Publicity Puts Irene in the Forefront

Everyone on the east coast heard about Irene long before she arrived at your doorsteps if you lived on the east coast of the U.S.

She had her own publicity agent.  Press went out about her presence and when she would be “available” in your neighborhood by three days before she arrived.  Everyone had heard about her and hopefully everyone was ready.  That’s what a publicity agent or a press release does.  Keep that in mind the next time that you would like to promote your service or products- even if you just want to get your name out into everyone’s mind.  There are many compelling ways to get your press release picked up by media.  Just like Irene, it demonstrates interest in the public’s mind with exclusivity and definitely urgency.  Yup, definitely urgency.

With that thought, I hope that you all weathered her wrath and survived the storm with health and minimal damage!

To Your health and wealth,


Tweet Your Way to Success

Although more social media users turn to Facebook, Twitter has greater success at making an impact in purchase decisions. A full quarter of nearly 4000 people polled, stated that Twitter retailer content has greatly influenced their decision to make purchases with 12.5% stating that the content was extremely influential in making their decisions.

According to a report from The Spring 2011 Online Shopper Intelligence, only 14.5% of online consumers polled, denied any influence from the Twitter retail feed on their online purchase decisions.

Based on this information, it is short-sighted to neglect Twitter and use only one aspect (Facebook) in your social media strategies.

By having both, you are enhancing your ability to get your message out, increase your patient, client or consumer base and keep those that are already enjoying your products and services.

No time to keep up with your social media sites?  Ignoring these important opportunities is foolish.  Outsource it!

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How to Build a Business Relationship and Why It’s Important

The most crucial fact that you must bear in mind if you want to succeed in business is that people buy from those they know, like and trust.  Companies don’t buy services and products.  People do.  Therefore, it is important to maintain or develop relationships with your target market.  Also bear in mind that just because they do not make use of your services today, it doesn’t mean that they will not be clients tomorrow.  So, you need to continue nurturing the relationship.

Send a card or phone call to see how your target is doing on a regular basis.  Have you read that your contact had a promotion recently, or a business success?  Well, send a quick congratulatory note.  Your contact is celebrating a birthday or other live event?  Where’s your card?  Send it off to let them know how supportive you are.  This goes a long way in keeping your name in the back of their mind.

Be friendly and approachable.  If your prospective clients are avoiding your calls or not answering your emails, reevaluate your manner and techniques.  It’s not only the first impression you made that is important, but how you continually conduct yourself.

If you come across an article that pertains to the prospect’s company or type of field they represent, send it off to your contact with a quick note.

Have friendly advice or help that you can give to your contacts that is unrelated to trying to push your service or product upon them.

When your contact is ready to make that leap of faith and invest in someone, having your name in their mind will make you the one that they want to take that leap with!  Thinking this way will take you to the next level.  Are you willing to invest the time that it takes to get the job done?

What is your little corner of the world?

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Dear Direct Response Letter Subscriber:

In his reality TV show “Kitchen Nightmares,” celebrity chef
Gordon Ramsey rescues a different failing restaurant each week
from the incompetence of its owner and staff.

One of his techniques for making restaurants successful is to
help the restaurant create a “signature dish.”

Of course, he does lots of other things, from revamping the menu
and teaching the chef how to cook better, to training inept
managers and cleaning up filthy kitchens.

But the signature dish – a single food item the restaurant
becomes known for — is one of his favorite techniques for
reviving a failing restaurant. The signature dish, more often than not, is something simple.

For one restaurant it was a salad … another, a burger … a third,
meatballs … a fourth, home-made mozzarella.

In each case, the restaurant not only got back on its feet; it
became known in the neighborhood for its signature dish.

So what does this have to do with your business?

In most industries today, there is more competition than ever:
more companies competing with each other for business.

And in an age of choice, it’s difficult to compete by being all
things to all people.

A much better strategy is to specialize: in an industry, a
product, a service, a method, a system, a task.

In other words, to have a “signature dish.”

My colleague MS is a good example.

A very successful copywriter, MS can – and does – write many
different kinds of copy for his clients.

But his specialty … his signature dish … is writing white papers.

Early on, he saw an opportunity for copywriting created by the
huge volume of white papers being published.

He cleverly moved in to position himself as the preeminent white
paper guru.

He did this by creating a separate Web site on white papers.

He also published and gave away a free white paper on how to
write white papers.

Today, MS has more business than he could ever hope to handle –
writing white papers and other marketing materials for his
hi-tech clients.

Now, many other copywriters … including yours truly … can write
good white papers.

But all else being equal, wouldn’t you rather go to the
copywriter who is known as “the white paper guy”?

Of course.

Your prospects want to deal with experts – people whom they
perceive as knowing what they are doing.

Since you can’t know everything … nor is it credible to claim
you do … the only way to be a recognized expert is to specialize.

