How to write killer content quickly

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The post today is written by a guest blogger, Stella Kessler and encompasses some very helpful tips.

Need content quickly? While it’s easy to string a bunch of words together, you want to make sure you actually put a little life into your efforts. To help, we have a look at some specific tips and techniques you can start using TODAY so that you can write more content while keeping the quality top notch – not an easy task but possible.

How to Write Great Content Fast

Let’s dive right in with several very specific ways you can increase the speed at which you write articles (or even poetry) while still making sure it reads well.

  • Research First – Even if you know a lot about the topic you’re writing about, you still want to make sure you take some time to research. This will let you know if there’s anything new being talked about and give you some time to plan your strategy of attack for getting the words down.

  • Make the Outline – Another good idea is to sit down and write out a basic outline of your article before you begin. This can be as simple as coming up with subheads that you’re going to be using in the article. This will help you stay focused and concentrate on what you’re writing about.

  • Be in the Right Mood – You also have to be in the right state of mind to be able to produce content quickly without losing quality. Somedays you may suffer from writer’s block, which can stop you altogether. If this happens, make sure you have writing exercises you can do to get yourself in the mood. Or, if all else fails, work on editing some of the old content you’ve written to make it even better until the spark of creativity is lit again.

  • Practice Makes Perfect – The best way to write killer content quickly is to practice writing each and every single day. You don’t have to sit in front of the computer for hours, but the more you practice writing, the better you’re going to become.

As you can plainly see from the tips above, writing killer content quickly is NOT an impossible task. When you come at the problem with a fresh mind and an open heart, you’re going to be able to learn from the lessons of others so that you can increase the speed at which you write while still maintaining quality.

If you’re a writer who has your own method for producing content quickly, please leave a comment and let us know what you do to keep the ideas (and words) flowing. Everyone has a different writing style, but by looking at how other people work, you’re going to be able to come up with your own system to increase output and maintain quality at the same time.

Written by: Stella Kessler shops at because she loves all the great designs they have in stock. She works as a social media optimizer and looks forward to each and every day given to her.

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7 Benefits to Optimizing Your Health Site Online- Which ones do you have?

Creating good content that’s written with search engine optimization makes the site easier to navigate for search engines and attract patients But making the site more user- friendly is only one of many benefits.

7 SEO Advantages

1) Boosts Ranking

Identifying keywords that represent you, your business, and practice services is crucial- not only for you but for search engines.  When these keywords are used consistently, they are identified and recognized  by the search engine spiders that crawl the Internet.  Search engines then equate your website with these keywords and increase your ranking for the terms.

**Keep in mind that higher rankings translate to being on the first page of search results.

2) Strengthens Brand

Let’s face it. When a search is performed online, people don’t usually go beyond the first and maybe the second page of the responses to their request.

Doctors and dentists that are listed first are perceived to be more highly valued for the services they offer.

3) Captures new patients and attracts prospective patients, their friends and family

Optimized sites receive not just random increased visits but targeted views by those who are looking specifically for your  services. They are ready and eager to learn more from you, and get what you have to offer. They are much

more apt to become subscribers, fans and patients.

4) Increases Social Media engagement

Everyone wants to be connected to a winner- the one who:

• ranks the best

• consistently provides the most sought after news-breaking or useful information

• has the best reputation

After all, association with the best puts you in a good light too!

Having a high search ranking will garner more exposure. This is self-fulfilling.

The higher the ranking, the more social connections there are which creates more links and increases ranking. This promotes more connections and more links, which creates greater exposure. See how the

practice of SEO helps growth exponentially?

5) Increases Traffic

Just like any numbers game, the more people that view your site and see what they are looking for, the more likely these same people will click on your site for more information.

In turn, the increased traffic will dramatically grow your fan base, and your subscription rates to newsletters, ezines and blogs. Usage of your services will increase

and purchases of your products will soar.

6) Smashes Competition

The practice that has visibility will outdo the same type of business that is not seen or noticed, by far. An optimized business will grow exponentially, getting more traffic and leads while leaving the competition lacking an optimized site in the dust!

7) Works for you 24/7 as a Promoter

Unlike you and your practice, the virtual world never sleeps and never closes, working around the clock, 7 days of the week.

Your website works for you even when you don’t!

When perspective patients go online searching for your keywords and it is you that pops up on their screen, your website works for you by pointing them in your direction- a great promotion for your business.

This far exceeds the sporadic press releases and ads that you pay for and is far more consistent.

