Another Great Health Writer and Medical Marketer Tip

Here’s another compelling fill-in-the blank method that you can utilize to create a great compelling article or blog in health writing and medical marketing that gets people’s attention virtually every time it’s used:

Blueprint:  “You vs. __________: ____ secrets to _______”

Good examples of how you might utilize it:

“You vs. Big Pharma: 5 little known secrets that the Pharmaceutical company doesn’t want you to know about this drug”

“You vs. Your Insurance Company: 7 hidden secrets to get reduced premiums on your coverage”

Wherever there is an opponent, this technique will work very well in health writing or medical marketing.  Everyone roots for the David over Goliath, especially when the David is you or your target market.

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Health Writer Proud of New York Health Workers

Stories are filtering in through our screens (for those that have electric power) of all the hardships that have been endured by the devastation of the brutal storm Sandy.

The story most touching to me is that of the first responders and doctors of NYU hospital. Not only did the hospital lose electric power but both the primary and secondary generators went out. These dedicated healthcare “saints” brought each patient down the hallways and negotiated steps with gurneys to get them down to the main level and out of the hospital where they could each be transferred to another medical facility.

Patients with respirators were each ventilated manually as the relocation took place. Even a 29 week premature infant was personally ventilated as the baby was cradled and efficiently transitioned to a new site.

Evacuation procedures were followed efficiently and calm was pervasive, even among the sick. Proper treatment was obtained for each ill patient without any additional fatalities (of which there could have been many)

So kudos to all of you healthcare workers out there. There are many (including me) that consider you angels here on earth.

Thank you for what you have done and all that you do!

If there are professionals that you would like to thank, add your comment below. I’m sure we would all like to read about it and give these people credit.

Why You, The Health Writer, Are Needed

A recent survey looked at the question ” What percentage of Adults in the U.S. look for their healthcare information online?” This has been an ongoing study with comparisons between years, as more people become tech savvy.  Where as 51% of adults searched the web in 2004 and 27% in 1998, a whopping 76% of adults now search the web for health information. Of these adults 86% stated that it was helpful and worthwhile.

Perhaps this will increase further as copays rise and available physician offices become scarce.

Ask yourself, where is this wealth of information coming from?  It could be you- the health writer.

Health writing is more important than ever as people are questioning their medications and treatment protocols and as doctor shortages are becoming more prevalent.  People are looking for answers.  The health writer will be conveying the results of the medical research to the public so that individuals can become more knowledgeable about their conditions and problems along with how to take the necessary healing steps.

Yes, the health writer is very important.  Step up to the plate.

Please comment below and tell us whether you seek your healthcare information online and share with your friends.


New Acronyms to Put in Your Usage from the Health Writer and Medical Marketer

 It seems a lifetime ago that so many new acronyms popped up into our medical vernacular that were not there  only a few years  ago.   Remember when we first learned about EMRs, EHRs, PRs, ACOs?

Now to be successful, you must learn some acronyms in medical marketing.

4 Acronyms in Medical Marketing

ROI (Return on Investment)

Unfortunately, we now know that we must look at the bottom line.  There was a time when you put out your “shingle” in a community and you met with instant success.  This is no longer the case as we see medical facilities and doctor’s practices go bankrupt and fold or feel the need to sell to the local hospital. Before investing in a marketing campaign, piece of equipment or new computer programs, look at the revenue that the investment will generate. If you can’t see a profit or at least breaking even, you may want to reconsider using those dollars.

USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

Sure, you may be a specialist but a USP goes way beyond this.  Analyze what makes you special- why your patients or clients would come to you over other doctors in the area.

What makes you different? Is it because you make house calls and few others do?  Have you authored a book and have more authority than others in a particular aspect of medicine?  Maybe you have a surgical or diagnostic technique that others in the region don’t have.  Whatever, it is, you must have something that distinguishes you from everyone else (and you must be able to let everyone else know what this is!)

PR (Press Releases or Public Relations)

Sending out a press release to your local area attracts prospective patients to you as well as your current ones.  It is also a way to get free publicity.  What is new in your practice?  Have you:

  • Gotten new machinery?
  • Published a new article in a medical journal?
  • Received an award?
  • Been recognized in some way?
  • Merged with another practice?
  • Got a new partner?
  • Volunteered for a community event?

These are all newsworthy items that media would run with to cover you.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

This is a type of advertising where ads are placed on websites that are well read to highlight your presence but you only pay for the ad when it is clicked.  Although this is a very effective way to get search engines to find your medical practice online, it can be a very costly one too!

So, be diligent in researching what terms work, what people are looking for and set a limit as to the amount of money that can be invested in this type of project.

If medical marketing and health writing is a bit overwhelming with everything else you do (to cure the world), outsource it!  You don’t have to be left behind.

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Happiness as a Health Writer and Medical Marketer

   “Happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have; it depends solely o what you think.”

                                               -Dale Carnegie

So, with all the information that you have to depart as a health writer or all the help that you can provide by marketing the medical services, why aren’t you sharing what you think?

The key though is being subtle.  People don’t want to read about your medical or health services and products.  A mistake would be to highlight the features of products and services.  This may seem counterintuitive when you know that these products and services can help people.     But no.  People don’t buy features.  That’s not what piques their curiosity and gets their interest.

As a health writer and medical marketer, you must buy cheap generic zithromax convey benefits- that is ultimately what your market wants.  Benefits are why people choose your medical services and healthcare over others.

For example: Saying “We write about rheumatoid arthritis” or “We treat rheumatoid arthritis”,


“Learn the Newest Method to Rid Yourself of Pain” or

“Hear how we can Make Your Hands Work Again”

Which would you rather read?

While features do inform the public about your services and products, benefits provide the solution to the question on each patient or individual’s mind.  Your market needs to understand the true value of what you provide.

Remember, a good health writer or medical marketer will answer the question “What’s in it for me?” instead of a dry, albeit informative article or blog.

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Protect Yourself, Your Website and Your Blog as a Health Writer

One day last week something gut-wrenchingly horrible happened!

I typed in the url for my website with the purpose of posting a blog- one that I thought would be helpful and insightful to my community of readers.  But instead of reaching the page where new posts are added, a large sign appeared on the screen from Google- “This is a phishing site”  and “Do Not proceed”.  Horror washed over me.

The idea that I would lose my website and lose all the information on my blog was sickening.  This is a blog that I have entered posts on in a regular basis for more than 3 years.  All that information lost?!

The idea that a hacker took control of my site was infuriating.  He even had the gall to change my password! order azithromycin for chlamydia  Fortunately Google asked if this was what I wanted and was I truly the one who put in that request.

There is a lesson here.  Put guards onto your site.  Add a plugin that gets rid of spammers.  Add a plugin that does automatic backups.  I was fortunate to have a great webmaster who could retrieve my information and correct the problems that were identified by Google.  If you are in that situation, what would you do?

Take care of these problems before it happens to you!

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Medical and Dental Marketer Tip: What is Your Most Valuable Asset?

What do you think are the most valuable assets of your business?

Look around.

  • Is it the equipment?
  • Could it be your computer?
  • How about that new line of products that you have?

None of these are, so think again.

Hint- if you were losing all of thee things tomorrow and even if you were to go bankrupt, this valuable asset would help you start over.  It’s your data base- the list of your clients, customers, and patients. What?  You don’t have a database?!

Now is the time to start constructing one. Right now!

Every time you have someone who has used your dental and medical marketing service or who has inquired into using your business, boom, that person makes it to your list. Pretty soon, you have an impressive list- with some interesting generic of azithromycin statistics to boot. You know who has used your services or bought from you (which incidentally makes them more likely to buy again) and those that need courting by you.

