The Downside of New Patients and Clients

Is there really a down side to new clients and patients?  After all, isn’t that what your health marketing, medical marketing or dental marketing  is all about?

Well, actually, there is!

Marketing requires resources- money, time, effort.  When aimed at gaining new clients, it requires much more in resources to accomplish significant results.

Marketing for new patients or clients is usually NOT the most cost-effective way to generate new revenue both short term and long term.  Think of it like this: How much do you currently spend on marketing to attract new clients?

If your marketing budget was $2000 a month and the average it brought in 20 customers who spent on average $200 each, you are essentially spending $2000 to bring in $4000, resulting in a net of $2000.

However, if you sent out emailing costing about 50 cents each to 300 old patients, 20 would respond.  In that case, it cost you only $150 to bring in the same $4000 in revenue.  That’s good business, whatever profession you’re in.

Concentrate on Existing Clients

It is often easier and more effective to concentrate on existing clients than it is to acquire new ones.  Once you understand why your existing patients come to you, you can examine order zithromax for chlamydia ways of getting them to refer their friends and family as well as highlighting these features as those that you offer.

The Pareto principle- often referred to as the 80/20 rule- says that 80% of your success in any given field is often due to 20% of your effort. (or 20% of existing clients.  You can use this idea as a starting point to analyze how you can bring back the existing clients and keep them from straying to your competition.

The Prodigal Patient

A prodigal patient is one who, like the Biblical prodigal son, was lost and is found again.  You need to find out why they stopped  “buying” your services and apply that knowledge to regain their business.

If you have lost patients, try to rebuild contact and prove that you understand and can meet their needs.  While it is worth trying a few times, don’t keep persisting if you aren’t getting any response.  Many businesses have a limit to the amount of times they contact lapsed clients- usually five to seven times.

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Optimize Your Health Site with Keywords


A client recently asked me what all the fuss is about SEO and why it was necessary to optimize his site for keywords when he got traffic for them now.

Fair enough.  SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization.  It is a process of writing that enables search engines like Google, Bing  or Yahoo to identify websites, blogs, and other online content, ranking it for meeting its criteria.

Targeted keywords take viewers to the right spot for their search

People surfing on the net for keywords will find sites.  Don’t you want them to be yours?

Users are most apt to do business with those companies found within the first few listings on the first page of their search.  The thing to remember is that while there are billions of websites, there are not billions within your niche, your type of business and your type of market.

Search engines are seeking sites that provide answers to the problems being sought by people they are serving.  SEO allows them to perform this function.

Have your company website associated with the keywords that describe your business.  Each page thereafter, like contact page, product landing pages and about the company should all be linked to each other.  Then any searches will take the viewer directly to that page.  You want to make it easy for someone to find your products or phone number.  Remember, people want easy.  If they have to work for it with an extra click, they may very well give up.

Make sure that everything in the search engines related to your keywords,  is content that you own and control. Of course the company website should come first, and deeper internal pages can also rank really well if you’ve taken the time to promote them and build links, but you also want all your social profiles, local profiles, company blog, press releases, guest articles, interviews, videos and more to also rank well in the SERPs.

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Health Newsletters: What Do You Do With Bounces?

A client recently asked me, “what do you do with bounces” when looking at her analytics.

The first step in your utilizing the information is to Export the names and emails.  By looking at the list of contacts who have not gotten your newsletters and emails, you can then:

  • Access names to call for email address updates
  • Look for addresses that appeared on more than one bounce report.  (if it was only once, it can be that the recipient was on vacation and held the emails)

Finding the list that bounced consistently allows you to take action.  Either try to update it, correct it, try it again  or simply remove it.

Removing bounces allows you to have an up-to-date client or viewer list.

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Happy and Healthy President’s Day to Everyone…And Tribute to the President’s Health Plans

Did you know that President Obama and Senator Ted Kennedy were not the first to consider universal health coverage for Americans?

Not by a long shot!

In the 1930s, the first government-mandated health insurance proposal was placed before Congress to accompany the new Social Security System.  It was shelved.  Ten years later, Harry Truman proposed a national health insurance plan to lawmakers.  This did not go over well and so President Truman emphasized medical care for seniors instead.  This heated topic was debated in Congress for 20 years!  Even the American Medical ASsociation touted the dangers of socializing medicine.


When Lyndon B. Johnson was swept into the White House in 1964, the Medicare bill moved forward.  In January 1965, the bill was presented to the 89th Congress and despite resistance, was approved.  The vote was 313-115 in the House and 68-21 in the Senate.

When the bill-signing ceremony took place at the White House, Johnson enrolled Truman as the first Medicare beneficiary in the U.S.  Past President Truman was them presented with the first Medicare card in the nation!


Medicaid was created by the Social Security Amendments of 1965 during President Johnson’s term, as an entitlement program to help states provide medical coverage for low-income families as well as disabled individuals.

So, on this holiday, Good Health and happiness to everyone!

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Health Writers for Dentistry and Medicine–Think Something Is Impossible? Think Again…

Those in the health field know that nothing is impossible. We try to better the world everyday. We spread our messages in the offices, the hospitals and with our health writing.

Here’s an article that highlights these thoughts.  Today’s guest post is written by my colleague Linda Claire Puig  6-figure newsletter and email marketing expert.

Think Something Is Impossible? Think Again…

“For the world is full of zanies and fools who don’t believe in sensible rules, and don’t believe what sensible people sayAnd because these daft and dewey-eyed dopes keep building up impossible hopes, impossible things are happening everyday!” — Rodgers & Hammerstein, “Cinderella”

While most of us are not concerned with turning pumpkins into carriages, our businesses and our lives could be transformed just as powerfully by thinking “impossible” thoughts.

impossibleThink about it: How can things ever change — how can business, science or society innovate solutions to world dilemmas; how can our personal lives change trajectories — if we can only imagine what has been possible up to now?

