Do You Have a Strategy for Your Content Marketing?

Your Content Marketing Strategy May be Failing Because of This: No Strategy!

Many doctors and health professionals are frustrated.  They put in the time to add fresh content but it does’t seem to bring the effect they are looking for.  Whether it is to retain current patients, attract prospective patients and grow their practice, or sell a book they authored, their content marketing doesn’t seem to show any effect.

Why would this be?  On one hand, you are following the techniques that big business uses with their content marketing, but it doesn’t give the same effect.  In a nutshell, it is because there is no effective strategy.  Do you have a plan?


A mere 9% of B2B marketers perceive their organization’s content marketing as effective according to the CMI’s industry survey.


Key data from CMI’s survey shows:



The Team

Content marketing in medical practices take a team to carry forward.  Assign staff to do posts in topics that they are intimately involved in on a routine basis and assign a day in the week or calendar month when they are responsible for it.  You can’t be expected to take care of all the content marketing for your practice but like anything else in medicine these days, if it’s not written down, it doesn’t exist.  Don’t expect everyone to read your mind or be consistent unless it is written in a content calendar.Content marketing is a method that takes a team to carry forward. If the organization’s individuals are holding some nebulous strategy in their minds, that’s not really a strategy at all. That’s just some thoughts on content marketing.

Types of Content Marketing


  • Lists
  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • How-tos
  • Polls
  • Infographics
  • Case studies
  • Guides
  • PDF downloads
  • Reviews
  • Interviews
  • Podcasts
  • Tutorials
  • White papers
  • Research

Everyone loves lists.  Think of 5 best ways to…. or 7 types of…..3 steps to…  Most things that you do can be broken down into lists for your reader. The thing is, each of these types of content affect people in different ways and as such, practices can create several in their content strategy.



As the image points out, diversify your content.  This keeps it fresh and interesting with viewers returning to see what you’ve just produced. The key is keeping it relevant to your services and the reader.  What does your prospective patient want to read.  Remember, the information is to engage and inform.

Measure ROI

Use analytical tools to show which content is getting the most traction and then concentrate on those.

Scott Severson  tracked specific keyword data to demonstrate content marketing efficacy. He measured performance based on SEO-click value.




Of course, there are other ways to measure ROI and effectiveness. Stick to the parameters that you’e chosen. Set goals and finish the projects when the goals are met.

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Referral Programs make Marketing for Your Practice Succeed


According to Forester Research, consumers trust word of mouth from friends and family more than any other form of “advertising”.  The same holds true and more so for medical practices.  Why then do so few practices focus on encouraging patients to be advocates?

In the Web 2.0 world, the old saying, “It’s who you know!” is driving business and marketing.  That makes current clients terrific resources for cultivating potential new patients.

Referrals are the Backbone

Referrals can boost the clientele of any medical practice.  Whether you’re a one-person operation or a biz with many employees, encouraging your current clients and employees for referrals (and possibly providing incentives) is a smart marketing move.

One of the most persuasive and cost-effective ways to promote your practice is to encourage loyal patients to act as brand advocates and drive new business to you.  The advantages of these programs are tangible and many:

  • Increases sales from a targeted audience at a low cost

Many client referral programs pay for themselves several times over annually, which makes them one of the most cost effective ways to market your         services.  With results like that, can your practice afford to not have a referral program?

While it’s true that many clients will refer new patients to your brand naturally, building a marketing program that promotes and rewards referrals from your best clients (or professional referral system) can increase new consumer acquisitions several times over.

  • Gives existing consumers “bragging rights”

Also known as the advocacy boost, an interesting phenomenon occurs hen clients make recommendations. They not only attract new clients, but they also increase their own attachment to you, increasing their overall patient value.

  • Delivers measurable results

Unlike many marketing programs, you can closely and continually measure your ROI (return on investment).

Never Underestimate the Power of Just Desserts

When asked for a favor, many of us enjoy and appreciate a pat on the back.  I know I do.  So condor offering  “dessert” for any successful referral a healthcare professional, employee or patient provides.  Desserts could include a bonus in the paycheck or a gift to the referring physician.  As far as a “dessert for the patient”, think about what you can offer them which would be relevant and desirable.

