Here’s a Present for Thanksgiving

I owe it all to you!  Blogging is just a bit of self-indulgence if the only one reading the post is oneself.  After all, the purpose of blogging for health is not just “blogging for health”.  It is to inform, educate and entertain.

So, as Thanksgiving approaches and one waxes nostalgic as well as thankful, I would like to express my gratitude for all your wishes and support over the course of the year.  Many of you have been with me a long time (more than 600 posts ago).

I’m glad that with the health marketing tips and health marketer guides that I have provided that many of you grew your healthcare business and boosted your medical practice.

Recognizing You as a Celebrity

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Thanks once again,

Barbara Hales, M.D.

Blog Posts can Launch your Health marketing…or DESTROY it! (Find out what to avoid)

Blog posts provide an online presence in the health market which attracts viewers to your website and provides an opportunity for you to educate or inform these visitors.

While blog posts are simple to start, there are mistakes to avoid.

 7 Blogging Errors to Avoid in Health Marketing

1) Difficult Readability

If a viewer has to struggle to understand or read your message, the reader won’t struggle for long!  There are too many other sites so the viewer will click off yours and go to your competition.  They will not be your fans or stay your fans.  With this in mind:

  • Avoid technical terms or diagnoses- these words may be second-hand to you but the viewer may not know what the words mean or in what context you are conveying your message
  • Long run-on sentences or multiple sidebars with tremendous amounts of information- the eye needs a place to rest.  Wide expanses of white space will allow a gaze to settle on the message that you want to be seen
  • Avoid eye strain- reading black letters on a white background is easier than reversing this.  Having a dark background with colored letters produces an eye strain- one which the reader may not want to struggle with.

2) Don’t be Irrelevant

If your website and blog reflects a specific niche (which I strongly recommend for visibility), then your posts should be reflecting that.  Readers come to the blog for information that is relevant to them.  For instance, if you are a cardiologist, presumably you are writing about issues dealing with the heart or cardiovascular system.  Topics you may add include issues related to this system.  You wouldn’t want to continually write about your favorite sports, the weather and the latest dope on Jay Z.

3) Optimize your blog posts

Put yourself in the mind of your target audience.  What words do they type in the box when they are doing a Google search if they want to find you?  These are keywords.  Even better would be “long-tail keywords” which are 3-4 words strung together to find you easier.  An example is “Boca Raton cardiologist” to set you apart.  Not only is it easier for your prospective patients and clients to find you, it is easier for the search engines to find you (and understand who you are).  This is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Having blog posts that contain your keywords (one per post) and including them in the title, will enable search engines to categorize you, making it easier for viewers to find and read your post.

4) Be Consistent

If you are lucky, you will develop a large fan base- an audience that keeps coming to your blog posts to get the latest information.  If they have come to expect a post on a particular day of the week and you don’t post then or for a few days after, they won’t keep coming back to check for when you do post.  You’ve lost them.

Decide how many times each month you can commit to writing your posts or how often you want your posts to appear before you get started.  Blogging does not have to be done on the day that your post gets published or the night before.  There are several tools available that will enable you to sit down and write a series of posts, scheduling them for the time and date that you would like them to be seen.  Bear in mind that you still need to go into your site on a regular basis to address and respond to the questions that people may enter into the comment box so that you can interact with them and keep them engaged.

5) Don’t go it Alone

Although your blog reflects you and the information that you would ultimately liked published, you don’t have to be the only one generating the post.  Consider enlisting the aid of your staff members and assign them with the task of writing once a week, or once a month on different prospectives they have in the office, what the latest hours are, new staff to be highlighted or new medical equipment that the office has obtained.

6) Own the Site

This is one of the biggest mistakes that I see among doctors and other healthcare providers.  They are listed in websites under their specialty owned by various participating insurance companies for whom they are providers.  It’s easy to leave web responsibilities to them and simply blog under a site owned by them.  The problem is that they own the information.  They can edit it.  If you decide to withdraw your participation in the specific insurance company down the road, you also lose access to the blog that you have been building up over time.

It does not cost much to own a domain name (which can reflect the name of your practice or your specialty).  For under $10 per year, you can purchase the name (and one for your own name before anyone else sharing your name does!)

7) Registration

Enrolling your blog domain with major blog search directories, will help you get seen instead of just leaving it to chance.  The most outstanding company is Technorati.

