8 Tips in How to Succeed With Social Media

Have you ever felt that you were spinning your wheels and getting nowhere on social media sites?
You heard that they are helpful but you feel like you are wasting your time because you haven’t seen results?

Whether you are a health writer or want to promote any other business, certain principles are the same for each.

Tweeting, Facebook and Linking In or Linking Up along with YouTube have come a long way.  Gone are the days of just entering little tidbits for your friends.  In order to succeed, you need a business plan.  Think of what you represent and what your goals or the goals of the company are.

Tip 1

Once you have established the goals that you are striving for, match the social actions to them. Are you trying to:

  • get attendees to your website?
  • increase your data base?
  • Drive traffic to your site?
  • Improve online sales?

What you say must match the above aims.

Tip 2

Tie your actions into analytics. Find a measurement system to see if your actions are getting results and which ones are more successful than others  so that you are not working blindly.

Tip 3

Link your message or site to current events or events that are currently hot and talked about.  When people are researching these hot topics, your name or company name will show up too.

Tip 4

Provide relevant content.  Nowadays, business is not about selling.  It’s about educating your consumer or helping your customer learn what is important to them whether it is where to find a supply, how to perform a function or how to help them in business.

Tip 5

Provide content that is meaningful to a specific client.  Instead of just telling them information that is important to you, find out what is important to your client and provide that.  Hints can be found in forums or through social media sites themselves. Listen and learn instead of spouting off!

Tip 6

Contribute to forums and post guest blogs on similar sites.  This gets your name visible and helps to establish you as an authority.  This may help to promote yourself and get new prospective clients.

Tip 7

Wherever you sign your name, whether it is in a guest blog, your own blog, newsletters, email or on your own website, mention your connections i.e. your twitter account name, Facebook, linkedIn. Let your fans and clients know how they can reach you and find you.

Tip 8

Mention your tagline after your name when writing, so that you are continually identifiable and memorable.


Feel free to contact me at any time for a free analysis of your website and mission statements.  I’d love to help you.

Pinterest Got Your Interest?

There’s a new site in town! Not new exactly, just new to most. You can’t turn on the computer without seeing the mention of Pinterest these days. But just what is it?

Pinterest is a social, image bookmarking system with apps for both mobile websites and iPhones. Useres can create image boards by taking the media they like online and “pinning it” to the boards with a collection of p;ins created. A “pin it” button can be added to your bookmark bar. “Pin it” and “follow me” buttons can also be added to blog pages and websites.

If you participate in pinterest, you can see what others have pinned as well as your collection and they may take what they like from your board and pin it onto theirs as well.

Not only can you see what others have on the boards, but you can see what people are actually interested in which works great for business. You can view activity and pinners that the user follows. A good example would be if you were a health writer. Your board might include medical images or pictures of exercise programs. You could view all those who were interested in these medical images or following these themes as well.

The rub is that you must be invited from a friend who is already registered for you to become a new user on Pinterest or a direct invitation from the website itself.

Are you on Pinterest?