Consumers Drive Telemedicine- Do They Know You’re Onboard?

The public is becoming more proactive in their own healthcare.  They seek flexibility, availability, convenience, and high-quality care which they can access at any time during the day or night.  This is especially true for the older individual or the one who is either housebound or in a rural setting miles away from medical care.   Telehealth offers this.

Physicians also see the benefit as it is convenient to see their patients through this medium in lieu of getting in the car and dragging themselves to the emergency room in the dead of night or the office on weekends. Instead,doctors can communicate through iPads, laptops, and smartphones to patients with Skype, video conferencing or FaceTime.
It’s growth has been exponential over the last year. Not only do patients want this, but also interest has been peaked with insurance providers who can save money with patient-doctor interactions by making healthcare access available with great quality at home settings instead of the more expensive hospital environment.


It is no surprise as to why this is becoming so popular.  Telemedicine replaces emergency room and office consultations saving hugh sums while still providing low-cost options to individuals.

The thing is, once you have adopted telemedicine, do your patients know about it?  Do all the consumers which are prospective patients know about it?  If they did, your practice would grow considerably.

So how do you get the word out?

These 8 strategies will put you and your medical practice or health facility front and center with virtually no negative impact on your budget:

  1. Send news releases about new products and services, contests, awards, open houses, speaking engagements
  2. Write how-to articles for newspapers, magazines, trade publications and newsletters.  Offer lots of free advice.  It helps establish you as an expert
  3. Get onto the speaking circuit to community groups and trade associations.  It’s a wonderful way to create a buzz about your practice. These groups are constantly looking for new speakers.
  4. Create a website that offers advice, reciprocal links, articles by and about you, story ideas about your practice, an electronic media kit and a list of experts the media can contact
  5. Start an Ezine ( an electronic newsletter) which helps you promote your services to an audience and costs almost nothing.  You can send the ezine to reporters who cover your industry
  6. Look for photo opportunities like local newspapers, TV stations, trade publications and other media which are always looking for interesting photos.  Call the media with ideas or submit your own photos
  7. Give free classes and demonstrations at health fairs, adult education programs or at your own medical practice.  Invite the media to attend
  8. Participate in social media discussion groups and offer lots of helpful advice.  Reporters lurk here and if they’re impressed with your messages, they might contact you for a story.

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Inbound marketing to Grow Your Medical Practice

It’s hard enough these days that we have to worry about  diverting our attention from the “business” of seeing patients to the “business of medicine”.

Now it is reported that inbound marketing can attract ideal patients organically and help grow our medical practices.  That’s great but what the heck is inbound marketing?

Inbound Marketing

Simply put, inbound marketing is a way to share information with prospective or current patients who are actively seeking this information or the solutions to the problems that they are experiencing.  This is much better than traditional marketing where you are fighting for attention, especially in medicine where marketing was taboo until recent years.

Inbound marketing is becoming crucial to the medical practice and consists of:

  • Health blogs: the most personal and effective technique for attracting new viewers to your website. The right individual will be the one who is sparked by your message and finds answers in your blogs.
  • Ezines: enables you to convey the latest medical breakthroughs, the services that you provide and information to various medical problems.
  • Newsletters
  • Content creation
  • SEO (search engine optimization): incorporation of selected keywords that describe your medical practice enables the search engines to find you so that when patients are doing a search, you are the one that pops up and gets a prominent position in the list.
  • Social Media: the various channels provides an avenue to share information with individuals and engage with prospective patients and enables interaction so that they can get to know you, your personality and the services that you provide.
  • Analytics: tools help demonstrate which messages are appealing to your prospective patients and the topics that they find most interesting.

Customize your content to the specific needs and interests of the viewers and your demographics. Integrate it through various channels to approach people where they dwell. We want to attract those individuals who will be right for our practice as opposed to just writing for everyone.

Benefits of Inbound Marketing for the Medical Practice

Inbound marketing strengthens your brand and gives you greater visibility enabling you to become a household word in your community. It puts you together with clients searching for information about your medical practice and the service you provide to:

  • Boost online visits each month
  • Enhance search engine ranking
  • Leads cost 62% less than leads from traditional advertising
  • Better  conversion rates—a higher percentage of visitors become leads
  • Gain thought leadership and credibility positioning yourself as an authority in your field
  • Get more effective use of your marketing budget enabling you to  measure results to the dollar

Need help with your inbound marketing? Ask your questions at and they will be answered or for more personalized engagement, call 561-325-9664.  Let’s discuss your needs!