Health Writer- Brings you warning of Medicare scam…Beware

A warning about a Medicare Scam was issued by the Better Business Bureau.

For our readers, the following is the Warning as Issued:
Scammers are tricking seniors nationwide into sharing personal information by claiming to be Medicare representatives mailing out new ID cards. Don’t fall for this attempt; just hang up on suspicious callers.

How the Scam Works:
You answer the phone, and the unknown caller claims to be with Medicare or another government office. He informs you that your new Medicare card is in the mail, and you will receive it in a few days. In the meantime, you need to set up your direct deposit so your Medicare funds can be deposited into your bank account. To do this, you just need to tell the caller your banking information. He will take care of the rest.

Of course, there is no new card and no direct deposit. The caller just wants you to share your banking information, so he can drain your account.

A Twist on This Scam:
The above is just the latest variation of the Medicare card phone scam. Other callers may ask you to verify your identity in order to receive the new card. They will ask for your Medicare card number, which is the same as your Social Security number, as well as other personal information. With that knowledge, a scammer can easily steal your identity.

How Can I Avoid Medicare Card Identity Theft?

Protect yourself from scammers by following these tips:
*Don’t carry your Medicare card around in your wallet. If the card is lost or stolen, a scammer can use the information to commit identity theft.
*Don’t give your personal information out over the Internet, phone, or to anyone who comes to your home uninvited. Only give information to doctors or other providers approved by Medicare
*If you suspect identity theft, or believe you gave your personal information to a scammer, call the Federal Trade Commission’s ID Theft Hotline at 1-877-438-4338.

For More Information
See for more information about Medicare fraud and ID theft. For advice on preventing these crimes, check out this PDF.

Remember that officials from all agencies are not going to personally call you regarding your card or your account. Just think of how many accounts the agency has and how many calls that would be?!
Guard your personal information because if you don’t, others would be happy to share it!

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Landing Pages that work for Doctors and Health providers

85% of the work done by your landing page is the title. If the headline is not clear or an offer title is not strong, people will hit the delete key and the page will never be read.

By adding a strong offer in the title along with a compelling healdine, the title becomes far more powerful because it is actionable. By adding a number as in X number of tips or X amount of increased dollar revenue, it works well in helping to increase the conversion rate.

Highlighting the benefits that the offer provides by adding bullet points, allows someone to scan the page easier and increase credibility. Putting online pharmacy for zithromax photos to the product or to the testimonials adds additional visual interest.

Even the size and color of the click button helps move people to action. Make it stand out.
Make the page clean, simple and to-the-point.
Adding a bonus helps to get those click rates coming.

Good luck with your landing pages. Remember that they can be used for services as well as products. Let your clients or patients know what it is that you offer and how it differs from others. Make yourself not only attractive but indispensable. (and then you will be!)

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So, you want to be a Health Writer- 4 Easy Survival Tips

So, you want to be a health writer…Great! But as with any entrepreneurial adventure, (and it is entrepreneurial) you need to have a cash flow or you won’t survive in your business.

Wonderful to have an idea and it is wonderful to pass on your helpful messages but unless you’re independently wealthy, you need to improve and have a cash flow too.
They say that Cash is King and Content is Queen. Maybe you have the Queen on your strategy board, but the King is vital!

Tips to survive a cash problem:
*Figure out your monthly expenses and save up for 2-3 months worth of savings. This will allow you to ride out any dry spells without going out of business

*Decrease your expenses- if your marketing and clients are obtained virtually, there is no reason to have an office that you pay rent on. If you need to get out and meet buy zithromax overnight delivery clients, take them for coffee at Starbucks. There are plenty of seats and cozy nooks, and the clients will appreciate the cup of Java. Use your home study as your office- it carries with it several tax advantages

*Get your fee before the job is finished for your cash reserve- give a discount for upfront payments and collect half up front when the date is booked.

*Make sure that your accounts are written down for review- don’t forget to bill and collect any outstanding balances from the accounts receivables

Preparing your content is great, but don’t forget that you need to market yourself (or you are destined to spending your writing career in front of your bedroom mirror). Find organizations that hire health writers in the area of your expertise.

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Helpful Tip for New Clients, New Patients, New Leads

Want to attract more patients, more clients, more leads?
You can do just that with blogs.

According to HubSpot’s 2012 Marketing Benchmarketing report, companies that blog 6-8 times each month can generate greater than twice the number of leads that others get when just blogging twice each month.

But here’s the thing. If you don’t have the time to type out a blog post, you can make a video for the blog post. This is actually picked up more strongly by search engines than the written word and it shows prospective clients your personality- the why they should come and listen to you. The video can then be uploaded to YouTube for additional viewing- and have the possibility of the video going viral for a maximum exposure.

In addition to the blog on your site, consider entering the blog buy zithromax uk into your social media sites. Think of connecting your posts to Google+, twitter, linkedIn and facebook. Why not contribute guest blogs to other similar sites as well? That way, you are getting additional exposure from their crowd as well.

Perhaps you are not blogging about information that your audience is interested in. A great way to find out and get new ideas on what to blog about is to have a survey. Send a few questions (which can be done through SurveyMonkey) and see what your response is.

Now that the New Year is here, perhaps posting additional blogs each month can be part of your resolutions.

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And Happy New Year to You!