Call or Contact Centers May Benefit You

Every wonder how a call center works and whether it can benefit you as a small business?

Well, today I am providing you with this helpful information on how you can discover this.

You can get a FREE “Call Center Software & Solutions” Buyer’s Guide along with complimentary, no obligation price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple quality & independent Call Center Software & Solutions providers.

The guide was written to enable you to make the right choice in a call center system and how to evaluate the scores of systems out there. With plenty of vendors and plenty of platforms (with plenty of expenses), knowing which one translates into saving a great deal of money, or throwing a ton of money out the window.

Perhaps you weren’t sure how to incorporate call centers into your business or what in fact the purpose of a call center was?

These centers not only answer traditional phone inquiries but also client questions from your email, fax and websites. By decreasing holding times and instantly attending to client needs and routing them to the appropriate employees or agents, the service will improve customer service.

We can all use that these days.  It surely won’t go unnoticed!

Capture Your Contacts!

Your most valuable tool is your database.  But how do you build one?

Finding the names and addresses of likely prospects is critical to success, and an area in which many business/practice owners stumble and fall.  That’s a shame because there are 8 simple ways to build mailing lists (both digitally and by snail mail)

  1. Get an electronic copy of the Yellow Pages
  2. Go to the Oxbridge Directory of Publications- this reference manual contains demographics information non over 20,000 magazines and newsletters.  You’ll be able to find publications that reach specific markets, which have the characterisitcs you want.
  3. Go to your local library and browse through the Standard Rate and Data Service list directory.  In it, you’ll find just about every mailing list known to man.  It is an invaluable tool for your niche marketing efforts.
  4. Contact organizations and associations.  If the associations won’t rent you a list, then ask if you can get a list of magazines, journals and publications that cater to the medical community
  5. Magazines are very good sources for renting lists
  6. Mailing list brokers are people who can help you find the type of list for which you are searching.
  7. Placing advertisements in the local newspaper that target the interests of your niche marketing
  8. Identify all of the things that your target niche or niches have in common, such as associations or reading material, hobbies, affiliations.  Start to market in those areas with marketing material that has focused headlines and copy that will attract your niche’s attention

“Like” It More than Tweets

Trying to figure out where the best place is to place your ad?  Are you asking yourself where the best ROI (return on investment) lies?

Now, you don’t have to ponder. A survey conducted at registration for Eventbrite’s event revealed that monetary returns were higher for social media marketers placing ads on Facebook than Twitter.

Eventbrite announced that an average tweet regarding an event generated 80 cents in ticket sales in the last half of the year while a typical Facebook  “like” for the same ad generated $1.34.  For the full ad see:

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Social Media Destroys Doctor’s Life

Recently a doctor posted an interesting case that she had seen in the emergency room and discussed the symptoms. Although she did NOT disclose the name of the patient, enough was mentioned in the presentation of the case for some people to guess at the patient’s identity.

This was enough to have the physician fired from the staff of the hospital with her privileges revoked.  This punishment is not to be taken lightly.  Her livelihood and earnings were tied to the hospital.  Where now was she going to treat her sick patients?

It is crucial at this point for you to understand the social media regulations for physicians if you are going to use this modality.

HIPAA’s regulations stipulate that it is not only prohibited to disclose a patient’s name, but also “individually identifiable health information,” and requires the safeguarding of any information where there is a “reasonable basis to believe it can be used to identify the individual.”  This was the issue in the true scenario discussed above.

As with the myriad of permission forms already obtained from patients, doctors should get a written consent from a patient to profile on a website  for safety. This way, there is no question about usage. Knowing this is only partially the answer.  The staff at the healthcare facility or physician’s office, must be aware of privacy rulings and should periodically peruse the social media sites to ensure compliance.  This is a good idea anyway so that if there are  negative comments about the physician, damage control can be immediately instituted before it spreads virally.

Are You a Spammer?

Unsolicited email, which we all fondly refer to as junk is Spam.  When you send unsolicited email in bulk, it is considered spam, irrespective of the mail contents. The CAN-SPAM Act passed in the United States, prevents you from doing this.

Why should you care?  Your host server and email provider will instantly shut down your entire account if you are deemed to be guilty of spamming.  Losing your entire account over night is more than just a pain.  It’s a catastrophe!

