Tips for Mobile App Marketing in the Medical Field

With mobile phone users outnumbering desktop computer  use by five to one, it makes sense to develop a mobile app for online marketing of your medical practice. Mobile internet use is just a click away with smart devices. About 85% of people use mobile devices to access the internet. Mobile app marketing helps you to target these people.  An additional attraction is the interaction with patients that you can get.  You are informing patients and bolstering communication between patients and healthcare providers.

Mobile apps are a great opportunity to engage patients with:

  • medical practices
  • solo physicians
  • medical facilities
  • Surgicenters
  • Clinics
  • Urgent care centers
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Drugstores


So how do you entice people to download your app without spending a large amount of money for paid advertising?

The answer is social media!

 Strategy- 7 Steps

  1. Determine channel: which social network is the one where your patients and prospective patients hang out? This is where the app should be visible. Create a Facebook page for your app. Use screenshots and call to action for better results. Join Facebook groups and promote your app in them. Millions of people use Facebook and Twitter to share content. These are great platforms for mobile app marketing.  Twitter allows you to reach influencers by mentioning them in your tweets. Use hashtags to optimize your search engine activity, aggregate your viewers and comments. Don’t forget to ask for the app download.
  2. Tell a Story: everyone loves a story.  It makes you human and allows others to connect with you.
  3. Encourage sharing: ask for feedback and reviews. Encourage viewers to share your content with friends and family to get your message out into the community.
  4. Give incentives:motivate your viewers to download your app by providing premiums ( free whitepapers, ebooks, tipsheets)
  5. Provide good value: Create content that is both interesting, informative and relevant to the viewers that you are wooing in your target market. Post funny videos that explain your app.
  6. Use images: pictures and images help get your message out in a more interesting and captivating way, drawing people’s attention in to the post. Post your images and videos into an Instagram account. Have a call to action for downloading your app while they are there.
  7. Provoke emotions: fear, hope, joy, laughter.  These are the most common emotions elicited by your posts.  Just think of the “aww” factor that animal videos present and how touching on people’s heartstrings makes your posts go viral.

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What has Minimal Expense but Huge Impact for a Doctor’s Office?

The answer is Video Marketing for Doctors!

You may not think with a minimal to non-existent marketing budget that you can do video marketing for your practice but you would be wrong. It is much easier than you think. Forget about the expensive videographer and sophisticated camera equipment.  You have what you need, right in your pocket!

Most smartphones have good resolution and lenses to take videos right from your phone.

But before you get started, consider the purpose of your video.

Is it to:

  • Attract new patients?
  • Encourage old patients to return?
  • Sign up for a newsletter?
  • Increase your social media exposure?
  • Strengthen your brand?
  • Inform others about a new procedure or technique?

Consider what you want your viewers to see, learn and take away.  Perhaps it is the new medical equipment, how it works, what a patient would experience and the indications for the use of the medical equipment.  You can video the equipment and talk as you are doing it.  Flash the list in bullet points across the screen when you are mentioning the indications or what makes a candidate for the procedure.

If you want new patients to meet the office staff and see the layout or procedures when they come, film the staff and have each one introduce themselves including what their key role is in the office. You can also have videos explaining what preoperative and postoperative instructions you would like them to know about a procedure or surgery. A video explanation prior to consent for a procedure works very well and you can add the fact that it was viewed by the patient, right in the chart.

Maybe you are at a standstill when it comes to deciding which videos to add.  Ask your patients what information that they would like to see and comply with their requests.

The thing is, once you have made the videos, you have to post them someplace or they will never get seen.  Add them to your YouTube or Vimeo account.  Then, you can also populate your office Facebook page and twitter.  Consider adding it to Forums or chat rooms with an invitation to view the video as a solution to questions that were presented.

Attach the video to your blog posts and have a note in the office informing your patients that you have a blog for them to view.  Engage them by allowing them to ask questions in the comment box at the bottom of the blog post.

Your video doesn’t have to be Hollywood bound but it can be “Star Quality” to your patients!

Need help with a video script or ideas on how to post them.  Ask at  I would be happy to help you.