Perspectives — the lenses through which you perceive and understand the world — affect everything you see and do. And when those perspectives become rigid and function more like prison bars, they keep you locked in routines and behaviors that don’t always serve you.

What would happen if you broke out of the prison of those perspectives? What new patterns and relationships would you notice? What new actions would you take?

Because thinking impossible thoughts is not just the realm of fairy godmothers or eccentric inventors. We can all do it.

One of my favorite books on this topic is The Power of Impossible Thinking, by Jerry Wind and Colin Crook. Here are just a few suggestions, drawn from their ideas, on how to begin to see differently.

Listen to the radicals. What wisdom and opportunities are there in the sometimes “bizarre” ideas of the radical thinkers around you?

Embark on journeys of discovery. Where can you travel — mental health pharmacy mentalhealthupdate online or physically — to gain fresh perspectives on your organization? Your life?

Look across disciplines. Often, “impossible” solutions develop at the intersection of several fields. Crossing borders and moving into unfamiliar territory can help you see anything from a fresh perspective.

Question the routine. While routines create needed structure, they can sometimes lull us to sleep. Disrupt your routine, even in a small way, and see what new possibilities arise.

Recognize the barriers. Becoming aware of the obstacles or fences that keep us from seeing new ways is the first step to overcoming them.

Practice flying upside down. Like commercial airline pilots, who are trained in how to react to unusual emergencies (such as flying upside down!), we can look for ways to prepare for outrageous scenarios.

“Destroy” the old model. For example, imagining you will live only six more months can immediately obliterate all previous models of thought about how you would spend your days.

Envision multiple futures. What are some potential scenarios for the future, and what will you need to succeed in each one?

Linda Claire Puig is an internationally recognized marketing expert who helps solo-business owners develop profitable relationships and portable businesses that go with them wherever they want to go. Linda has taken her own business  abroad several times, including 5 months in a medieval-era Italian village. Linda is the author of The 6-Figure Newsletter, which was  pre-ordered by nearly 9,000 people before it even went on sale. Among other services, Linda’s business,, provides done-for-you Ready2Go newsletter articles you can use as your own in your newsletter, as well as rockstar training on how to set up a newsletter system that makes money. Linda is also an award-winning journalist and writer for the past 30 years, and her articles have appeared in newspapers, magazines and newsletters around the world. For a free copy of her “75 Best Newsletter Success Strategies,” click here <

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Guest Post Today: Facebook Privacy Concerns

Facebook privacy concerns

Photo credits:Sean MacEntee

Think Facebook is the best thing since sliced bread? You couldn’t be more wrong.

While many herald Facebook as the be all and end all of humanity, there’s actually a darkness that emanates from the bowels of the website, buried in its code. While the thumbs up like button may seem cute, each thing you like is being written down and tracked.

As Facebook learns more about you, they’ll be able to get more money from advertisers who want to pitch you. Recently divorced? Maybe you’ll get bombarded with dating websites that are only after your money, your monthly payment. If this concerns you, it should! Too many people think posting cute puppy pictures and liking things is all harmless and fun, but at the end of the day, there’s a reason Facebook pays a lot of money to keep their “social network” going.

The biggest reason, of course, is money. As mentioned, the more data that Facebook has about you, the more money they’re going to be able to make. This is why – some say – Facebook has gradually moved to making more data on a profile default to public. Others have said that Facebook makes it difficult if not impossible to keep up with all the changes to privacy settings. One wrong move could mean that you end up sharing a picture with the world that you wanted to remain private.

The problem even happened to Mark Zuckerberg’s sister. While this story isn’t talked about a lot as Facebook has turned ten years old, it’s an important one that should be studied more. If the founder’s sister can’t figure out privacy settings on Facebook, is it too difficult for the normal person to understand or figure it out? This is a serious question that needs to be answered before people become too enamored with Facebook.

There’s a funny quote spreading around the Internet that says Facebook is like a prison because all you do is sit around talking to people and writing on a wall. While this is funny, it’s also scary because it’s so true. Prisoners have no right to privacy. While Facebook offers the ability to hide information from public view, they don’t want to make this easy because if too many people do it, they have no one to show ads and can’t make any money.

I don’t know about you, but I have very serious concerns about Facebook privacy. I dare you to take an hour or so and Google the term Facebook privacy and see what comes up. While you’re going to come across some loons (this is the Internet), you’re going to hear a lot of serious discussion about the problems with Facebook’s privacy policy as well.

Written by: Kio Markova of Panasonic vacuum cleaners

What does the Westminster Dog Show and Medical Branding have in common?

Millions of people love watching the Westminster Dog Show, which incidentally has been held since the 19th century.  I love watching it too!

We view all of the types- some of them melt our hearts, some we have never heard of.  They are best in their breed.  Owners are going for coveted awards and validation.

Interestingly, the wire-haired terrier has won the show fourteen times!  The golden retriever and the labrador retriever have never won Best in Show.  Yet, it hasn’t stopped the owners of these dogs from entering them into the competition. By “throwing one’s hat into the ring”, it still provides bragging rights.  “My dog was good enough to compete in the Westminster Dog Show”.

Marketing of medical and dental practices is a lot like where to order zithromax this.  You’re competing to strengthen your brand and by speaking in public, volunteering your services, putting out press releases and other actions that afford you visibility, like the dogs competing at Madison Square Garden, you will be admired and seen as a celebrity.

Being an authority or celebrity in your field attracts new patients, increases referrals, and enables you to reach a much larger audience of prospective patients than you could have done in the past.

It doesn’t matter if you won Best in Show- You are still seen as the “One who got there!”

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