Getting new patients through referrals only sweetens your business dealings.

What has worked in your practice?  Share your tactics in the comment box below.

How to Make Your Social Networking More…Social- 5 Tips

Doctors, dentists and healthcare providers are often guilty of being dry and matter-of-fact when providing information on social media platforms.  After all, they have messages that they feel are important to spread and want to maintain a professional air.

KIEV, UKRAINE - OKTOBER 03, 2015 Collection of inscriptions, symbols of popular social media Youhoo, Google, Instagram, Flickr, Linkedin, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and others printed on paper. Selective focus



Are you like this?  Well, stop it right here and now.  Social media is to be engaging, entertaining and social. (although not too personal; there is a thin line that you must straddle) Did you forget?  People do have a delete key!


Tips for Social Networking

Tip #1  Use a Headshot

Every social networking site has a place for your picture.  So does your email.  Show those pearly whites right next t your signature to infuse some more personality into your email.  Note– your photo should be one where you are looking straight out at the viewer,, where you are not part of a group shot or with your children and pets.

Tip #2 Start a Group your subscribers can join

While social networking may be a many-to-many communication tool which differentiates it from the conventional web and email experience, post in  way that makes each reader feel that you are talking to him/her.  Would your subscribers be even more engaged with your content if they could discuss it with one another on Facebook?  Would they then share it with their friends on the social networking sites they use?

Note– Having your subscribers communicate with one anther may get them mrs interested in your content without you having to do any more work.

Tip #3 Interact with Subscribers

People can always hit reply to anything you send them.  Take advantage of that fact.  Ask for feedback



Note– You can also use polls and surveys on social websites and include zithromax online with mastercard these results and subscriber feedback in your future messages.  TV and radio programs do this sort of thing to keep you tuned during commercials.



Tip #4 Be a Person, Not a Salesperson

You’re a real person and not a computer bot, right?  Well, don’t be afraid to write like it!  Remember to connect and relate with your subscribers and be approachable.

Note– It’ possible to overdo it with the personal information, but too often social marketers underachieve on this front.  On social networking sites, people are looking to connect and get to know people with whom they may develop a professional relationship.


Tip #5 Remember HIPAA

While you are being that “real” person, interacting with your readers, and answering questions, remember that you must post in a way that is not too specific for any individual person.  Information must be posted in a general way that would apply to many people so that any one person can not be identified.

Note– if a person has a question that needs to be answered on a personal basis, have that person make an appointment to see you personally in your office (this is the point of most interactions, after all!)

Bonus Tip- Profiles

Every social media site provides the opportunity for you to create your profile on the site.  This is a golden chance for you to describe what services you provide, what affiliations you have, your location, your educational background, etc.  Not only does this enable you to “toot your own horn” but enables people searching for your services, to find you online at that site.

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Create Content that is Ten-Times better than Your Competition

Rand Fishkin posted an article last year for Moz. In a blog article he recommended that content marketers concentrate on creating content that’s ten times better than content already published by their competitors.

Bear in mind that unique, quality content is great for:

Are you Using Reddit for your Health Marketing?


Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the top three social media platforms that you probably think of when you consider putting out your health information. But if that’s all you think about, then you may be leaving a lot of money on the table (and losing many more prospective patients).


What is Reddit?

Reddit (or “read it”) is a social newsaggregation, web content rating, and discussion website, or essentially a bulletin board system. (flanked by the mascot seen to the left called a Snoo).  Members can submit posts or direct links. Registration is free and registered users can then vote submissions up or down to organize the posts and determine their position on the site’s pages. The ones receiving the most positive votes appear on the front page or the top of a category. Content is organized by areas of interest called “subreddits”. Topics  include:


Category Subreddits
Educational News, Science, Space, DataIsBeautiful, TodayILearned, WorldNews
Entertainment Creepy, Documentaries, Gaming, ListenToThis, Movies, Music, NoSleep, Sports, Television, Videos
Discussion-based AskReddit, AskScience, Books, ExplainLikeImFive, History, IAmA, TwoXChromosomes
Humor/light-hearted Funny, InternetIsBeautiful, Jokes, NotTheOnion, ShowerThoughts, TIFU, UpliftingNews
Image sharing Art, Aww, EarthPorn, Gifs, MildlyInteresting, OldSchoolCool, PhotoshopBattles, Pics
Self-improvement DIY, Food, GetMotivated, LifeProTips, PersonalFinance, Philosophy, WritingPrompts
Technology Futurology, Gadgets
Meta Announcements, Blog
  • Note: There are over 11,400 active subreddits with a default set of 50 subreddits.