5 Ways to get office staff to do health blogs for your medical practice

Having a health blog for your medical practice has become a key marketing strategy. Creating current content that patients find relevant can be a struggle to maintain for any length of time. Bildschirmfoto 2015-08-28 um 11.26.13

A great source for your blogs is the office staff but motivating them to contribute can be quite a challenge.  Some staff  may feel that they have nothing meaningful to offer,  others may think that they are not good enough writers while still others may bear resentment since it’s not on their job description and it may be very time-consuming.


  1. Give them a List

Create and present a list of potential topics, and pass them around to the staff, allowing them to select which topics that they are interested in covering.   Point out certain  social media sites where they can fish for related topics, sparking ideas and interests. Be sure to let them know that while an interesting case from the office may be covered, to maintain HIPAA rules so that no security is breached.

2. Freedom

Allow staff to be creative in the topics they pick as long as they are in sync with the services that you provide in your practice.

3. Approach each staff member personally

Asking for blog contributions through an email blast is a sure way to have the message deleted or put on the back burner.  Speaking to each person face-to-face is harder for them to ignore and in addition, you will have the opportunity to discuss their hesitancy or reticence to write.  All objections can be discussed and removed. Try to get them excited.

4. Templates and Analytics

Give staff members guidelines and templates so that they have a good idea of how they will pursue their blog posts.Show staff members the results of their blogging so that they can get excited about the interest that they piqued.

5. Show them the money

While some staff may find blogging fun, remember it is time-consuming.  Offering financial compensation for the time they spend will make them more eager to participate.

Your health blog is a very powerful tool for attracting new patients to grow your practice and communicate with current patients (to keep them in your practice). Having captivating and engaging content will spur them on to reading the posts.  However, you can’t do them all yourself and still have a balance between patients and life. Getting your staff involved and excited about your project will help you maintain visibility in your specialty.


If all this fails (or you don’t have a large staff), outsource it!  Contact: and get your blogs done for you!


Can Templates Solve Your Problems?

Starting out in any field is much easier when there are templates to fall back on.  Think of residents doing surgery for the first year.  They know how to execute the surgery and the operation was a success, but now that it’s over, it’s dictation time for the chart- not to be looked at lightly.  As a physician, you know that there will be a lot of eyes looking at the dictation in the future…additional healthcare providers, hospitals, insurance companies and possible lawyers looking to see if any results in healing can be tied back to what you did in the OR.  Templates that go through the surgery with you is a big help and a bigger relief.

So, it is with providing content for your website, your email newsletters and your blogs.

Check out the following posting from Litmus.

 Templates Are Lifesavers To Non-Coders

I know, I know, it’s on my list: I don’t know how to code. Not even a little bit. So I was understandably nervous to log in to our coding editor, since it’s a little intimidating—if I messed something up by accident, how would I fix it?

Um, what?

Um, what?

Enter: the template. Litmus has a great selection of free templates you can download, and like most email marketers, we use templates to send our weekly newsletters. Doing so keeps our branding, message, and content consistent and expected.

Not needing to code everything definitely helped the process along. Even for those who can code, having the design ready to go can significantly streamline the process. That doesn’t leave you off the hook—you still have to test—but I was able to draft and test this email in a matter of hours, instead of going through a 5-day coding bootcamp before even touching Litmus Builder.

 Details, Details, Details

Log onto Litmus and check it out.  They may have a template just for you!
Let me know if this was a help for you.  Contact me at:

Nancy Grace and Murder

Barbara Hales, M.D. and Nancy Grace

The following is taken from the HLN TV website which she so graciously relayed to us today.

Nancy Grace is television’s only justice themed/interview/debate show, designed for viewers interested in breaking crime news. Grace challenges guests on the most high profile legal issues by drawing her perspective as a former violent crimes prosecutor, a crime victim herself and tireless advocate for victim’s rights.

An outspoken, tireless advocate for victims’ rights and one of television’s most respected legal analysts, Nancy Grace is the powerful force behind HLN’s top-rated program, Nancy Grace. The tragic murder of her then-fiancé, Keith Griffin, led Grace to drop her studies in Shakespearean literature and pursue a career fighting crime. A Law Review graduate of Mercer Law School, Nancy attained her LLM in constitutional and criminal law from New York University. Grace went on to teach at Georgia State university, working nights volunteering at a battered women’s shelter. Grace, serving 10 years as a special prosecutor for the Atlanta Fulton County District Attorney’s Office in inner city Atlanta, specializing in violent crime, today works with multiple organizations to fight crime, especially crimes on children.