How does your website measure up?

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Health Marketing Your Practice- Do You Have What it Takes?

Patients are most apt to consult with those medical and dental offices found within the first few listings on the first page of their search.

Perhaps at this point you are shaking your head and saying that with billions of competitors, it is not possible to make a breakthrough.

It is not to late.

The Game is NOT over!

The thing to remember is that while there are billions of websites, there are not billions within your specialty, your type of business and your type of market.

Search engines are seeking sites that provide answers to the problems being sought by people they are serving. SEO allows them to perform this function.

By keeping a close eye on optimizing your site, blog, ezine or etail store, you can simultaneously meet your business plan, objectives and rapid growth.

Studies show that practices that have a website, succeed more than twice that of those lacking one. Optimizing this site is vital for your success. Effective SEO practices start right from the beginning with the choice of the domain name.

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. It is a process of writing that enables search engines like Google or Yahoo to identify websites, blogs and other online content, ranking it for meeting its criteria.

In working within SEO guidelines, web- sites can improve their quality, making it faster and easier to navigate, as well as becoming more user-friendly as it helps viewers quickly identify what the site is all about primarily.

Why YOU need it

Quite simply, ranking higher with SEO enriched content helps you get noticed.

Don’t think this is an advantage? Just check out these statistics.

As of December 2012:

• Number of websites- 634 million

• Added websites in 2012- 51 million

• WordPress sites- 59.4 million

• Tumblr blogs- 87.8 million

• Page views for Tumblr- 17.8 billion

• Visitors to Google Sites- 191 million

• page views- 37 billion

• Web pages run by WordPress viewed monthly-3.5 billion

Now it’s even more!

These billions of pages and sites are creating an explosive noise through which you are trying to be heard!

Now, would you like to edge them out and be #1?

The problem is getting higher rankings.  The solution is SEO.  The result- appearing on the first page of  searches and… BEING FOUND!

I can see you shaking your head and mumbling, there is just no time for this with everything else that you do.

No worries- outsource it!

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Dental Marketing- Are you Asking this question?

Have you asked yourself “How do I reach my ideal patients online?”

Sure, you want to connect with your current patients, but perhaps you would like to attract prospective patients as well to beef up your practice, your reputation, and your bottom line.

A good website, complete with optimization is a great start but then you need to attract thousands of people in your target market- all while vying for the same people that your competition is trying to get.  You know who they are- your dental colleagues down the block, around the corner and the practice in the next building.

So, here’s the key to accomplishing this goal…find the sites where your ideal patients gather- the online HUBS.

People are looking for solutions to their problems on line, whether it be in forums, chat rooms or professional generic zithromax cost sites.  They are fishing for the authorities that can help them out.

YOU can be that person!

Connect with your ideal patients in these hot spots, where they are already present.  Invite them to your website for more value.  Offer a free report or a tip sheet of the most FAQs that come up in your practice over the recent course of time. Don’t forget- you can also let them know what your social media addresses are so that they can connect with you there.

You do engage patients on social media sites; don’t you?


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8 Reasons Your Medical and Dental Website Will Fail (and The Simple Cures to Save it!)

Despite electronic health record system implementation with doctors and dentists spending a great deal of time on computers now, it is surprising how poorly equipped medical websites are in the digital age.

Since most patients are looking for their health practitioners online and the yellow pages have become a relic of the past, having an active, effective website is crucial for survival.
Let’s review the areas where you could improve your site (and your business)
1. No Buttons
Do you have a button to allow sharing of your information to social media sites (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn)?   If you want your information to be shared and your message spread, make it easy on the readers to do just that!
Social media links provide raving fans and followers–your biggest traffic source.   Usage of social marketing is a powerful tool, enabling your patients and prospective patients to engage with you and each other.
2. No Plug InsYou’ve written great content such as a blog post but don’t have the time to add content to your Facebook page or other social media sites.  This is no problem.  Having a plug in that will automatically post to several areas at once in the social media sphere makes your time more effective and your blog more successful.  
3. Not Compatible with Mobile Devices
Only 6.7% of websites are currently  mobile-compatible so that your site is viewed properly on smart devices, like smartphones and tablets. 

Optimizing your site for smaller screens ensures that it will be read since patients are transitioning to portable devices for their information and net-surfing.

