E-Book Shines as The Way to Read

According to USA Today, the spate in e-book sales dwarfs prior purchases and outsold the hard copy of the top six books, which sets a new record.  Speculation is that this form of reading is due to the holiday purchase of digital devises that can deliver these books as in kindles from Amazon, Nooks from Barnes and Noble and iPads from Apple.

Michael Cader, founder of the digital newsletter Publishers Lunch, poses the question “What’s most interesting is what happens next week or over the next month.  About 3 million to 5 million e-readers were recently activated. Will the people who got them keep downloading e-books, and at what rate?”

Kelly Gallagher from Bowker, a publishing research firm feels that the rate of e-book sales is not sustainable.  She points out that currently e-books account for 9 percent of the market.

Those who enjoy reading e-books highlight the ease of carrying several books at once and the convenience factor.  Opponents like the feel of holding a book in their hands, ruffling through the pages and referring to various pages with ease.

Which camp are you in and what is your point of view?

Getting Healthy Has It’s Merits-Some financial

Taking charge of your health by eating right and exercising,now has more than its own rewards.

Under the new healthcare legislation, employers may offer  up to 30 percent of the healthcare premium to employees. Perks come in the form of discounted merchandise and travel. The benefit to the employers  is the lower cost of  premiums for those who join wellness programs and satisfy designated health goals.  This of course is in addition to less staff on sick-leave due to complications from obesity and its related medical conditions like diabetes and hypertension.

“Health insurance is the only one that doesn’t have a good-driver discount” according to Sean Forbes, president of Virgin HealthMiles.  He aims to change this as head of an incentive program which works with any insurance plan for companies.

One of the biggest buy zithromax boots insurance companies,UnitedHealth Group, is receptive to the idea as well with their new program- Personal Rewards.  Points are awarded for hitting goals related to blood pressure, cholesterol and body mass index along with undergoing preventive screenings for the breast, prostate,colon and rectum. Several large companies like Pitney Bowes have enrolled in the program.  This company will reward their participants with $350 back at the end of the year.  Jones Lang LaSalle who also signed on to Personal Rewards, added an incentive to address back problems.

According to its projections,UnitedHealth is seeing a positive return on its investment in year two of this program  as companies eagerly enroll  their employees.

Whether it is for financial gain or altruism is immaterial for if we  become healthier, we all win.