If all this is more than you can handle with restraints of time and business obligations, you can still have a successful blog by outsourcing it to a social media manager.  I would be happy to discuss this with you further.  Call 516-647-3002.

You the Authority? Yes!!

I’d like to give you an apology that you have not received the number of interesting blog posts that you have come to expect on this site.

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Each of us likes to think that the message that we have to spread is important and that it would zithromax no prescription needed improve the lives of others.  It is equally true that people are more receptive to hearing or reading the message if they perceive the information to be coming from a celebrity or an authority in his/her field….like YOU!

Check out the site.  I think you will get great benefit from it.

Why Health Marketing needs Social media

Social media acts the same as spreading word of mouth about you and your business.  The only difference is that it’s  on a computer screen. Participation affords many advantages.


  • Your social media posts and comments are available to millions of viewers
  • Prospective patients will decide to use your services over competitors and peers who are absent on social media
  • If a problem exists with your practice or a disgruntled patient complains about a dissatisfied result or care received, you can nip the problem in the bud before your reputation is injured
  • Solutions you provide to problems people are struggling with, sets you up as a guru or authority in your field
  • Increases traffic to your website from people who are interested in what you have to say, increasing your patient base
  • Moves people down your funnel to up sell services or goods
  • Converts prospective clients or patients into paying clients when they may have earlier been on the fence

Don’t be afraid to add a  personal touch.  Provide education and entertainment  with a light touch to enable your personality to come through.

Social Media Manager

Perhaps you have sensibly decided to participate in social media but due to time constraints, it is not feasible or you don’t know quite how to go about it effectively.   Hiring a social media manager is a great way to solve this problem.

Sit down with the social media manager and clearly communicate how you want responses to be made, information to be highlighted and topics for discussion.  By talking it through, you can have the information posted in your voice.  You will be necessary to allow access to your accounts but it will be secure by drafting a written agreement which will enable you to have control of the account including usernames and passwords once the manager is no longer in your employ.

Broach the subject of  who will own the content that is posted after the job is paid for and have this in writing, signed by both you and the manager.    Copyrights can belong to you or the writer (after first rights) depending upon the agreement that you have made.  Failure to discuss this will spell disaster and discord down the road.

To hire a social media manager or see about getting a content package, go to

What Is the best Media Platform to Use?

Deciding which media platform to use is a common question…and an important one.  If you have only a limited amount of time in the day, you want to spread your message in a channel that will get the most views, the most engagement and the most return of investment.

The answer is often dependent on what your target market is and what you are trying to accomplish.  However, in general, there are stats for the most views.

The North America Content Marketing Institute release their most recent findings in their 2015 B2C Content Marketing Trends.The following stats are from this report.



B2C Content Marketing Social Media Platform Usage

  • Facebook……………..94%
  • Twitter…………………84%
  • YouTube………………76%
  • LinkedIn……………..71%
  • Google+………………..68%
  • Pinterest………………59%
  • Instagram……………49%

Notice that LinkedIn is 4th on the list.  This is because it is used mostly for B2B marketing.

The Effectiveness Ratings for these platforms were as follows:

  • Facebook……………..58%
  • Twitter…………………52%
  • YouTube………………49%
  • Instagram……………43%
  • Pinterest………………41%
  • LinkedIn……………..36%
  • Google+………………..23%

In terms of “Effectiveness Ratings for B2C Paid Advertising Methods:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)-57%
  • Social Ads (e.g. LinkedIn ads)-49%
  • Promoted Posts (e.g. Tweets)-47%
  • Print or Offline promotion-46%
  • Content Discovery Tools-42%
  • Native Advertising-40%
  • Traditional Online Banner Ads-39%

When deciding which social media platform will work best for you and where you might want to place some ads for visibility while being the most effective, it is crucial to define your purpose in the posts and ads.

The following “organizational Goals for B2C Content Marketing were stated by those interviewed:

  • Customer Retention/Loyalty               88%
  • Engagement                                                  88%
  • Brand Awareness                                     87%
  • Sales                                                                 77%
  • Customer Evangelism                            69%
  • Lead Generation                                       69%
  • Lead Nurturing                                         61%
  • Up sell/Cross-sell                                     50%

As you can see, customer retention, loyalty, engagement and brand awareness head the list.  Regardless of whether you have goods and services or simply promoting your health services to patients, the marketing goals are the same and when you are dealing with Business to Consumer (patient),  the most effective content marketing will be those that either align aims and metrics or start to measure metrics that lead to meeting your organizational goals.

