Special Day

Posted by barbarahales

Today is my husband's birthday. I wanted to give him a special treat (as many of you try to do yourself for those you love)  I also wanted it to be a surprise.

Where better than Washington D.C. for a surprise trip?  As one reflects on our humble beginnings at birthdays and how far we've come, one may also wonder that about the wonderful country that we live in.

So, we've gone back to the beginning- to view the memorials of our forefathers and read quotes from them to inspire us and remind us about what they thought, what they endured and what we have become.

Our forefathers would be shocked to see how medicine and health, technology and every aspect of our daily lives has evolved, along with our society.  Yet, from all those years ago, their wisdom seems to transcend all the transformations and evolutionary cycles.

So, today in honor of my husband's birthday, take a moment to reflect on your own life and the small but wonderful ways that you have touched the lives of others.

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