Supporting Nancy Grace is also supporting her cause- National Association of Missing and exploited children which she so fervently and tirelessly works for.

Murder in the Courthouse: A Hailey Dean Mystery

Hailey Dean is in trouble again—and this time it could be deadly!

Hailey Dean, the prosecutor who never lost a case, heads to Savannah as an expert witness on the sensational Julie Love-Adams murder trial, but she soon finds herself embroiled in a mystery . . . and an unexpected love affair.

At the baggage claim, Hailey is greeted by the handsome Lieutenant Chase Billings. On their way to her hotel, they hear an APB for a murder that has just been committed. When they race to the scene, they find Alton Turner, a courthouse sheriff known for being as neat as a pin. Only he’s a hot mess now, lying sprawled in a pool of blood, severed in half by a garage door.

Hailey, never one to mind her own business, jump-starts Turner’s murder investigation while juggling the Julie Love trial. The timing of the trial and murder could be a coincidence, but everyone knows there is no such thing as coincidence in criminal law!

Next, Elle Odom, a gorgeous court clerk, is poisoned at the courthouse cafeteria coffee bar. Then, the police tech who helps find Elle’s missing handbag (stuffed with her life-saving Epi-pen) turns into alligator bait at an amusement park … and that’s just the beginning.

With Lt. Billings falling hard for Hailey, she digs deeper to find a killer with a very mysterious agenda . . . knowing full well the next murder victim may very well be herself.

It’s crime sleuth Hailey Dean at her best!

Get it at Amazon in either hard copy or kindle version.  Not only is it a good read but you will also be helping out her cause of National


I strongly recommend that you do yourself (and her caues) a favor and purchase this book today!

3 Ways to Engage Your Patients and Referrals


Patients and referrals are no longer satisfied with being “talked at” or “talked to”.  They want to be engaged…to interact with you.  Professionals who understand how to incorporate these new techniques into their practice will be much more successful in growing their practice and strengthening their brand.  Here are 3 ways to do it.

1) Virtual reality

Virtual reality promises a new level of immersion. It has been used by plastic surgeons for several years.  Patients can select the type of nose, chin or facial features they would like in cosmetic surgery and the screen shows them how they would look. The potential is expanded now and with a mere click, patients can take tours of your office, the hospital, the surgery suite.  They will be able to “live” through a surgery being done and the postoperative care so they know what to expect. There’s no better way to allow your patients to experience your brand from afar than by 360-degree virtual reality content.

2) Live streaming video

Today’s brands are expected to have a 24-hour online presence. As internet speeds get faster, video marketing has evolved into a huge niche. That shouldn’t come as any surprise considering that YouTube is now the third most popular website in the world. (You are using YouTube, aren’t you?!)

Live streaming video presents the natural extension of regular video marketing because it offers ever greater opportunities, including the ability to make meaningful connections with your patients through more real-time, conversational approaches than is otherwise possible. Consider doing short videos of your office procedures or about medical devices in your office.

3) Interactive media

Interactive content has become an important marketing tool.  Successful content marketers are leveraging the potential of interactive content, such as games and quizzes, to get their target audiences meaningfully involved. Consider a presentation and having patients guess what the diagnosis is or what should be done next.

Of course, it might not suit every type of practice, but there’s no doubt that web-based games and other interactive content have become a serious business.

Evaluate the current trends in this fast-moving industry and see which ones you can implement into your digital marketing for this year.  You can breathe new life into an aging content marketing strategy by taking a fresh perspective on your content formats.

Need help with your marketing.  Give us a call at 561-325-9664 and we can discuss your needs.


Why Most Medical Practices Don’t Invest in SEO



Tired of settling for pages 4, 5, or higher in Google’s search rankings?

Too many medical practices don’t vie for top-shelf rankings because they’re intimidated by competition and don’t have the time. Let’s face it — small practice owners can’t match the budgets and metrics of Conglomerates and big companies. No matter which field you’re in, you probably have at least one insurmountable competitor that simply exists on a different playing field.


But here’s the thing…

According to DMR Stats, every month, Google registers more than 100 billion search queries and over 50% of those searches come from smartphones with people likely looking for local goods and services.

Many of these folks aren’t looking for big health facilities; they’re looking for whatever is closest. And according to Google’s own research, half of all people who search, want the appointment within the same day or the same week.

