Health Writing by Dr. Oz Goes National

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Writing health copy and reading it has always hit a resonating cord.  This is true for baby boomers who want to grow older gracefully and is also attracting the attention of women.

This has not gone unnoticed.   One of the largest publishers of women's issues, Hearst Magazines, just announced their plan to publish a new lifestyle format in partnership with Dr. Oz.

The publication will center around physical and emotional well-being issues including an optimistic celebration of life, mainly targeted to women.  According to Hearst, who better to present this than Dr. Oz.

According to President of Hearst Magazines, David Carey:

"Dr. Oz's spirit and message clearly resonate with American women, and the time is right to translate that into a print and digital magazine that will introduce an entirely new category to the market." "Dr. Oz truly is 'America's Doctor' and he's admired and respected for his energy and can-do philosophy- a perfect prescription for embracing every day."

Dr. Oz explains the new magazine by saying:

"This is about a lifestyle.  Feeling great is the key to living well and this content will provide women with everything they need to feel inspired and live a long, healthy, joyful life"

There will be 350,000 copies to the pilot issue with an additional 450,000 copies sent to subscribers in the target market.

Wouldn't you have loved to see a magazine or newsletter created by you with as many subscribers?

Haven't you thought, "wait a minute- a health magazine is a new genre?  I have been putting out this information for years!"  Or maybe you thought "Gee, I had been meaning to do this myself".

The question I have  is what has been keeping YOU from doing this?

Sure, Hearst has big pockets and you don't.  But, you don't have to spend money on a newsletter or magazine.  An ezine is an  electronic newsletter or magazine which can be put out to your clients, patients and opt-in subscribers.  Sharing your tips and helpful hints will garnish views and a faithful flock of fans that will keep coming back for more.

An ezine gives you the opportunity to establish a trusted relationship with your subscribers.  It allows them to learn, get to know you and trust you.  Once this happens, they will trust your recommendations.  As the relationship evolves, they will reach out to you with questions and look to you as the authority when they need help with issues.  The ezine builds relationships with writers, publishers and more importantly for you, helps promote your business and attracts new clients.

The thing is, an ezine is more than just an advertisement (though it is a promotional tool).  It is a connection between yourself and your readers.

If you are thinking of having a newsletter but just don't have the time, outsource it!

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