When items (links or text posts) are submitted to a subreddit, the users, called “redditors” can vote for or against them (upvote/down vote). The front page of the site itself shows a combination of the highest-rated posts out of all the subreddits a user is subscribed to.

Front-page rank – for both the general front page and for individual subreddits – is determined by the age of the submission, positive (“upvoted”) to negative (“downvoted”) feedback ratio and the total buy azithromycin 1g single dose vote-count.Dozens of submissions cycle through these front pages daily.



The site is known for its open nature and diverse user community.  that generate its content. Smaller subreddits serve niche purposes which would be in keeping with your health marketing though main subreddits are quite diverse and can garner a great deal of attention.   Reddit’s popularity has provided unprecedented advantage of a large community. Its innovative socially ranked rating and sorting system drives a method that is useful for fulfilling certain goals of viewership or simply finding answers to interesting questions.

If you submit an article for consideration and it is accepted, the article is promoted to huge audiences.  Readers will share it with followers and the chance of going viral is greater than in other mediums.


Reddit has gotten more popular over the last couple of years as a way to drive traffic. Here are their statistics:


With page views sitting at around 150 million a month, there’s no doubt Reddit is a powerful tool, also enabling you to set yourself  up as an expert.

How to drive Reddit traffic

1. Sign up for an account

2. Identify relevant subreddits. Locate them with  the subreddit search tool and use the general search tool to find content related to your niche or topic.

3. Use your account.

When you find subreddits you’re interested in using, spend a month or so answering questions and being helpful in whatever subreddits you are interested in.  Though it takes time, you will get a lot out of it.

4. Provide valuable content.

Once you’ve gotten a sense of what the subreddit is like, create a long post that’s absolutely value-packed. I recommend writing articles just for Reddit. Then, include a link to your site at the beginning or end. (You can also try Reddit ads.)


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5 Ways to Transform Your Practice in 2017

January is the time that we turn the page, start fresh and resolve to make our business resolutions a reality.  For many of us, it means taking a more active approach with marketing…getting new clients or patients and growing the practice that we have into a robust business that we can be proud of. For many in the health field, marketing is either nonexistent or minimal.  But not you!  For today you are going to stand steadfast and make your marketing effective.  Good for you!

5 Ways to Transform Your Practice in 2017

Be who you are…a professional but flesh and blood

Before you see marketing as a chore, I would like to impart this advice.  You are human, not a marketing machine or an advertising agency. Marketing is all about relationships- the ones you forge with your patients.  They want to see the human side of you, not some stuffy white coat who can’t relate to them and what they are going through.  Don’t have a special marketing voice.  Use your own.

“People don’t buy from companies, from stores or from websites; people buy from people. Marketing is not about programs; it is about relationships.”  — Flint McGlaughlin, CEO and Managing Director, MECLABS Institute

 1-Express appreciation

This goes a long way and costs virtually little to no expense. People like to think that they mean something to you. Be grateful. Show more appreciation to the family, staff, patients, referral physicians and  vendors  in your life.  Say “thank you” more.  Send a card or an email expressing this for new patients.  Send a thank you to patients that have sent their friends and families to you.  Show gratitude often. 

When someone’s special day arrives, let them know that it has not gone unnoticed.  Patients appreciate that you are thinking of them.  This can be part of an automated system.



2 – Always have a Call to Action

What would you ideally like a viewer to DO after viewing your website.  Provide quality offers to engage them, whether it is to sign up for a digital newsletter, get an FAQ sheet and call for an appointment. The offer is about providing   helpful information, to get referrals and new patients. Think of what you can offer that is in alignment with your services.





