Do You Google + in Health Marketing and Health Writing?

While both consumers and companies have flooded social media sites over the last ten years, the experience and communication for everyone has been homogeneous. Looking at this objectively, the uniformity may not be such a great thing.

Addressing this issue, Google Plus shines way ahead of the competition by concentrating on niches and matching up the right brand to the interested consumer.

Remember when you first started returning to and pop ups would find similar products that aligned with your interests and prior purchases?  This was and is an excellent marketing tactic.  It seems that Google + has been watching and taking this into consideration.

Google+  matches people who are seeking solutions to their questions or problems with businesses or people that offer these solutions.  They link people who think alike, have the same jobs or sell similar products and services that they use.  This is great for companies and brands. By associating with a built in base of consumers who are looking for or using their services, both repeat clients and prospective clients will grow exponentially while further establishing your name or brand in your market. (Whether it is health writing, health marketing, medical services or other companies,  it works well for all niches)

 SEO = Fresh Content  for Search Engine Rankings

Google is now using fresh and useful content as a parameter to index pages for those searching for them, thereby penalizing spammers and advertisers who do not provide original or useful content.  Content and SEO are merging into the same parameter.

Google + like other popular social media sites, enables viewers an opportunity to learn about brands, services and companies while interacting with them on a more personal level. Like other forums, Google+ creates communities that can confer with each other over their likes and dislikes when it comes to services and brands.  This is also helpful to companies who can then see what works, and what doesn’t.

Online Neighborhoods

Google + provides unique or different experiences between their private and public communities and only the public ones can share the content outside the community itself. Consumers though, can join as many communities as they have interests.  This is a good thing for companies, and health promoters as well as health providers because each service can appear in a different place (e.g. nutraceuticals, yoga, exercise, diet plans, traditional medicine, etc.)

The thing is, however, whether you are a company or an individual, discussions need to be engaging and conversational.  There is no tolerance or room for sales promotions and gimmicks.  People want to interact with people.  Gaining trust will make them clients down the road.

Content marketing and social media have replaced all prior forms of marketing.  People want to interact and engage.  They don’t want to be talked at; they want to be talked to.  This is where Google + outshines all other social media sites.

Joining different communities that reflect you, just makes sense.  So, I’ll ask you again, are you using Google + yet?  You should!

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A Swollen Heart

My heart is swollen….with happiness and gratitude.

Wow, so many well wishes  today!  One of the gratifying experiences of living in a digital age is that the world stops and wishes you well, at least one day a year.  People that you may not know well, but hope to, people that have hopes and aspirations or experiences in common, all come together and say “Happy Birthday”.

Years ago, if you got cards in the mail from more than your Aunts and Uncles,BFF,  Parents and siblings, it was a nice surprise.  Now, your social media sites and inboxes can be filled with happiness and having this warm and cozy feeling swirling around me, will buy zithromax online in usa last until next year.

There are many content or information marketers that use their birthday as a promotion for their latest and greatest at a percentage discount.

For those that feel our society has dehumanized us all, I say, not so.  But you must put yourself out there.  Reach out and interact with people.  Share a smile.

For me, I would like to do an act of charity, to make others happy.  It’s because of all of you who have sponsored me, hired me for speaking engagements or copywriting, entertained me, extended a hand in friendship (or hugs)  but most importantly, “rocked my world”.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

How to Create Compelling Content For Valuable Links

The More Links= The More Reward

Gone are the days when people could buy links or get backlinks surreptitiously.  Nowadays, with optimization of websites, search engines reward sites that can amass natural links.  Building links naturally to your website can be successfully achieved through content marketing.  However, in order to get people to link to you, your content must be relevant and captivating.

Tips to Increase Links

1) Provide Relevant Content

What is your target market interested in?  Clients and patients will only click on articles that are both relevant and interesting to them.  Of course it has to be relevant to you and your practice as well.  Invest your time (and outsourcing if necessary) in creating content that is captivating and provides solutions to the problems that your patients are experiencing.  They will appreciate it and may very well share it with other friends and on social media sites.  Content marketing is a great tool for maintaining current patients and attracting new ones.

Consider videos that explain medical devices that you use in the office, surgical techniques that you provide, new procedures that  your patients  will better understand through viewing.

Blast out  an Ezine or newsletter with hyperlinks back to your website which may garner you some backlinks.

2) Provide unique statistics and hard facts

People love to quote figures and facts about various topics.  When you are the one providing them (through experience or survey results), you will be quoted and your name spread across the web and social media sites.

In  his post on MarketingLand, social media expert Jordan Kasteler discussed how Neil Patel, who blogs for QuickSprout and founded KISSmetrics, gets his infographics distributed the web over. You have most likely stumbled upon a KISSmetrics infographic at some point, simply because they are chock full of great data that really peaks peoples’ interests. Interesting data, statistics, and hard facts almost always get shared and linked to.  3 Tips for Creating Content People Will Want to Link To

Cost: $600 per infographic, 47 in the last 2 years at $600 each = $28,200.

3) Consider new ways to promote content marketing

Infographics are one of the newer modalities for content creation.

Results directly from infographics:

2,512,596 visitors

41,142 backlinks from 3,741 unique domains

41,359 tweets

20,859 Facebook likes

“Neil states that it would have cost him over $800,000 to get the above traffic numbers through sponsored tweets and traffic.”   Now he devotes more time to infographic creation chock full of information which can be spread across many sites.

Pinterest allows you to transmit images to your viewers that like visual information other than reading because it instantly captures their attention.  Have photos of your staff and other doctors as well as yourself in Pinterest.

What methods have worked for you in your content marketing?  Share it with us in the comment box below.

Medical Staff Makes Great Content Marketing Team

As healthcare providers, we are overextended in time commitments already.  The thing is, content does not have to come from only one individual, shouldering the burden of adding yet another task to the daily “To Do” list.

Every member of the medical  staff has a prospective about the office, healthcare and concerns that patients have.  They are on the front lines when the patients ask a myriad of questions.  Make each staff member an integral part of your content team.  Assign a day when each one can write an article on interesting events in the office,i.e.  questions and solutions that the current patients had over the past week.

Advantages of a Content Marketing Team

The gains one can see with a content marketing team include:

  • Enhanced self esteem of staff members when they can voice their opinions and have their opinions appreciated
  • Greater likelihood that content production will be consistent with several members
  • If one member of the content marketing team is unavailable, there are others to pitch in
  • Content remains fresh and interesting since there are many points of view contributing to it
  • Enables both patients and prospective clients to become familiar with each member of the staff

Give the medical staff a set of guidelines for their content and then allow them free rein within the given structure so that they can let their creativity flow forth.

Put Together a Winning Content Marketing TeamShowcase every member of the office from the physicians and other healthcare providers, to the nurses and billing department. Showcase every member of the practice so that patients will feel a sense of familiarity with each of them.  Visits to the office will become comfortable and a chance to “visit with friends”.

Work in partnership with administrative staff that patients seldom get to see.  Everyone from the top of the chain to the bottom can contribute something whether it is serious or humorous.  If the staff member is uncomfortable writing, he/she can give interviews and then write the questions and responses up.  They can also formulate a tip sheet with the most frequently asked questions and answers (FAQs)

Compelling and captivating content comes from employees being made comfortable about creating it and with few limits, can allow their passions to run wild.

How has your content marketing been and what unique things have you added to your creative process that has brought you success in content marketing?  Share them with us in the comment box below.