Got a Social Media Strategy?

Every company has been scrambling to monitor what is being said about them in social media sites so that they can stem any criticism from the start and also find out what their prospective clients are interested in. Surprisingly, these same companies have not implemented an analytic structure to determine what is working for them and what is not.

According to Econsultancy Online Measurement & Strategy Report, only 22% of companies have a plan that connects the data collection and analysis back to business objectives. This goes along with an incredible statistic of 81% of survey responders do not actually measure ROI of their efforts which can very easily be linked to outcomes.

Therefore, I am presenting you with The Eight-Step Measurement Process for Social Media as presented by as a basis by which you can get started and build on from this:
1)Define organizational goals
2)Research stakeholders and prioritize
3)Set specific objectives for each key stakeholder group
4)Set Social media KPIs against each objective
5)Choose tools and benchmark using the Matix*
6)Analyze the results and compare to costs
7)Present to management
8)Measure continuously and improve performance

* Target audience effects and ask what you did for public relations activity.

So that you don’t just run out to implement a social media program without strategies, the most important way to start is with the first step- have a clear objective that includes not only a specific action, but a timeline and way to measure the outcome. This way, you will know what is working without running in many different directions at once!

Do you have a strategy? What is working for you?

P.S. You’ll Love Me

Whether it is a letter from a health writer or a sales letter from a marketer of other niches, P.S. (post script) has huge power. Notice how you lean in when you hear it or read it?

Many studies reveal that the P.S. is the most important part of a letter or email after a headline and opening sentence. Haven’t you scrolled down through a letter to the end, only to read the P.S.? The content in the P.S. is crucial. To write a sales letter without one is foolish.

The purpose of a P.S. is to review your offer, with slightly different wording. This confirms what you have presented as well as highlighting the bonuses or premiums that are being given. Your bonus is thus appearing in both the body of the letter (which may or may not be read) and in the P.S.

This premium gets people excited all over again and increases conversions or taking the desired call to action by as much as a third more.

Having a call to action is crucial as well as a review of your offer.

P.S. Take advantage of the post script!

Health Writer- Know Your business

The great thing about being a health writer is that you are promoting health and educating others as to their options on how to secure their health…promoting their health, while you are promoting your business.

You know they need you, but do they want you? And..who are “they”, anyway?!
You have to know your customers in order to see what they want as well as what they need.

If you have a database, now is a good time to brush the dust off and use it (not to sell but to actually get to know them). Send them a quick survey to find out how they feel on key issues. is an easy way to send out a series of 5 questions.

Type in “your niche forum” into Join into discussions in the forum so that you become known as the person with the answers. Become a fly on the wall. See what the hottest, most talked-about issues are. Discover the pains that are felt by your target market so that you can be the solver of the pain. Only ten minutes 3 times a week will get you well acquainted with the information that you seek.

Once you discover how to “solve their pain”, analyze your actions and see if that is what you are currently doing. If not, change your approach so that you can keep your clients happy. You can improve your results by many fold if you are very specific about what you offer and how you market it.

Not sure about who your target market is? Knowing the demographics of your market is crucial in order to know who to approach. A good way to find out is by doing your research at Enter the url of the most popular niche site that you know and quantcast will designate the audience’s gender, age, geographic location for the most part and interests so that you can envision the person that you will be addressing.

Remember, people do business with those who they know, like and trust. That includes those that they feel share empathy with them. Knowing who your target market is will allow you to have the ability to feel for them and with them.

You can improve your business when you improve yourself.
How do you approach the problem?

Whitney Houston-Cause of Death

It is with deep sorrow that I heard about Whitney Houston’s death. It is with even greater sorrow that for many, the cause of death was more interesting to read than the accolades and great accomplishments that she achieved in her short life.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records in 2009, she was the “most-awarded” female act of all time. She earned 6 Grammy Awards, 2 Emmy Awards, 30 Billboard Music Awards, 22 American Music Awards and more- 415 career awards in all.

Whitney Houston also stands out as:
*One of the best-selling music artists
*Charted 7 consecutive Billboard Hot 100 hits to Number 1 (the only artist to do so)
*Released three movie soundtrack albums and 7 studio albums to all go diamond, platinum or gold
*Only female artist to have two Top Billboard 200 Album awards for number one position
*Best selling debut album by a female act in 1985
*Best selling single for “I will always love you”
*Best selling gospel album in history for The Preacher’s Wife soundtrack

Let’s celebrate her life instead of gawking at news of her death.

Whitney Houston’s accomplishments were amazing. Sure, she was talented but she was also driven. How many of us have talent and do nothing with it? How many of us have so much to give and squander our gifts?

Whitney has left her mark on all of us. Ask yourself, “What will I be leaving behind?”

How Can You Go Viral?

Getting your message to go viral is the best (and cheapest) way to market your idea, services, events or products.
But, the way to become viral eludes many.

The real trick is to be entertaining. Everyone loves to share a story that
touches their emotions; they love to share a story that makes them laugh or cry, or is just plain unbelievable.

There are other techniques to test out for your ideas for exposure and visibility:
1) Don’t try to promote yourself. If you sound like an advertisement, people will shut you out.
However, if you can tell a great story and your ideas or services just happen to play an integral
part or contribute to the success in a subtle way, people will be able to make the connection and
seek out your services. You can have a call-to-action when they land on your site for more information.

