Pinterest for Health Writing

Perhaps you are saying that you’re already on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook so you don’t need any more sites. Are you asking “Why should I care about Pinterest?”

This is a good question and an even more important answer for you.

Reasons to Join Pinterest for your Health Writing

  • Pinterest is the fastest growing social sharing network
  • It’s the most viral to date
  • You are getting targeted traffic back to you…traffic that goes to your site, your landing pages and your opt-in forms
  • Third most popular social share network
  • Pins viewed for months (unlike a week or so with Twitter)
  • Comments get more likes and repins
  • Has 10 million unique visitors per month, faster than any other social site in history

If your health market is geared can i order zithromax online toward females or children, you have a built-in audience.  Half of Pinterest users have children and the majority of users are currently women.

Capture Leads by providing an incentive.

Enticing “gifts” include:

  • Special report
  • White paper
  • Tip Sheet
  • Podcast
  • Video
  • Free membership site
  • FAQ sheet on topic your viewers are interested in

Health Board Creation

  • Download images from your website
  • Give  medical advice with bulletins
  • View pins that your viewers like and provide information along these lines
  • Insert a URL on the bottom to a page you would like traffic to go to.

3 Main rules to Remember

1) Develop a relationship with your viewers

2) Provide enticing offers

3) Show interest or repin information from your viewers as well.

If you need help with your health boards on Pinterest, shoot me an email at:


Quick Tips in Online Marketing

Online Marketing is the process by which you capture web surfers and net browsers that have interest in your brand, hold their attention and after educating them, convert these readers to buyers of your goods and services.

Simple definition for online marketing but…. maybe not so simple.

There are several core facts to keep in mind in online marketing:


  • Pick out the key words that consumers will search you by
  • Add these key words into the text of your landing page
  • Make sure the landing page is simple to read
  • The landing page must be easy to navigate- take them to the end goal
  • Most importantly the landing page must be captivating

New at this and need a bit of help? No problem!

Contact me for a free consultation and we can work up your strategy at:Barbara@TheWriteTreatment.com


Forgive Me!

The  “10 Days of Awe or Days of Repentance” starts tonight after sundown.

This is a time to assess our lives and goals as well as our wrongdoings or sins of the previous year and repent them before Yom Kippur. Acts of charity are also custom.

However, it is clearly taught that for sins against your fellow man (or woman), regardless of whether it is knowingly or unknowingly, one must ask forgiveness from that person directly. Notice this covers insensitivity.

Likewise, when asked by another individual for forgiveness, generally, one  gives it.

Forgiving someone else may relieve another person, and can be a real challenge if you hold onto grudges, but the real benefit of forgiveness is to yourself.

A study reported in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine reveals a decrease in heart rate and blood zithromax for cheap pressure as well as stress when forgiveness is bestowed.  An added study reported in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin reveals that by forgiving someone, you receive:

Positive behavior towards others (not just the offending party)

  • Increases acts of volunteerism
  • Increases philanthropy and alternative altruistic actions
  • Improves somatic complaints
  • Decreases fatigue
  • and improves the quality of sleep

Because forgiveness is healthy to not only your body, your relationships and even your place in the world, it is good to work on this act and release any lingering anger.

Wow, the biblical elders really knew what they were talking about!  So, plea forgive me for anything that I may have done to offend you and have a warm holiday with family and friends around you!

Happy and Healthy New Year for a sweet year to come!

How to Rank Highly on Your Health Site

Search engines are always changing their algorithms to determine how highly a health site will be ranked.  The old rules for SEO worked well back then but times change and analytics evolve.  There was a time when you could identify which keywords reflected your services or  products  and then stuff your site with these words, disregarding the unreadability of the entries.

SEO is still important but the new emphasis is on engagement.  Are your viewers interested in what you have to say?  Are they responding to your posts?  Are they engaged in your site with responses to the education and entertainment that your posts provide?

This “white hat SEO” is still quite effective.  Viewers searching for information that provides solutions for problems they are struggling with, still connect with your entries containing these keywords.

The Type of SEO that Still WorksWhite hat SEO attracts your target audience while optimizing your health site.

The protocol to follow involves:

  • Selecting keywords (and long-tail keywords of three words or more together)
  • Create optimized fresh content consistently for inbound links
  • Participate actively on social media channels

Following the above protocol, the ranking will gradually improve.  There will be a steady but slow growth in organic visitors but realistically, a jump in the rankings can take 6 months.

No one is privy to the exact components of search engine algorithms which are being constantly revised and complex to sort out and eliminate “illegal” practices like buying back links for instance.  For those sites that are simply stuffing keywords or buying links, penalties are being issued- the most painful of which is having the health website dropped completely from the web.

There are few causes for online panic more than seeing the site that you have been working on for a long time becoming nonexistent in the blink of an eye.  Then the process to get it reinstated is quite prolonged and rigorous.  A simple “sorry” usually does not suffice.

Remember, the key is to engage and interact with your target market, those that you want as viewers of your health site and those that would be eager to use your products or services.  This serves to strengthen your brand naturally.

Should you feel that competition is quite stiff for the keywords that you have chosen and you are impatient to see your site rise to the first page, consider a pay-per-click campaign.  This will get you listed first (and many viewers don’t even realize that the site was paid for or linked to an ad that is associated with your health site.

Need help with a pay-per-click campaign.  We would be happy to help you.  Shoot an email to Barbara@TheWriteTreatment and we’ll get you started!


