Is Your Website Healthy?

Take a good look at your website through fresh eyes.  Ask yourself whether you present solutions to specific problems.  Your viewers are certainly going to your site for this reason- to find answers.

It’s Not About You!

Once you have decided your branding and how you would generic azithromycin cost like to present yourself, don’t keep it a secret!  The real secret is telling your viewers, patients and prospective clients about you in a way that serves them…that solves their problems.

Tell your viewers solutions to their problems right away in the headline (packed with power to elicit emotions and responses).  Then tell them again within the first paragraph.  Engage your readers and draw them in fast or you’ve lost them.

People make decisions with their heart and justify them with their brain.  You’ve heard this before and it’s true.  Don’t pack your site with dry information and spew it forth.  Instead, write to attract and court your reader.  Your data can be on your “about” page.

Give them space

Sure, there is a lot of information that you would like to provide.  But throwing it all out there may make it difficult to read.  Have white space around each idea or thought- a place for your viewer’s eyes to rest.  It will make reading your information much easier.

Can you be scanned?

Time is of the essence and most viewers will simply scan a page to determine if reading it is worth their while.  Have subheads, bolded sentences and bullet points to allow scanning to take place and still convey your message or pique their interest.

Ask yourself these questions

Is your website:

  • Easy to navigate?
  • Easy to understand?
  • Easy to see what you stand for?
  • Easy to get answers to their problems?

Make sure to have your address (if you are a brick and mortar business) and telephone number prominently displayed.

Call to Action

Decide what you want your viewer to do and tell them. Is it to

  • Call you?
  • Send for a free report or tip sheet?
  • Sign up for a newsletter?

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One of the Biggest Health Sites and Medical Website Mistakes

Helloooo, are you still there?

This is not a question that you want your patients and clients to ask.

Yet, it is precisely what they are thinking when healthcare facilities, hospitals and doctors  slap a website together and then make it static.  Without providing fresh content on a regular basis, you lose the chance to attract prospective patients and keep the current ones.  Instead of attracting new clients, you become a virtual ghost and everyone “abandons ship” to go elsewhere- your competitors.

Thinking that all you have to do is “go live” online and then ignore it, is the #1 mistake of health sites and medical websites.  Search engines recognize which web sites are the active ones and reward them accordingly by ratings.  Having your website on page 28 of a search for your keywords means that you might as well not be there.  People only contact the medical practices that show up on page one.

With the majority of people searching for their health information online and finding their new doctors on the web, can you really afford to squander your most valuable asset- your website and your branding?

Sure, you don’t have enough time.  There’s barely enough time for yourself with patient consultations and charting that new EHR system you installed.  But, here are some reasons why tending to your anemic website is crucial:

  • New content that is interesting and relevant to viewers will attract prospective patients, bring referrals and maintain current clients
  • Establishes credibility
  • Strengthens your branding and makes you stand out above your colleagues
  • Raises your ranking with search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo
  • Opens opportunities to inform patients about new techniques, new office hours, new staff members
  • Gives you the chance to explain procedures through videos so that patients understand, increasing compliance

If time is an issue, simply outsource it!  Leave it to someone else and free up your time to do what you were meant to do.

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Did You Catch the Oscars Last Night?

Did you catch the oscars last night?  This question and discussion is going on through millions of homes and groups of friends throughout the world.

People tuned in to be entertained, to see what the A-List wore, what they said and what they did.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if people felt that way about your information?  Do you make your website captivating?  Are you active in social media sites?  Are you putting up instructional YouTube videos that are both compelling and relevant?

No?  These are all wasted opportunities by not taking advantage of all the channels through which you can provide relevant and desired information.  Doing so enables you to receive free publicity, strengthen your brand, increase the bonds of relationships and gets your name out there.

When both patients and prospective patients can ask “Did you catch what Dr. X said last night”, then you know you’ve made it!

Start preparing your acceptance speech!

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