2) Woody Allen says buy zithromax 1 gram “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” You have to be around your target market
and interact with them. Engage in networking and conversations. Mingle, mingle, mingle, wherever your
target hangs out. This can be in forums, trade shows or social media sites. Solve their problems and they
will then look to you for advice. Of course, giving some great quotable one-liners help.They’re memorable and can easily be passed along.

3) Join the local Chamber of Commerce and become active in smaller intimate groups who can
spread the word about your or your message.

4) Understand “how your market talks”. Get to know the rhythm of how they present new ideas and talk
about old ones so that you can discuss your concepts as well as theirs. Understand their pain and
their excitement- what turns them on.

Get to know their “hot-buttons” You’ll be better able to push them later.

Superbowl Commercials-Was your trailer there?

Can you imagine your book trailer being one of the Superbowl commercials? Huge! Huge! Just think of that size audience downloading your trailer and then following the call to action and buying your book. “Ka-ching, Ka-ching”!

You don’t have a book trailer? Oops, there goes that fantasy! Ask yourself, “why not?”

Book trailers, for the uninitiated, are like movie trailers; they whet your appetite to see more. It’s a technique to lure your potential readers in and want to read more of your book- at a price. The length of a book trailer has been anywhere between 30 seconds and 7 minutes. However, 30 seconds is pretty short to get your message across and 7 minutes is markedly too long. The average video grabs attention for only 1-3 minutes and 2-2.5 minutes is quite ample for your purpose.

Remember in the words that you choose to insert in your trailer, you are not only trying to attract your new reading market but also the search engines so that you can easily be highlighted when someone is looking for information on your topic. While many are still unfamiliar with the concept of book trailers, the computer is aware of them. By uploading your video onto YouTube and other video sites with embedded links to your site, you will augment your site rankings.

Marketing is the most challenging part of being an author, not just writing the book. Book trailers serve as yet another marketing tool.

Do you have one? Have you seen results from it? Where have you placed your videos?

Republican Nomination- Their business as Usual

This past week I had the privilege of being a poll inspector for the Republican primary in Florida. Ironically, it seems that I turned away just as many people wanting to vote and make a difference as those that did.

You see, only Republicans can vote and choose the Republican candidate. Unfortunately, people who were declared Democrats or unaffiliated showed up to elect a candidate. Worse yet were those who stated that they meant to officially declare themselves in a specific party but never got around to it.

Unfortunately this is a reflection of why people do not succeed at professional writing or other businesses. They may have a goal but the way in which to achieve it is fuzzy. There is no business plan, no marketing, no research. They just jump in. Yet even professional writing needs marketing and a plan to succeed. There must be an approach to getting clients on a sustained basis or a way to market the books that one writes.

Remember- a plan for success is a successful plan!
Do you have one?

Press Releases for Health Market or Any Other Business You Want to Succeed

A crucial part of your online and offline marketing is the use of press releases. Being picked up by media with a run on your story, increases your visibility and gets you free publicity.

However, if the press release is a “chore and a bore”, it will die on the vine.
PR web has some good advice on this one. Check it out…

Remember these 3 press release ideas you can’t do without:
1. Perfect Isn’t Just Acceptable, It’s Essential
You may not have control over how readers respond to your content, but you do have control over how it’s presented. Few things hurt your credibility more than simple grammatical errors.
Don’t just rely on a one-time click of your auto spell check button as your safety net. Check the document again and recruit another set of eyes to determine if your content fits the grammatical bill.
2. Metaphors Can Be Messy
So you start off comparing your industry to sky diving. You’ve begun the metaphor with a catchy phrase, such as before you leap into the social media sky, be sure your rip cord of relevance is handy.
It’s a clever connection to the reader’s imagination – one that will hopefully keep them interested. Before you go on to add falling, landing and fear references, ask yourself or someone else if you’ve stretched the metaphorical parachute too thin (we couldn’t resist).
In addition, take care not to mix your metaphors within one piece of content. The reader will be less inclined to stay with you if you jump from sky diving to deep sea fishing.
3. Active Is Everything
We’re not talking about your lifestyle here; we’re focusing on the use of active language. You want to entice readers to read beyond your headline, so do it with compelling words. Follow these simple tips to spice up your content:
Use active verbs rather than just relying on the old standby variations of to be:
Change “XYZ’s road bikes are proving to be consumer hits” to “Consumers can’t get enough of XYZ road bikes”

Shorten sentences by saying more with less:
Change “People shouldn’t wait to visit our tax service locations to prepare their taxes” to “Get a jump on your taxes at our 7 locations”
Incorporate emotional language to tickle our ears:
Change “Credit card users are losing billions each year to fraud” to “Credit card fraud steals billions each year from our pockets”
Don’t back into sentences, use direct language:
Change “While the statistics which reflect mobile usage in the U.S. are growing rapidly” to “U.S. mobile usage continues to explode”

Have you ever watched a presentation where the speaker nearly bored you to sleep? Don’t do the same to your readers.

If you find content that really grabs your attention, use it for inspiration. Does it motivate you? Make you laugh? Startle you? Incorporate those elements into your own content and then read it all over again. If you don’t find your press releases captivating and interesting, your audience won’t either.

Still need help with your press releases. Let me know- I’ll be glad to assist you at: