Create Content that is Ten-Times better than Your Competition

Rand Fishkin posted an article last year for Moz. In a blog article he recommended that content marketers concentrate on creating content that’s ten times better than content already published by their competitors.

Bear in mind that unique, quality content is great for:

How to Avoid Getting Your Health Sales Letter Tossed and Shredded!

If you don’t want your letters meeting the fate of tossed, unopened and forgotten, there are 3 steps to make your letters captivating. That special zing gets your letters read and prospective patients looking to read more of what you write.

Step #1

Make yourself easy to skim and scan

The easiest way to get material for eyes to scan is to include:

  • Bullet points. They stress the points that you want people to take away with them. Be specific with facts and figures to prove your points.
  • Add bolded powerful subheads that tell the reader what to expect next. It gives readers the main message at a glance.
  • Have plenty of whitespace. Your eyes need places to rest after scanning; provide it. Paragraphs should be limited to 5 sentences to make reading easy and bearable.

Step #2

One of the biggest mistakes a new writer for health copy can make is to write in general terms so that it applies to all people. Think about it. There is only a certain type of person that you are trying to attract- the type of person that will want to use your medical services. Who do you gear your practice to treating? That’s the person that you need to reach.

Direct your letter to that one person and make it personal. Relate stories. Everyone loves to read stories. It is the thing that people remember, not technology or statistics.

Don’t use technical jargon or big words in trying to impress your readers. They already know that you are the professional. They need to be able to understand you. Building a friendly rapport is much more important than trying to impress.

Step #3

Remind your reader what you have told them and what they have found out. Point out how the information that you have discussed provides solutions to the problems they have been struggling with.

Now is the time to add your call to action. What do you want your readers to do next?

  • Make an appointment
  • Subscribe to your newsletter
  • Sign up for your blog posts


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How to Make Your Health Content Copy Standout

Nowadays we are a society of short attention spans. Your content copy should take this into consideration.  No one wants to pour over a tome.  Instead, your copy must be constructed for the skimmer and scanner.  People want to see if your content copy is worth their time.

Marketing research reveals that people spend three hours or more daily on their smart mobile devices and as much as six hours each day on social media sites.

You need to pack more relevance and value into a shorter text.  Captivate, educate, and entertain but make it short!  Accomplishing this is no easy task but once you develop this skill, your copy will be outstanding!


  1. Seven Seconds

That’s all you’ve got to hook your reader. Any longer and your viewer has clicked off and on to the next person’s site. The headline is key. Eighty-five percent of readers are hooked by the headline.  If it is not relevant or boring, they won’t even make it to the copy, no matter how fabulous it may be!


2. Easy on the eyes

Have a good amount of white space around your copy.  This is where the scanning eye rests.  Limit your paragraphs to under 7 sentences. Have bold subheads and lots of bullet points to prove your points. Eliminate any excess wordage that doesn’t contribute to the meaning of the content.

3.Show optimism

Being upbeat brings a lot of energy to your writing.  People would rather read hopeful copy than something that will bring them down.  Avoid jokes as what you may consider humorous may be downright insulting to others or copy that falls on its face.

4. Call- to- Action

No matter how brief your article or post may be, you need to include your call-to-action.  This is the step that you want your reader to take.  Is it to sign up for a newsletter or blog series, go to a webinar, request a white paper, call for an office appointment? Don’t assume that the reader is going to follow up and take the course of action that you would like as an outcome unless you specifically request it!


Write in a scannable and bulleted copy in an optimistic way and make sure to add what you want your reader to do next.

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Why You Need Content Copy in Health Marketing

Content Copy and health Marketing your practice goes hand in glove. Here’s why it is crucial for health marketing, whether it is for physicians, medical practices, hospitals or medical homes.

First, what exactly is content copy?  Simply it is the manner of sharing  information and messages that you would like to convey to your patients and prospective patients as you grow your practice and reputation.  It is  the 3 I’s- Informative, Interesting and Interactive.