Local SEO is one of the hottest trends in marketing because it evens the playing field between large and small businesses. It’s also just one of many examples of how your business could benefit from a good SEO strategy.

Here are the top excuses and why you should ignore them.

Reason #1: “I’m too late”

The first reason for not taking the plunge into SEO is simple – small business owners are reluctant to spend money against competitors who’ve been in the SEO game for years. They can’t imagine how they could ever overcome their competitors and capture worthwhile search rankings. Why even bother?

But local SEO is the great equalizer. If you change your investment strategy and focus locally, it can lead to great success!

Invest in strengthening your position in hyper-local searches by fleshing out your website, registering with online review sites and getting active on social media. Generate content that is relevant to your city, your practice, your specialty.  Establish a social media presence and engage local residents directly.

It’s never too late to capitalize on local SEO searches; it doesn’t really matter who you’re up against.

Reason #2: “SEO professionals cost too much.”

SEO professionals don’t work on the cheap.  Investing in SEO services can be overwhelming for  because they’re not guaranteed but it’s really about investing in yourself and your services to get tangible results.

That said, SEO professionals don’t improve search rankings by magic.If you choose the right company (I may be a little biased on who is the best), they’ll apply sound strategies that will help you see results.

SEO companies will build out your website and make sure it performs optimally for your target audience. They’ll create high-quality content for your various online channels. They’ll make sure you’re registered in all the local search directories, and they’ll research all the ways you might attract new customers online. And, as a result, you’re likely to see a rise in your Google search rankings.

If you absolutely can’t afford to hire an SEO professional, then there’s plenty you can do on your own to capitalize on local search traffic. Or you can hire someone for some short-term work. It’s better to do something to improve your SEO strategy than nothing at all.

Reason #3: “I won’t be able to keep up with all the changes.”

It’s definitely true that keeping up with the latest SEO trends requires a lot of work. However, the SEO game doesn’t really change as much as it evolves – in fact, some of the core building blocks of a good SEO strategy haven’t changed in years.

There’s an old adage among SEO marketers that “content is king.”

A good website that’s packed with relevant, valuable content – which could take the form of products, images, videos, blog posts and more – is absolutely essential for earning the best-possible page rankings. So is having a sensible site map structure with pages that have unique and logical themes.

You must also make efforts to engage others online and encourage people to link to your site. And, of course, making sure your site functions properly in all kinds of Web browsers – which now also includes mobile browsers – is extremely important.

An ongoing commitment to improving your SEO strategy doesn’t mean chasing your tail to an endless flurry of user data. Think more along the lines of gradual shifts over longer periods of time.


Reason #4: “I don’t even know where to begin.”

You want to strengthen your website’s SEO, but you don’t even know where to start. This is common. There’s no magic bullet that will beat out your competitors, and most SEO campaigns take time to deliver their desired results.

Focus on your website. Make sure it works on desktop and mobile devices and with all kinds of Web browsers. Then, work on your content. Each page of your website should be uniquely themed with both focused and long-tailed keywords.

Next, register your website with Google My Business and all the major online review sites such as Yelp and Angie’s List. Make a company Facebook page and, at the very least, update it weekly by sharing relevant news, trends, and special offers. Publish a blog on your website that you share on social media.

From there, you can broaden your efforts for even greater results, or you can hand the reins over to an SEO professional. Either way, enhancing the quality of your business website is the best place to start.

Need Help with Marketing?

We can manage your search engine optimization (SEO)



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Take precautions!

While hunkering down with shutters closed, a pile of batteries and mound of bottled water, I think of those who have not evacuated and maybe should have or don’t have the choice. While moving about like a troglodyte, I’m hoping that all the precautions that everyone has taken in the anticipation of “Mathew”the uninvited intruder, is enough.

The governor of Florida has informed us that we will be losing electric but it is the least inconvenience if all lives are saved. Warning systems have been well placed and given us all plenty of notice.  Kudos to those in charge.

Beach erosion is already taking place with 9 foot swells expected along the coast. Those near Port St. Lucie are lining up for sandbags to protect their property. Air b&bs are offering accommodations on the west coast of Florida for free which is a wonderful deed.  Costco suspended membership requirements to allow those who need last minute items to get them.  Challenges often bring out the best in people.  It’s heartwarming to see.

My heart goes out to everyone experiencing a hardship.  Good luck to us all!