information, make it readable and enjoyable to read.  Add stories to illustrate a point.  People will understand your message better and with a story, they will be able to remember your message.

Google’s algorithms  look for engagement and interaction.  Post your messages in a consistent fashion,  This means more than trying to start out writing on a daily basis which may be overwhelming for you.  When people comment or ask questions, respond to them so they can look to rely on you.  Not only will Google and other search engines take notice, but prospective patients will notice as well.  Everyone wants to go to a compassionate doctor who is interested in them and takes the time to validate their concerns,  It gets harder to find good practitioners like yourself.

Populating all the Social Media Sites

It’s all well and good to have an account with Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and more.  But who can keep posting to all them?

Well, you can of course!  There are plugins that post automatically to all these sites from your blog without you having to enter each one separately.  So, you can really spread your message by getting a lot of views.  Set up your account for responses to these posts to come to your email so that you can respond to them.Recognize your limits. You don’t have to have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a WordPress blog, a Google+ page, a Tumblr, a Pinterest page and so on…the list of social networking possibilities is endless. Choose two or three social networks that you understand and that you enjoy using. Don’t try to blanket every social network with content from your clinic or company.

Implement a social media manager like HootSuite where you can schedule your posts on the various sites when your target viewers are more apt to see them.  This way you can write several posts at a time and have them scheduled to appear at future times and dates.

Still don’t have the time or interest to get involved in content marketing and health content creation?

No worries!  Outsource it!  Contact and we can get you started!  Any questions?  Please ask.  We have the knowledge in your field and are eager to work with you.

5 Steps to Unique Medical Practice Content Creation

Having unique content for your practice or healthcare facility is a must for marketing your services to the right people. It attracts potential clients/patients, partners, staff and promotes you both in the community and online.  Search engines and social media identify you with this content and if done well, will go viral, spreading to further promote you.  It establishes you as an authority in the field and the “go-to” person for those looking for solutions to their problems in your niche.

Valuable content not only educates your market and community, it enables engagement and opens a dialogue so that patients are drawn to you and feel that they have a relationship with you.

5 Strategies

These 5 steps will help  you  in planning your content creation:

1) Video creation

They say that a picture is worth a 1000 words and a video does more than this!  It is a great opportunity to allow people to visualize:

  • Your office/facility layout and what to expect when coming to the office
  • Your staff
  • New equipment including what a patient would experience and the purpose of the technology
  • Surgical procedures including what a patient will experience
  • Preoperative Instructions
  • Postoperative instructions

The videos can be uploaded to YouTube and distributed to other video sites as well.

2) Press releases

Every time a new article is published, podcast released or new procedure the office does, a press release will allow the public to know about it, further giving you and your practice exposure.

3) Newsletters

Having an electronic newsletter (ezine) or hard copy gives you the opportunity to inform your patients and prospective patients about new developments or trends in healthcare, new regulations and how it will affect them, new medication releases, etc.  Do an interview with a “big name” that is currently in the news and print the interview.

4) Blog Posts

When blog posts are attached to your website, it keeps your online presence active and not static, giving patients an excuse to return again and again to read the new and interesting information.

Guest blogging on other people’s sites also gives more exposure and allows your referring physicians to acquaint  their patient list to you.

5)  Infographics

Amass data in your industry and make some visuals or charts for people to understand and share. Become the resource for news and trends. A user friendly tool to enable you to build the infographics is or Infoactive.

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See you at the next post!