Are You Making One of These Website Mistakes?

Your website must not only tell who you are, your mission, and get people interested in you  but also to take some form of action.
Maybe it is to subscribe to your newsletter or blog.  Perhaps it is to buy your products or enlist your services.

The most important mistake is not having a call to action or one that is hard to find on the page.  Ask yourself, what do you want the reader to do?  Is it to part with their information for your database?  Is it to accept your irresistible offer?  Regardless of what it is, make sure that you state specifically what action that you would like them to take- and make it easy for them to do so.  Hyperlinks help with this as well as attractive, easy to spot and well-placed buttons.

Is your site so busy with multiple ads and columns so that it is hard to focus on any one particular area?  Not knowing what to do or where to look is a great incentive to click the delete button or pass on to someone else’s website.

Do you have a recognizable image and logo?  Is it consistent throughout the site?  Don’t make it confusing for your browser.  Let them know what your brand is and give them a feeling of familiarity.

Is your site easy to navigate?  Think of the flow and where on the site you want the reader to go and in what order.

Do you want your reader to call you?  If so, make the phone number easy to find.  Having the numbers large and readily spotted on the top right hand section of the web page leaves no guessing involved and allows the reader to make that call.

Do you have an about page?  People do business with people that they know, like and trust.  If they do not know you, and you don’t give them the opportunity to know you, people will be leery and hesitant to give you a chance–especially in today’s competitive market.

Do you have testimonials?  If so, now is not the time to worry about bragging.  People want to know that there are success stories or case studies that illustrate how solutions were obtained to problems- maybe the same ones that they have. Get prospective customers, clients or patients interested and excited to associate with you.

Perhaps you have found a method that has given you great success or you have some dilemmas that you would like to discuss.  Share your comments down below.  Thanks!


Giving the Ink and Getting the Shaft

The following is a press release that was just issued.



Sisters and Brothers – This is an important week for our sisters at Heart and Soul, who are owed more than $135,000. This week we are taking this struggle to the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) Convention in New Orleans. Some of our H&S members are there spreading the word.


You can help. Please post this press release on your website and FB page, and send to your contact lists. Spread the word. We are Union. We are NWU. Thanks.

For Immediate Release 


Contact: Larry Goldbetter

National Writers Union




Editors, Writers of Heart & Soul Still Unpaid

New York, NY– (June 19, 2012) – The National Writers Union has issued an alert to writers and editors who are considering working for Heart & Soul magazine (H&S).


The 15-year-old publication out of Washington, DC, still owes over $135,000 to writers and editors who have joined the union, and tens of thousands of dollars more to designers, photographers and stylists who have not yet joined.


Roughly a dozen editors and contributors to H&S had gone unpaid for more than six months as of January 2012. By May 2012, several freelancers were paid, five of them in full. No payments buy zithromax online ireland have been made since then, even though H&S failed to fulfill repeated and documented promises to compensate all owed in full.


As one former H&S editor, whom has yet to be paid, stated:


“A group of African-American businessmen and women, including George Curry and Clarence Brown, have exploited a group of mostly African-American women in order to publish a publication geared towards women, while ignoring pleas for payment from contributors who were undergoing treatment for breast cancer, were at risk for foreclosure on their homes, or were nursing a new baby.”


To arrange an interview with some of the writers and editors who are party to this action, email or call: 212.254.0279 .



Again, this highlights the crucial need to get a partial payment of a writing job upfront before the work begins.

If a company is unwilling to establish milestones for the payment with work and a fifty percent payment upfront, it is a good indication that you will not be getting reimbursed for your intellectual property.  No money should mean that you need not bother starting work in the first place.

Do you have stories that reflect this problem?

Writers Do Better As a Group

Here is a good example of why health  writers (or writers in any other niche)  may work alone but should not stand alone.




Beginning in January of 2011, Heart & Soul magazine stopped paying its contract writers and staff editors. The National Writers Union intervened in November. By May 2012, several freelancers were paid, five of them in full. No payments have been made since then as H&S has failed to fulfill repeated and documented promises to pay in full. H&S still owes over $135,000 to seven writers and editors that we represent. There are others. The NWU continues to pursue this matter vigorously and urges writers to take the ongoing situation into account before submitting work to Heart & Soul.


For more info write:, or call: 212.254.0279


 Having someone in your corner makes a big difference professionally.

It also highlights the need to get paid for part of the job upfront.  If they don’t pay anything to start, then there is no point in starting!

Retina Display Comes of Age

New breakthroughs were  announced for iPhones and iPads.

Look for Exciting Enhancements.

Retina Display

Apple introduced Retina display for the new iPad and iPhone 4s. The screens pack 4x as many pixels as earlier versions, resulting in amazing visual quality, razor-sharp text, and vibrant colors. To take advantage of Retina display, the Godengo+Texterity team has roughly doubled the size of publisher images while making sure that iOS apps are incredibly fast and responsive.

“We were able to double the resolution of the page images and sharpen the text while maintaining a much smaller download size than our competitors” says Bryan Dunn, Director of Reader Products. “The result is stunning image quality, readability, and speed.”

 A few more enhancements will do away with your desktop computer.
Already statistics show that this year for the first time, the purchase of iPhones and iPads has beat out the traditional computers.
It makes sense when your mobile devices will be able to replace all the functions that your desktop had.  Now… how about printing capabilities?

Don’t Attend Teleseminars, GIVE them!

Whether your niche is health writing, healthcare writing, selling information products or any other niche, teleseminars have great benefits. For those unfamiliar with teleseminars, think of them as teleconferences among friends and family (as well as prospective leads)

Participants call in to a bridge line- a number on the phone that allows everyone to hear and speak to each other.  The moderator has the ability to mute everyone or specific callers so that conversations can be controlled.

There are many benefits to hosting teleseminars:

  • hosting one establishes your authority in the topic
  • enables you to increase leads or prospective clients
  • helps with conversion of leads
  • information product production

Conversations can not only be recorded for later repeat access, but used for additional purposes like creating CDs or transcribed for article, newsletter or blog publishing.

While the duration of teleseminars can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours, depending on the topic discussed and participating group, the average length of time is 45 minutes with 15 minutes for questions and interaction at the end.

In deciding on what the teleseminar will be discussing, research your target market online.  Find out through forums and various discussion groups as well as social media sites, what topics, your target market is interested in hearing.  There is no point in having a conference call to discuss topics that no one is interested in.  It will be much easier to get eager audience members if you are providing information that is sought after and desired.

Be on time and start by laying out the topics that will be covered in the talk.  This will eliminate those who are not interested in proceeding and will ensure that those still on the line are interested in the subject matter at hand. Inserting polls and surveys for audience participation during the call enables listeners to stay interested and interactive without distractions, the way that questions can, diverting the audience.

At the end of the seminar, entertain questions and summarize all the information that was discussed during the teleseminar.

Don’t forget the most important part of the teleseminar however.  This is the call to action.  Whether it is to obtain testimonials or subscribers to sign up for further information (thereby increasing your database), getting participants to take an action after the call is the whole object (after educating the market) of the teleseminar or you have wasted your time and a great opportunity.

Are you giving teleseminars?  What has been your experience?