Ed Koch Teaches us an important lesson- A Fond goodbye and Thanks!

Posted by barbarahales

The beloved former Mayor of New York, Ed Koch died this past week. He loved the city and the people who lived in it.
One of the phrases that he is best known for is his slogan "How'm I doin"? He posed this question as he greeted passerby's on street corners or while riding the subway. The thing is, he was genuinely interested in feedback and people's opinions.

This is a lesson that we could all learn. Customer feedback is crucial in making a business successful. The feedback is not only a great way to move in a positive direction, but to make the necessary "tweaks" if it is not. It is a key way to get open and honest assessments on products and services from the people who use them, the critics that count!

Asking a simple question for feedback improves relationships. When clients or patients are asked for their opinions, they feel that the business or practice cares, that they are respected and that their thoughts are important. When the business not only listens to the feedback but makes the requested modifications, it shows that the practice is flexible and dedicated to providing superb customer service. Word gets around and more clients will give you a try. (Nowadays most clients or patients are made to feel that their opinions don't count so this would be very refreshing.)
While it is possible to hire an outside specialist to come in and evaluate the practice (at a hefty price), feedback from clients is going right to the source with no additional investments.

If you find it awkward to ask the questions directly, you can do so with surveys online.
Just remember Ed Koch and you will do well. Love and admired by all- a good mentor to follow!

What other tips can you give from the Mayor's practices?

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