If you are a lawyer, you can specialize in forming offshore

If you are a dentist, you can specialize in sedation dentistry.

If you are a contractor, you can specialize in decks and sun

How do you choose your specialty?

Here are some of the deciding factors:

>> What’s in demand? What does the market need? What will they
pay a premium price for?

>> What market niches are underserved? In what specialties is
there a crying need for more vendors?

>> What education and knowledge do you possess or can you
realistically acquire in a short time frame at reasonable cost
and effort?

>> What niches do you already have experience and successful
projects in?

>> What do you enjoy doing? What do you have an aptitude for?
What skills do you possess? What are you best at?

One word of warning: don’t pick a specialty you loathe or have
no talent for simply because it looks lucrative or has little

Remember the words of Aristotle who said: “Where your talents
and the needs of the marketplace intersect, therein lies your


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B2B or Business-to-Business vs. B-2-C (Using Brand Objectives)

If your target market is a business, the marketing and getting your message out is very different than an approach to the consumer. This it called Businesss-to-business or B-2-B as opposed to Business-to-Consumer or B-2-C.

Marketing to B2B target prospects calls for different actions. In otherwords, it needs to take the intricate and technical and convert it into concise, understandable and persuasive copy. The needs and motivation in this market is different and the information as well as the way it is presented makes all the difference in persuasion.

The differences between B2B and B2C are glaring and are important. If you understand the difference and implement it, we succeed.  When we ignore the different approaches needed, we fall prey to our misguided actions and the prospect will merely turn to the competition.

Unlike Business-to-Consumer approaches which rely heavily on appealing to various emotions, B-2-B propositions support rational decisions, offerng value-based solutions. Copy must be not only compelling but intelligently expressed in the communication strategies. However, do not be fooled. There is emotion involved, just not your typical ones. In business strategies, emotion revolves around fear such as making the wrong decision or losing out on a great deal, or greed in the bolstering of ROI (return on investment).

Prospects are not usually buying for themselves. Rather, they are representing a group of people or a business. So, when a proposal is made, they cannot afford to buy impulsively. Instead, prospects conduct more research, evaluate the references supplied and look at other manufacturers, solutions and alternate products that offer the same or similar solutions.

Marketing of services or products must be made to various channels such as supply-chain partners, dealers, consultants, distributors, and representatives (both indoor and outdoor). This demands the development of relationships with personal interactions as opposed to mass media  ads, or  commercials. The staff must be knowledgeable in using terminology aligned with brand objectives. Anyone exposed to outside prospects must not only understand the brand but also live it and deliver the brand daily.

Representation of “the brand” is usually a team approach including the involvement of sales and marketing, engineering, research and development, human resources, design, and customer service, all the way up to executive management.  Everyone must be on board with the brand and the same message.

Opinions of “others” is crucial.  Prospects look for the opinions and reviews from trade organizations, trade publications, peers and industry experts.  So it is crucial to do some networking with key players from these categories.

Are you unsure as to whether or not you are predominantly B-2-B?  Look at the three latest clients and why they decided to use your services. Although everyone may have a varied reason for retaining your services, there will be similarities as well.  Another clue will be in how you approached them and how they approached you.  This will also give you a better insight into not only who you are, but what works for you as well.

Let Everyone “Stumble Upon” You

Don’t Wait To Visit – There are many so-called ‘discovery’ type sites in social marketing. The best-known are Digg, Reddit, and Netscape, but they’re also a bit complicated. StumbleUpon requires the lowest time investment. The site’s functionality makes it much quicker and easier to join groups related to your industry and add friends from those groups.

Once you’ve joined and created your lists, you can start to upload “sticky” (appealing to visitors) content and before you know it, other users will “stumble upon” azithromycin online nz what you’ve added. That’s when the “magic begins.” When visitors give your pages good feedback, your content is shown to even more users.

You can’t sell your product or service on StumbleUpon. The benefit it offers is increased traffic, which can lead to increased profits. Those profits are just a click away because your site is just a click away. Think of StumbleUpon as a way to increase awareness, Blog readership, grow subscribers, etc…all of which ultimately feed into your profit stream.

It’s Personal- Make it Your Business

Standing out from your competition is what it is all about when it comes to marketing.  There is so much noise now on the internet to overcome and so much competition that is just waiting to take your opportunity from you.

Sending email to your customers, juxtaposes you in front of the line and keeps your name in the mind of your customers.  Communicating with them on a regular basis allows them to think of you when a job opportunity azithromycin order amoxicillin becomes available and they are looking for the right person to fill it.  Why not you?

Set yourself apart from everyone else and you will get more referrals, but better yet, repeat business. You won’t have to keep looking for new clients if you have your trusted ones.

Stay in touch.  Send them helpful information that they can use.  Your clients will appreciate it.

After all, business IS personal!