4. Your Location

As inane as this sounds, there are websites that don’t mention the address.  Have yours prominently displayed.  Also claim your location on FourSquare, Google Maps and other sites so that when people search in a given area for your specialty, you pop up (giving you free exposure)

5. No Email Hyperlink 

You want patients to contact you but don’t have an email link on the homepage.  Only 25% of people do, so you’re not alone here.

Make it convenient for prospective patients to get instant ability to ask questions and advice.

6. No method of list building

Have patients and interested consumers fill in their email address to request information.  This provides leads for future communication and helps generate additional business.  Remember, each new patient is also bringing in friends and family members at a future date.  Loss of one is a loss of many.

7. No Contact Number

Prominently display the business phone number  on the homepage and other pages as well.  This is quite a surprise that so many sites lack this.  If the viewer has to work to get it, they won’t!  T hey will just go to your competitors  and call them instead. 

Many patients still feel more comfortable calling the office than to communicate digitally.  Not listing a phone number can set up a red flag for some, suspecting legitimacy of the site.

8. No optimization

How are people looking for you?  What words do they type into the search box?  What words represent your practice or what you do?  These are your keywords and allow for discovery by search engines.  Surprisingly, more than half  of your colleagues and competitors have no keywords.

Focus on these keywords with published articles and blog posts as well as content on your homepage.

After all, if you have a website and no one can find it, does it really exist? A significant amount of your traffic will be the result of patients finding it through search engines.

Making your site search engine-friendly, raises your ranking online and gives much greater exposure.  Keyword research and creation, on-site optimization, and off-site link building in  directories  are crucial elements for driving traffic to your website.

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Successful Health Writing Content

You are analyzing all day long- your patients, your diagnoses and treatments, your schedule, surgical procedures.

But do you analyze your marketing and what works with the content that you put out online?

Plan of Action

Implementing an analytic program  is the only way you’ll have insight into which content is working — or totally being ignored.  Ideally, you’ll make use of a closed-loop analytics solution so you’re able to see what happens to all that site traffic.

One of the easiest analytical programs is Google Analytics which you can currently adopt freely.  Find out whether the health writing and information that you have put out there is being shared with social media sites, being picked up by searches (Google, Bing, Yahoo), or  being linked to other sites.

Since  people don’t think exactly alike, Google Analytics helps you analyze visitor traffic. It provides a total  picture of your readers and patients along  their needs.  Tools like In-Page Analytics demonstrates how viewers interact with your pages.  Find out how long they linger on each page, and which pages are skipped or ignored.

See what they’re searching for, what they find interesting and what helps them.  Then you can concentrate your efforts on providing more information in those areas of interest.  Perhaps it is educating them about a new technique, remedies, symptoms to diagnose an ailment.  You’ll find that no only will your patients appreciate the effort that you take in satisfying their needs, but it also will bring you prospective new patients as well.

Where are they?

Are you attracting local readers or are your viewers mainly coming to you from different geographical areas?  If you are a single medical facility, people from other areas will not be as helpful in seeking out appointments in your medical facility. Tools like Traffic Sources and Visitor Flow enable you to track the routes viewers have taken to reach you as well as the devices they used to get to you.  You can them improve their viewer experience by meeting them where they are.  Are you mobile-ready?

The more views you get and the more you are shared, the more successful your health writing content will be.

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Selling Your Health Messages Effectively

Yesterday we discussed the need for you, the professional to engage your patients and prospective clients on social media sites.  It is where they are and where they are getting the information.

Meaningful use criteria mandates the ability to interact with patients online with portals connected to your electronic health record systems but  healthcare providers and doctors have been seeking new interactive avenues including various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

While it is true that  patient engagement and social media has received a lot of press lately, there is an even more effective tool for spreading your message- one that has been at your fingertips all along!

Email beats Facebook

According to a recent survey done by AW Pro Tools, polling 1500 consumers across the nation, a full third were influenced by digital marketing tools when making decisions with 13.8% stating that emails were a big influence.

Interestingly, 33.3% of respondents making over $100,000 a year said they were influenced by email, far outweighing second-place YouTube (5.6%).  This is news you can implement for your own business.

Jack Born, CEO of AW Pro Tools stated:

“The winning strategies for entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies alike is to attract a base of raving fans that open, read, and click on the emails you send,” says Jack Born, CEO of AW Pro Tools. “Without a well thought-out email strategy, money spent on any advertising is going to be much less effective, especially if you want to attract high-income clients.”

While this survey was done with purchasing and marketing in mind of different products than healthcare, people respond the same way.

Not retrieving email addresses of your patients is a big mistake.  They want to correspond with you and you should want to correspond with them.

It is a great opportunity to:

  • Let patients know of new procedures or techniques that the office is providing
  • Changes in hours, billing or staff members
  • Articles that you as a professional may have recently published
  • Provide education
  • Show patients that you care
  • Keep your name in the mind of your patients and future patients

Maybe you are thinking that you don’t have the time to engage your patients with email blasts.

While it is true that time is being stretched beyond the limit already, these emails can actually be outsourced so that you don’t have to spend the extra time.  Just as you have staff to perform various functions to enable your professional office to run effectively, so too, can the emails be outsourced.

Can you really afford not to?

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Why You Need to be the One Professional Using Social Media

Accenture’s recent survey (consumer research) reveals that although  an escalating  number of tech-savvy seniors demand online options for their healthcare,  medical facilities can’t meet these demands.  According to the results, only 33% of healthcare providers offer the desired technology  such as:

  • Management tools including online appointment scheduling (62%)
  • Virtual physician consultations (42%)

Bear in mind that patient portals and these senior demands are part of Meaningful Use Stage II and the ACA, not frivolous requests.

Ignoring seniors would be a big mistake.  According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project,the number of seniors using the internet has tripled for the 65 and over crowd since the year 2000   and twice the number of use was seen for the 50-64 year old.

Tech-Savvy Seniors now manage their healthcare and it is increasing daily, with 75% of Medicare recipients accessing the internet each day.  They are at their computers reaching out for:

  • Social media sites (e.g. FaceBook, Pinterest, Instagram)- 33%
  • Computer searches-73%
  • Email-91%

Jill Dailey, managing director of payer strategy, Accenture Health points out:

“Just as seniors are turning to the Internet for banking, shopping, entertainment and communications, they also expect to handle certain aspects of their healthcare services online.”  “What this means for providers and health plans is that they’ll need to expand their digital options if they want to attract older patients and help them track and manage their care outside their doctor’s office.”

In the survey, a full 67% said that having access to their health data is important which contrasts to a mere 28% actually having access to their electronic health records. While 70% felt that it is important to have the ability to request medication refills electronically, only 46% have the opportunity to do so. In addition, 58% want to email their healthcare providers but only 15% are offered that chance.

“As the digitally engaged senior patient population continues to grow, healthcare systems need to consider the role the Internet can play in making healthcare more convenient for patients of all ages at every touch point,” Dailey added.

If your patients are using social media to get answers for wellness and healthcare, shouldn’t it come from you?

Social media can be a perfect channel for providing information and engaging current patients as well as prospective patients in conversation and education.  While many health professionals are worried that being online may jeopardize HIPAA guidelines, educating about specific topics without answering questions about specific patients is a wonderful opportunity to bridge the gap between professional and patients.

Benefits Derived from Using Social Media

There are many great advantages to engaging actively in social media which include:

  • Setting you apart from your peers and making you stand out among your competition
  • Establishing a reputation of being the go-to professional for information
  • Strengthening your brand and your presence
  • Affords an opportunity to convey information and interaction in real-time, despite location
  • Increases patient compliance with medications and treatments due to a better understanding of it
  • Decreases readmissions or worsening of conditions due to patient compliance
  • Helping caregivers get the information they need to care for their charges
  • Providing support for those with chronic illnesses and their families

Social media is no longer a fad – it is rapidly becoming recognized as an essential tool for healthcare  and business uses, with a range from education, marketing and engagement to patient empowerment.  People search for  their information online and as professionals we need to take a greater responsibility in seeing that they get the correct information to make the correct health and wellness choices, not just advise that complies with the agenda of the advertiser or pharmaceutical company.

If it is not by you, then you’ll  be left in the dust as they stampede to those that will empower them by providing information and those they can trust!

Couldn’t it be you?

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Instagram Exploding in 2014- Will You Be Left Out?

Instagram has humorously been described as Twitter for those that can’t read.

The truth of the matter is that seemingly over night, the popularity of this site continues to soar as photo sharing in mobil devices tells a story and strengthens brands through images. The association of stories with photos helps us to remember and recall these stories.  The importance of this connection is not wasted on Instagram, who is now giving Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, a run for their money.

Historically, storytelling has been shared for centuries, passed from one generation to the next.  Now it is being utilized to cut through the noise of marketing ads and give companies an opportunity to emotionally link to the public.

Popularity of Instagram

On a daily basis, 55 million photos are uploaded, 86.4 million comments are posted and 691.2 million viewers like photos for their Instagram feed.

In order to maximize the potential of Instagram:

  • Add a profile picture

The photo does not have to be yours.  More importantly have the image represent your logo or your main product and services.  Have this image consistent with your current website.

  • Add your bio

The bio should represent your company as well as you.

  • Connect Instagram with your website

Inserting a hyperlink to your url makes it easier for potential viewers to get to you.

4 Types of Instagram Posts

  • Motivational/ Inspirational Quotes

Touch people’s heart and emotions by inspiring your target market in areas that they are interested in.

  • Behind the Scenes Information

This not only adds transparency, but also makes you more real; One that makes people feel or relate to you.

  • Brand Content

Highlight each one of the products that you sell or provide

  • Storytelling

Adding captions to the photos help to relate the story or event.  Share content from pop or social images to draw a reference or help people relate to you.

Share your images and add hashtags so that when people comment, they aggregate in one spot for all to see.

Don’t forget a call to action on the images so that your viewers then perform the function that you are leading them to.

Don’t think that Instagram is for you?  Your competition is hoping you feel that way!

Get in while this medium is young and the competition is relatively low…it won’t be for long!

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Why Dental Practices Need Websites

Dentists typically stand out in the forefront of new developments, compared to their health colleagues.  They understand that they must be up-to-date in not only their dental techniques but in marketing and electronic technology as well.

This is with good reason.  When the budget crunch is tight, a segment of the population will forgo routine visits to their dentist.  Let’s face it, if there is no pain present and it is a choice of a well visits or putting food on the table, well, you know what people will choose. And unlike medical practices, Dental practices:

  • Cannot always rely on referrals from insurance companies as many people do not have dental insurance
  • May perform procedures that patients don’t entirely understand
  • Perform procedures that patients may not see the need for

Dental practices are businesses, and businesses need to promote themselves for growth and survival.  Having a web site is an important component to any successful marketing.

People are no longer looking at yellow pages to find dentists.  As technology evolves, so do patients’ behavior towards it.  They are surfing the Internet and if you don’t have a website, you don’t exist. Studies show that 50-90 million people are seeking health and dental solutions online and look to establish professional relationships from these sites.  This is even more so for prospective patients and clients who are new to a geographical area.

Websites Provide Valuable Benefits

Having a dental practice website that is attractive, well organized, and easy to navigate, can procure many benefits for a practice including:

  • Strengthening branding for the services you provide in the community, including marketing materials, logos and tag lines
  • Increased marketability to your target market, including information about the practice’s mission, location and services to new patients
  • Directions to the practice and what they can expect
  • Promotes understanding of procedures by displaying graphics and explanations

Website Design Strategy

A simple strategy to keep in mind when designing any practice website is:

  • Use a good color scheme for brand recognition to enhance readability
  • Leave white space to increase readability and a place for the eyes to rest
  • Use tab bars for navigation so the user knows how to find the information they are seeking easily and rapidly.
  • Use clear sharp photos of the office, patients and medical staff

7 Essentials for a Practice Website

 1.     Bio Page

The most online traffic will be to the bio page of you and your staff.  Keep the information up-to-date and complete, including any new specialties, certifications and associations.

2.     Contact information

Display contact information clearly on every page.  Make sure it shows up on local search results, and include the address on the footer of each page.

3.     Services and insurance

List all services and insurance companies your practice accepts.

4.     Have a Section for Press Releases

Make sure to list new events, community participation, alerts and current activities to inform prospective patients and give the feeling of being fresh and contemporary with modern techniques

5.     Education resources

Add a blog so that patients can receive fresh content from you and feel comfortable with your practice.  Link the site to articles that you have published in professional journals, magazines and newspapers.  Add clips if you have them.

6.  Publish videos on YouTube

 Dental procedures lend themselves very well to videos.  They say that one picture is worth 1000 words and with viral spread, more than 1000 eyes as well.  Distribute your videos with appropriate metatags on other sites as well.

7.     Implement SEO techniques

Make your website search engine optimized by choosing 5-7 keywords that people will be searching you under and highlight these words in your blogs, press releases and articles so that these keywords become linked to you in the minds of others and so that traffic is sent your way from the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

 If you need help building your website or you would like a free review of your current website, please contact me at:

Let’s have a great 2014 professionally and helping the community!