Now when you have a new service that you provide or a new product, you know just who to send this information to.  Perhaps you are one of the fortunate ones that already have a list.

Great! Have you updated it lately?

Keeping up with the list will ensure that these admirers of yours still exist and still exist at this location, whether it is virtual or real.  So, get out there and make your list, checking it twice.

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Health Writer Tweet

Do you feel that you convey so much health information to help people but no one is aware of you or your message?

Do you feel that while people are tweeting, no one is listening or reading? Well, you don’t have to stand-alone!  Join a Twibe where people share your common interests and look forward to your tweets.

Connecting to people is a sure way to get read and get noticed. Great examples of the way twitter was used successfully was the contest that Oprah had with Ashton Kutcher who was the first one to reach more than one million followers.  Lady Gaga has over 8 million fans, following her tweets, making her officially the most widely followed person.

Businesses are attracting loads of customers and health care or doctor’s offices are gaining more and new patients through their tweets.

How do they do it?

Give purchase azithromycin 1g people the opportunity to follow you. Let people know where your tweets are by:

  • Linking your twitter name to your signature
  • Listing your twitter name/url to your newsletter
  • Putting the twitter address on your website
  • Adding details on your tweets that your patients or clients could not get anywhere else
  • Telling current clients and patients your twitter address
  • Tweeting and retweeting interesting articles and share information that people would find useful
  • Responding to tweets, questions and comments in a timely fashion

Sign on with Tweet Deck to see who is talking to you and about you.

The more frequently you let people know where you hang out, the more likely they will be to seek you out.

See you there!

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As a Health Writer, Are You Plugged In?

A plugin is a piece of software that enables you to perform an additional or expanded function on your website or blog site.  Many can be downloaded for free if you are using WordPress. As a health blogger or health writer, there are several plugins that will be truly helpful.

Top 5 Plugins that I recommend                       

1. Current Date & Time Widget:  flexible enough to customize for display of how the date and time will appear and allows a means to have the date and time displayed in a specific time zone

2. Aksimet: prevents spam messages in the blog comments

3. All In One SEO Pack: allows wordpress blog optimization of your keywords for Search Engines. Post titles are not only optimized, meta tags are generated automatically.

4. WordPress Stats: Allows you to track the metrics of the health blog and displays data about the post popularity.

5. Captcha Plugin: the box with distorted numbers or letters that must be retyped can only be done by a human at this time.  This cuts down on the spam that you receive from robots or spambots.


Newest Free Plugins


  • PB-Tweet: Inserts a Twitter bar to your site so that tweets may be displayed
  • Tabber Widget: Makes tabbed content sections within a widget area
  • ContactBuddy: creates a straightforward contact form on your blog site with simple customization
  • ThemeMan: allows you to easily change your theme by referring to a new dropdown list of all the themes available on a themes management page.
  • ServerBuddy: ensures general security, diagnoses server/hosting problems and determines interface compatibility of BackupBuddy and other plugins                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Discover more helpful tips! Sign up for my blog in the box at the top left corner of this page. (Feel free to email this to your friends that might need some help, with a link back to this page.) 

If You Are a Health Writer or Medical Marketer Step Into the Shoes of Your Potential Patient

Sorry, but prospective patients don’t care about you. Your current patients don’t either.

Not really.  Your current patients are concerned with their health.   They want to:

  • Understand their problems
  • Understand you
  • Understand their options

If you want to succeed as a health writer or medical marketer, whether it is for your practice or someone else’s, it is crucial that you put yourself in the patient’s shoes.  Ask, “What are they looking for?”

Typically, patients are looking for solutions to their problems and they need to read or hear them in common every day language.  They need to know what the options are that are available to them so that they can take the appropriate steps toward improving and getting healthy.

Patients look to health writers to inform that what the latest breaking news is in health or how they can navigate through healthcare reform.   Speak to them as you would a friend or family member and you will succeed as a health writer.

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