Perhaps you don’t know where to start or you’ve started but don’t know how to continue.  It might have been confusing…But not anymore!  Read on.


You have been sharing information with your patients on a daily basis.  You’ve been providing solutions to their problems, advice on how to care for their health, breaking news on the medical front, preoperative care, postoperative care, how medical devices work and what their various options are for medical treatment.  Providing information is not new to you, just the way it is done.  Whether it is a blog, article, social media, or whichever channel your patients can be found on, it is important to know that each time you publish your information, it be restricted to one idea that you expand upon.  Patients are constantly looking for information online, why shouldn’t it be coming from you?!  Doing so confirms your position of authority and makes you stand out in your community above your colleagues.  Remember to provide content that is in keeping with your message and image.  Make the information relevant to your patients, not about your hobbies but about your specialty and your practice.


Now is not the time to be erudite.  Using large words or professional jargon to seem more intelligent is a common mistake.  Your information must be entertaining, captivating and compelling.  To achieve this, your information must be understandable.  Presenting your message in a boring fashion ensures that your patients will hit the delete key (as soon as they wake up!)


You want your viewers to interact with you, to respond to your information and contribute their ideas as well as putting forth their questions.  Making for a lively discussion will attract other viewers who want to participate or to read the comments that your articles draw in.

Not only do more and more people seek to read your information or opinions as an authority in your field, it also helps boost your search engine rankings.  This in turn also helps your practice grow.  As people go into a Google search (or other search engines like Bing, Yelp, etc.) for health information, they typically click on the first few entries on the first page.  If you are not on the first page, chances are that you might as well not even be listed…and it stands to reason that if you can’t be found, new patients will be calling whoever is on the first page.

That could be you!

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Is Content Marketing and Medical Marketing the Same?

Let’s face it- everyone that matters to you is searching for information..constantly- your colleagues, your patients, your prospective patients, maybe even you.  Well, this sought after information and solutions to problems that people are seeking, is content and Content marketing is the practice of providing and publishing original content in various forms including  blogs, social media, website content, newsletters and brochures.

Content marketing is  an excellent lead generation tool for medical and dental practices trying to reach and engage with professional colleagues as well.  Why do you need this?  This is where your referrals are going to be coming!  Don’t you want others do not only know you but point to you as an authority in your field and one step above all your competition in the area?

According to HubSpot, “content marketing strategies span from blog posts to e -books and video campaigns to be found by medical professionals searching for products, services and medical equipment online.” Additionally, HubSpot confirms that content marketing is key to being seen as a thought leader and building trust among potential leads.

Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs led a survey showing that most marketers are utilizing the strategy. According to eMarketer, the survey revealed 88 percent of B2B marketers use content marketing to generate leads. This is a true reflection of medical marketing as well as it can be looked at as a business.  It is a business zithromax tablets online after all.

With so many options in multiple channels, ask yourself, where does my target market hang out and what interests them.

According to the HealthLink Dimensions white paper “Breaking Through The Noise” there are a handful of key topic areas medical professionals value most:

  • Industry news, product updates and announcements, research and educational opportunities.
  • Regular medical education program information.
  • Patient education materials.
  • Information regarding insurance network updates.


Channel Selection is crucial

No matter how good the content is that you are publishing, if you are not distributing it through the right channels, it will be doomed to be ignored, relegated to the spam box or victim of the delete key.  eMarketer reported that according to the CMI study, 94 percent of B2B marketers said they used LinkedIn to distribute content, noting it was the most effective channel for reaching their audience. The HealthLink Dimensions white paper underscores this fact, suggesting LinkedIn as a top social media choice for physicians.

Healthcare marketers should leverage this insight when developing their content marketing strategies.

  • Have a marketing plan- make a calendar of issues or topics to be covered
  • Get staff  involved with content marketing.
  • Tell compelling stories.
  • Engage your readers and dialogue with them
  • Be mindful of analytics- Keep up with trends

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