Latest Trends in Medical Marketing

Why is knowing the latest trends in medical marketing so crucial for your practice?  Simply by knowing which gives you the highest rate of investment (ROI) or rate of return is important to know where to concentrate your marketing dollars and which you may want to devote less of your budget.

A report was recently issued by Opticall which reflects their 2015 marketing review and how each category garnered more patient appointments as a result of marketing using a specific technique.

They ranked 9 categories and showed which increased and which decreased.

booked appointments as a result

  1. Referrals                                51.49%
  2. Internet                                  27.9%
  3. Radio                                       9.1%
  4. TV                                             2.6%
  5. Signs                                         2.05%
  6. Insurance company                1.67%
  7. Print                                         .90%
  8. Direct Mail                              .59%
  9. Health Fairs/events               .53%

Only the first two categories increased in the last 16 months and the rest declined.

It is no great shock that the highest number of appointments booked were due to word of mouth referrals by other buy zithromax online paypal patients, neighbors, friends and family members.  This has been the case for a long time.  The thing is, the percentage of patients booked as a result of referrals increased over the other marketing channels.

Capitalize on Referrals

  1. Staff: No matter how great physicians and healthcare providers are, patients want an overall good experience.  That means that each staff member that the patient will encounter, must also provide a great experience.  Interactions should be polite, respectful and helpful.
  2. Profiles: Even though the initial referral may have been the result of someone that they know and trust, prospective patients will then go online to check you out.  Besides Yelp, there are many physician ranking sites that are available.  Know what they say about you.  A great way to capitalize on the exposure, is to have a stellar profile on each site (which is available for you to enter data on).  In addition, you can create stellar profiles on social media sites and it is a great opportunity to let patients know more about you, your practice, services that you provide and staff members.
  3. Loyalty Program: implement an incentive program to entice your current patients to refer you.  This can be an eBook, tip sheet or other information that your patients would be interested in.  Don’t forget to send a thank you card for referrals.  Acknowledging your patients for their efforts goes a long way!
  4. SEO: remember to incorporate keywords into your blogs and digital newsletters or ezines so that search engines can find and rank you higher.

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Helpful Tools for your Medical Blogging and Health Articles

Blogging is all about getting your message across while strengthening your brand and gaining visibility.  While this may seem intuitive, how to go about it may not be.

There are tools that help you achieve readership and make your messages more captivating:

The Readability Test Tool:

In trying to convey your message, it is easy to get caught up in medical terminology and complex explanations which you may think sends the impression that you are knowledgeable about your topic.  Unfortunately, your readers may not easily get what you are trying to say.  Ideally, since you are writing for the general public, you will want to stay between grade 8 and 9 in comprehension.

Since you may have an impressive vocabulary, it may not occur to you that certain words are more difficult for others.  This is where the readability test tool comes in handy.  Highlight what you have written and the tool will let you know the average age level that your content is geared to.  In addition, it will highlight words that you could simplify to achieve the reading level that you are after.  You may think that simplifying your material is insulting, but throwing in words that they would have to look up to define is a way to turn off your viewers instead.


Images that convey your story and that appeal to readers, helps attract eyes to your articles and sprinkling into the body of your content goes  a long way to captivating your viewers.  These images don’t have to cost a great buy azithromycin tablets 250 mg deal of money.  There are several sites that you can visit.  Two that I like are:

Pixabay– while some photos here have a charge, most are royalty free and can be downloaded without charge. Look to see if the photo is designated as public domain.  Others can be used with a simple credit under the photo to the photographer.

Unsplash– site that provides copyright-free photos for you to download.  The stipulation with this site though is that there are only ten new photos posted daily.  By visiting often, you can amass a library of photos that will be useful for your future articles.

Highlighting Keywords

It is crucial that as you compose your content in blogging or articles for publication, that you incorporate keywords that reflect your medical practice and help with your medical marketing.  This is where the next tool comes in:

Soovie (

Typing in your practice keyword allows you to find out which keywords are the most effective in all the major search engines. (i.e. Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia, YouTube).  As you type in an entry, each search engine reflects the most used keywords on their site.  In addition, you can discover which keywords are the ones used most on a daily basis.  This captures new viewers as prospective patients in the future.


Try these tools out and let me know how it went for you!  Contact me at  When you do, I will let you know more helpful tools that are not listed here.

6 Smart Tips for Better Medical Blogging

Now that you have committed to being consistent with posting your blog and getting your message out, keep the following tips in mind so that your blogging is well-received and you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Don’t Be a Bore

This is the most important rule to keep in mind! People appreciate the written word but in general are more entertained by dynamic content.  If possible, include video or audio when thou get a chance.  Most blogging platforms today can easily integrate content from YouTube or any video site.

Be a Collaborator

You don’t have to be the author of all your blog postings.  Collaborate with colleagues.  This is a great opportunity for cross-promotion.  “You write for me and i’ll write for you”.  This also gets you viewed by a wider audience of patients that might not have seen you otherwise.

Do it the Easy Way

Don’t get complicated with your blog.  If you have to depend on someone to maintain it for you, make sure it’s someone you can count on.  The moment the blog stops being fun, the moment your interest starts dwindling because positing is complicated…that’s the moment your blog starts to die.

Be Hard on Yourself

Make sure you have the discipline to post at least twice a week if you want to create a disciplined following.  Be consistent about when you post new info. If your posting schedule is all over the place, you stop being a reliable source of information and people are going to place their attention somewhere else.

Tag, You’re It!

Make sure to tag all your articles and entries.  This will make it easier for the search engines to find you and can be used to navigate better on your own blog.

Let a Pro Do the Designs

Even the tastiest morsels of information are hard to swallow when a Blog looks dreadful.  A badly designed site has a negative impact on your credibility; it’s like showing up to work unwashed, unshaven and in your old clothes.  In most cases, people will have a hard time getting to your message be causes your appearance is not consistent with it.  So, unless you’re a designer, leave it to the pros.

Use a professionally designed template if possible or hire somebody that knows the way around blog design.  If you’re not comfortable with your writing skills, consider hiring a freelance copywriter to handle the task for you.

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