3 – Strengthen your position of authority


Create your own, personal authority position on a specific topic or expertise.  There are many ways you can accomplish this.  You can post guest blogs to websites having a large audience, write a book (at least a short book),  be a guest interview expert, speak at events, have a column in your local paper, and participate in health fairs. You can  differentiate yourself from your colleagues by establishing credibility and expertise.






4 – Offer more experiences


Patients remember experiences.  Create a forum or Facebook page where patients can interact, voice their opinions and concerns and get information not only from you but from other patients who have had similar experiences.




5 – Keep things simple

Make a simple list that you can recommend for your patients to follow so they see what steps to take in order to maintain their health. (E.g. which foods to avoid, which exercises are the best, etc.)


None of the above steps cost money; it’s only an effort by you and your staff.  Many of these steps can be done at once and then scheduled for the times that you would like them to appear.  This is a great start!

If you need help with this, no worries, just call 561-325-9664 and we can get you up and running!



Content Marketing for Your Medical Practice- it goes a long way!

Most doctors spend the majority of  time with their patients asking a standard set of questions and recording the answers into electronic health records on their computers rather than getting to the deeper issues troubling these patients.

This situation prevents the patient from engaging  in a more meaningful way. Not only that but  most patients either remember it wrong or completely forget what was said in these encounters.

By creating content that answers the most common questions and entering it on the website, in the patient portal, and in an email before the patient ever arrives, face time with the patients can be optimized.  The staff can provide better service when the answers to frequently asked questions can be accessed on the website. Patients can also ask questions on the portal while letting the doctor know that this is what they want to discuss at a specific date and time scheduled so that the doctor can provide this information more effectively.

Patients are looking for doctors and healthcare organizations to provide the right content before they ever walk in the door so they can have a visit that is personal.


To help optimize your practice’s time with patients, make sure you incorporate the following:

  • Have a robust FAQ that allows patients to find answers to common questions 24/7
  • Supply the content across platforms/portals that your patients are accessing, such as your practice’s website, the patient portal, and any applicable social media sites.
  • Engage the patient and caregivers before the appointment with a clear idea of what to expect.
  • Encourage patients to post any articles they have found which they feel may pertain to them that they want to discuss.  This discourages bringing the articles with them to the office where you may not have time to review it properly. This action also validates the patient.
  • Make the information relevant to the prospective patient coming to your office and make it captivating.  Discover what your patient finds interesting.
  • Check out your analytics and run A/B split tests to see what kinds of content is more well received and interesting to your patients.  This style of content creation allows your practice to refine and improve materials to get them closer to the goal: Making marketing more personal.

It may seem like a lot duplicated effort to have the same materials going in multiple digital spaces, but when it comes to keeping up with the marketing best practices in 2016, consistency and personalization are going to be key.

Be consistent in all areas where your content is posted from the website to the waiting room.  This way, when a patient is ready to select your practice as their provider, or they are checking out your practice after a referral, all of the assets are in place to let them know they’re in good hands and they’re going to receive the best care possible.

Share your experiences in the comment box below.

Ways to Get More Views and Shares with Your Health Marketing

Presumably, you are not writing your health blog posts for yourself.  Rather, you want to spread your message to others- to help, inform and engage your readers.  Having your blog post go viral (spread to many others in social sharing online), buy fosamax europe, is a dream and objective to all those who blog.  Here is how to increase your chances to spread like wildfire.

Blog Strategy

Insert Captivating Images in Your Blog Posts

You’ve heard the expression ” a picture is worth a thousand words”.  Well, photos are worth thousands of likes when it comes to social media.  According to research published by eMarketer, photos amounted to three-quarters of posted content on Facebook pages globally. Photos attract an amazing 87% interaction rate and more retweets on Twitter as well.  No other content type receives more than 4% interaction rate.

A study released by the Twitter Media Blog,  when analyzing content from more than 2 million tweets sent over a month’s time, showed that adding a photo to your tweet boosts your retweets by 35%.

Buzzsumo’s study revealed that  articles with images once every 75-100 words got double the social shares than articles with fewer images.

So, consider adding images to your posts after every few paragraphs.