For more health marketing tips, sign up in the box at the top left corner of this page.  See you at the next post!

Are you a Persuasive Health Professional?

This past month, I had a tremendous opportunity to share time with some of the greatest copywriters alive today:

  • Clayton Makepeace
  • Dan Kennedy
  • Mark Forde (Michael Masterson)
  • Katie Yeakle
  • Bob Bly
  • John Carlton
  • Richard Armstrong
  • And many others

While these pros are making 7 figures annually, their great accomplishment is their art of persuasion.  You see, they each have been able to get into the head of their prospect and strike a responsive chord.

These names may not mean anything to you as a doctor.  Try Dr. Oz, or Sanjay Gupta.  They too are making a fortune while getting their message out.

Why them and not you?

It’s because these people can recognize the problem that their target audience is struggling with and they provide the solutions.  The message is attuned to what people are searching for, and what they want to read or hear.

Why couldn’t you do this?

The message that you have and want to get out doesn’t need to change…just the way that you are presenting it or the channel/method by which you are presenting it.  Take a lesson from the professionals above.

Remember, when you tell people “what they want to hear”, they will want to hear it!

Need help with this?  I would be happy to discuss this as a free consult.  You need only by emailing

Speak to you soon!

Tip to Spread your Health messages- Don’t Sync it!

There are several sites like AlphaLink that sync up both your Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus accounts.

Makes sense!  Publish a post once and you are automatically publishing your content in all of your media sites.  It saves time, gives you more visibility, and since you want to cross-pollinate your message, what’s wrong with publishing the same thing to Facebook and Twitter?

Plenty, as it turns out!

Problems with Automatic Cross-Pollination

  • Different fans have different times of day that they seek your information, not simultaneously where some will not see the message before it fades
  • Messages and content are relevant to certain sets of people, not all your fans on all your sites.  They will not read what is not relevant
  • The format that is specific for one media channel may be different for another so that your message appears funky
  • Fans want engagement and the purpose of social media is to be….well social.  It is important to interact with your fans.  When they ask questions or make comments, it is rude to ignore it…and they won’t come back.  You only get one shot at it.

Okay, not never!

It’s okay to cross post occasionally.  The thing is, you need to create customized posts for each social platform. Spending the time and attention will increase traffic, create demand, increase prospective viewers and clients and convert those on the fence regarding your message. Facebook now has an algorithm that actually frowns on social media updates that appear the same in several places.

You needn’t worry.  No time…no problem!  Outsource it!  Contact me at and we can get you started!


Is your Social Media Mindless? (aka Your Surgery may be robotic but your posts shouldn’t be!)

For those doctors and healthcare providers who want to be active in social media, but have absolutely no time, cross-population between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and blogs had and continue to be the “thing” to do, meaning that anything you post, gets published on all your sites.  Wordpress even provides a plugin that populates all the sites with your blogs.

While this may help in the beginning, it is time to revise your policy.  This practice alone will:

  • Fail to engage your audience (as viewers from various sites may prefer different content or different post times)
  • Fail to interact with your viewers who may ask questions regarding information they are looking for you to provide
  • Fail to have the proper viewing format on all the sites (photo images and links may not display the right way)

So, in other words…it Fails!

The algorithms created by Facebook actually devalues updates like these.

This is not to say that one post or two each week can be “robotic” if the audiences are interested in the same topic or the same subject is trending.  However, viewers stick with a particular site based on what they are interested in and their personalities. However, a better way to make use of your time is to have staff and colleagues create specific posts for each medium.

Instead of appearing robotic, you will then have the “human touch”.

Don’t Forget:

  • Guest blogs and guest posts help with time while allowing others to link to you (if their material is in sync with yours) and vice versa
  • Answer questions that others direct to you
  • Answer questions that people pose in forums to establish you as the “go-to” person
  • Pick up on conversation lines that people have in the platforms that you participate in.

I look forward to reading the new comments and posts that you have!

In the meantime, sign up for future tips and guidelines in the box at the top left corner of this page.  See you at the next post!