Check out this Medical Marketing- Health Marketing Strategy

The post today comes from Mike Capuzzi who reminds us all of how clever Gary Halbert was.  Mike has done a new twist on this.  Perhaps you can use it in your marketing strategy.


Use This Stress Card Marketing Idea to Get Attention

Are you stressed out trying to come up with your next effective marketing idea?

If so, I have a powerful idea and one you may have not seen used before.

I call it my stress card marketing letter and it’s adaptable for any type of business – including yours!


Now before I share the details, I have to give credit where credit is due. I first saw this stress card marketing letter in a Gary Halbert 1988 newsletter.

As soon as I saw it, I loved it because of its unique approach and the fact that it shouldn’t add any additional weight to your direct mail piece.  So you can the BANG of  interactive, dimensional mail without having to pay lumpy mail postage.

I am not sure if Gary came up with this inexpensive marketing idea, but it sure is different and it does a great job at one of the most critical jobs of any marketing piece – to get the attention of the reader.


As soon I saw an opportunity to use the stress card in a direct mail campaign, I contacted my Private Client and trusted promotional marketing expert, Phil Brakefield, who found me a full-color, plastic stress card which I could customize with my information and logo for less than $1.00/card.


I then crafted a four-page letter and attached the stress card to it.  As of the posting of this article, my response rate to this specific letter has been 36%!!!

Using a customized stress card in your marketing (like a direct mail sales letter) is an attention-grabbing, “get the reader involved” marketing idea that works in any business or niche for many different reasons, including:

  • It allows you to use teaser copy on the envelope to tease the recipient about something special inside.
  • It is a hard-to-miss “dimensional” mailer that feels different than a standard sales letter in the hands of the recipient.
  • Because of its slim design, it should not add any extra postage costs to your mailing.
  • It has the added benefit of not only easily being added to a direct mail piece, but also makes for a powerful business-card handout, bookmark tradeshow giveaway, etc.
  • It’s an interactive, involvement device that gets your recipient involved, not only in removing it from the letter, but also azithromycin 250 mg generic using it (can you imagine somebody NOT at least trying it out?).
  • It’s a fact that the more involved you can get your recipient in your marketing, the better your results. This is why Columbia House Records used to use those little stamps to get you thinking not about “should I buy these records?” but instead about “what records do I want to buy?
  • It allows you to press an emotional “stress button” and tap into the fact that there’s an excellent chance your prospects and customers feel some level of stress about something related to your business or product or service. This gives you a quick and easy, fill-in-the-blank template for your headline, like this:

“Are you stressing out over ________? Then do this!” or “Is _____________ causing you stress?”

Here are some niche-specific examples to get you thinking:

For the insurance niche: “Is the Cost of Your Auto Insurance Causing You Stress?”

For chiropractors: “Feeling Stressed Out? We Can Help!”

For a gift retailer: “Stressing Over Your Anniversary Gift?”

For a CPA: “Is the Thought of Filing your Own 2015 Tax Return Stressing You Out?”

You get the idea and with a few seconds of creative thinking, I’m sure you can come up with a few ways to leverage this idea in your marketing.


High Impact Marketing Member and insurance agency owner, Michael Carroll did not waste anytime creating a version for his agency and mailing out starting this week.

Not all stress cards are created equal!

It’s important to note, while you can find many suppliers of these cards online, not all cards are created equal. The cards Phil found for me are plastic cards which probably won’t get thrown away and they offer optional full-color customization. Your price will vary depending on your quantity ordered and if you do customization. If you want to use the ones I used, contact Phil Brakefield:

Phil’s email: heybrakes@gmail.com

Phil’s phone: (847) 458-1100

By the way, these stress cards really do measure your “stress level.” When you’re stressed, your fingers become cooler. That’s because your blood is rushing to your muscles and heart to prepare you for “fight or flight.” Relax and your hands become warmer as blood flows freely once more. The stress square on the mood card registers the changes in temperature, and thus tells you how stressed you are.

If you would like to devise a winning strategy like this for yourself, please contact me.  Barbara@TheWriteTreatment.com    Speak to you soon!

5 Huge Benefits of White Papers in Your Healthcare Marketing Arsenal

Ever consider having whitepapers representing your message and branding?

There are 5 great reasons why you would want to implement whitepapers in your marketing toolbox:


Studies show that published white papers are one of the best tools for validating credibility, and reliability of a company and product utility.

Having the white paper composed by a credible third-party source, validates the business, services and products in a very potent way.

2) Designation

White papers corroborate the business position as a thought leader and illustrates how this is accomplished.  White papers highlight the solutions by telling stories supporting company solutions, promoting your brand.

3) Lead Generation

Revenue growth increases dramatically with the rise of leads and conversions of leads to sales by:

  • Demonstrating visionary skills
  • Showcasing effective analytical skills
  • Enhancing strategic claims

4) Promotion

Your paper takes the company, branding and solutions to a higher level.

5) Competitive Edge

Medical White papers strengthens a company’s position against the competitors while highlighting how the company overcame challenges to arrive at the most effective solutions.


Objectives can be simply stated as aiming to:

  • Demonstrate authority or thought leadership
  • Generate sale leads
  • Conversion of leads to buyers, consumers, clients, patients

While understanding the importance of a whitepaper may be clear, writing them may not be for you.

No problem.  Outsource it!

Contact me at Barbara@TheWriteTreatment.com and we can discuss your needs and your strategy.