Arouse Positive Emotions

Have you noticed that the videos that go viral are the ones where puppies and babies do cute things?  That’s no coincidence.  Scientists are discovering that positive emotions have a powerful effect on our brains, inducing a feeling of feeling better, even euphoria.  We act and feel our best when exposed to positivity.  In this state, your attention, memory and awareness is increased and you are more receptive to learning new skills.

There is an old question “What is the difference between an optimist and a pessimist?”  The answer is “they are both right 50% of the time but the optimist feels a whole lot better!”

When people are positive, they are happier and healthier.  They also want to share this feeling and what made them happy with friends and family.  Thus, you should link your content to positive emotions, i.e. joy, love, gratitude, hope.  Try inserting a story within your content that arouses at least one positive emotion.

In the Buzzsumo study:

they found that evoking positive emotions lead to more social shares.

    1. As you can see from the above image, the most popular emotions are:
      • Awe (25%)
      • Laughter (17%)
      • And amusement (15%)


      Types of written online content 

      These include:

      • List posts
      • Why posts
      • What posts
      • How-to posts
      • Guides

      Bear in mind that  list posts are the most popular ones online.  They are easy to scan and easy to read.  Think of how you can create this in health content:

*5 ways to overcome depression

*10 questions to ask your surgeon

*5 things to know about health insurance

    •  There are countless ways that you can make lists that refer to services you offer or conditions that you treat.Take a look at BuzzFeed, one of the biggest viral sites online.  They receive over 200 million monthly unique visits.Most of their content consists of  list posts.Econsultancy shared that half of their most popular 25 posts were lists.
    • Insert a Mini InfographicMini infographics are those short informative, and interesting images that stress your point visually and ramps up your content. Think of a quote or a story that illustrates your point.  People love to share uplifting quotes.
    •  According to the study from Buzzsumo  people love sharing info graphics even more than list posts. Try inserting them into your blog posts for more views and social shares.Add Social Sharing Buttons 

      Having social share buttons makes it easy for readers to share your content with friends on social media without trying to figure out how to do so. If they have to go to different sites to share, the chances are that you have lost the opportunity to go viral or have your content shared with others.

      Take a look at BuzzFeed. It shows you social sharing buttons before you start reading their contents and again after reading the content which increases the chance for social shares.


    • Need help with your health marketing content?  Get a free consultation at

Useful Apps for Health Marketing

Everyone is posting their photos (and videos) these days and a great way to do so is with Instagram.  The beauty of it is that in addition to posting the images, you are allowed to write a lengthy “caption” or explanation after it.  Inserting hashtags allows searchers to find your post and like or comment on them.  This is ideal for physicians and health marketers as there is so much to create images with- from procedures to symptomatology, to medical devices.  The best part is that this site is where loads of your patients spend their viewing time as well as prospective patients who will be attracted to you and your practice.

But, Instagram is not where it ends!

There are three apps that I would like to recommend today for the health marketer, health copywriter and medical professional. Their purpose is to encourage likes and comments on Instagram from other people viewing your images.  They act as magnets for viewers.


This application enables you to create squares with various backgrounds and two areas for text. The larger area provided is to add a quote and the smaller area is to insert the person cited.  The color of the words can be modified by you as well.

If you decide to upgrade, additional features include more backgrounds with airbrushes abstracts and textures as eek as adding your own images for the background.  The watermark is removed for your benefit here. You can extract quoters from your blog posts, inspirational quotes or sayings from the books that you have published.     From here, you can post them to your social media ties, i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Photogrid enables you to not only create collages but also prepare your collection of photos for Instagram.  Three options on the app enable:

  • Pinboard- a digital bulletin board
  • Video Slides- makes your photos into a slide show
  • Grid-frames with a range of creative to symmetrical

When you are satisfied with the way the collage was created by you, it can be exported to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and Google+ as well as Instagram itself. Collages catches eyes which is your goal, after all!


Vidstitch enables you to create cool collages from your Instagram images and even insert a video clip to one of the frames within the collage. An upgrade enables widescreen images and an expanded gallery of photos.

Check these out and have fun with them!

Need help?  I would be happy to make suggestions and discuss your needs with a free consultation at 561-325-9664.