To avoid being considered guilty of spam, notify your registrants of your purpose in collecting the email address and confirm their consent to receive your emails.  You must allow for your subscribers to “unsubscribe”.  This keeps your emails going to only those that want them.

When you think about it, why would you want to send your emails to people who will only delete it?  Isn’t it better to keep a tally of interested clients,patients or customers?

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How to Increase your Links

Nowadays, when people are looking to link to someone in social media (as in LinkedIn, or Twitter), the first thought that comes to their minds is “how is this person going to help me”?

You need to answer:

  • solutions to problems that your peers are experiencing
  • how you can be a conduit to people or things that your peers are looking for
  • how you can help or give advice to a sticky situation
  • how to provide information or an angle that wasn’t thought of

These unique words in your profile description will make you sought after and indispensable.

Skip the all too common descriptions of works well with others, hardworking, motivated.  People don’t care how well you work.  They are looking for results.

Give it to them and you will have strong links that circle the globe!

Need to figure out the words that will work best for you?

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11 Ways to Make the Best of Customer Complaints

Here is a checklist that you may use whenever you get a customer complaint.  Use it in your employee training sessions so that it becomes a business policy.  Role-play using the checklist so that it seems genuine with customer/client interaction.

  1. Say “I’m Sorry” …and mean it!
  2. Listen without becoming defensive or argumentative
  3. Be empathetic and demonstrate an understanding of their perspective
  4. Take responsibility and don’t make excuses
  5. Listen actively and ask questions
  6. Tell them specifically how you’re going to fix heir problem
  7. Tell them specifically when you’ll get back to them
  8. Thank them for taking the time to bring a problem to your attention
  9. Make good on your promise and resolve the problem
  10. Follow-up to say the problem is resolved and to ensure satisfaction
  11. Do something extra nice for them (i.e. a future discount)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          If you need help with that “something extra”, please contact me so that we can work on it together

Give Thanks to Your Clients

The moment your client brings in a referral, your strategy should be to show your gratitude.  You have just acquired a new client/customer at no cost to you.  You have just been given the lifetime value of a new client/customer for free.

May sure your client/customer is aware of your gratitude and how much their endorsement means to you. Send them a premium that he/she would enjoy, whether it is a pre-loaded debit card for a local coffee bar or something more appropriate to your business.

If you need help deciding upon a good premium, feel free to contact me and we can work on this together (at

You Want Your Customer to Complain!

The moment your customer complains, believe it or not, your customer has done you a great favor!

It’s not every day that a customer will take the time to let you know what they are thinking.  If they’re dissatisfied, they’ll usually just disappear into the night, never to be hard from again…until they show up at your competitor’s doorstep!

Complaining customers give you a chance to regain their loyalty and goodwill by “working” your customer service processes.  They also help you to spot and fix problem areas in your service system.

Technical Assistance Research Programs Institute conducted a study that found that on average, 96% of unhappy customers never complain.  The truth is that most customers don’t like to complain-especially about little things.  For every complaint heard, the average company has 26 other customers with the same problem.

An elephant never forgets and neither does a disgruntled consumer.  The zithromax 1000 mg online TARP study found that the average happy customer will talk about a pleasant experience for about 18 months. On the other hand, the average unhappy customer will remember the incident for 23 years.

How many prospects could they tell over that length of time?  Don’t you want to know immediately that you’ve got a problem with a customer?  And don’t you want to solve it now?

Fix your complaining customer’s problem, and then let him/her know that you appreciate them as much, or even more, than other customers because of their complaint.  Let them know that you appreciate that they cared enough about you to take the time to voice their opinion and give you the opportunity to correct what’s wrong.

Need a letter to smooth things over?  Can’t think of just the appropriate thing to say? Contact me and we can work on it together! (

Mother’s Day Quotes

“It is not what you do for your children but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings” – Ann Landers

“A hundred years from now…it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove…but the world may be different generic zithromax gluten free because I was important in the life of a child”- Kathy Davis

“Woman knows what man has long forgotten, that the ultimate economic and spiritual unit of any civilization is still the family” – Clare Boothe Luce

Happy Mother’s Day Mom and to all Mother’s everywhere!