7 Tips for Article Writing

The following tips were  posted by Beverleigh Piepers for Ezine.com

  1. Don’t Limit Yourself in Your Learning – Every day, try to learn at least one new thing about your niche. That knowledge really accumulates over time; whether it be over a month, 3 months, a year or more.
  2. Make a Schedule – Start by trying to write just one article a day. Over time, it’ll become so natural that you’ll have withdrawal symptoms if you miss out on just one day.
  3. Be Open to Sharing – When you keep the lines of communication open with your readers, you have a chance to communicate with a very diverse group of people. We all develop questions and your wisdom can help so many people answer those questions.
  4. Take One Step at a Time – You may want to learn everything you need to know to be successful in article writing and marketing in a very short time, but there’s a lot to absorb. Just take the process one step at a time and have fun doing it. Don’t generic zithromax walgreens feel intimidated by the people around you if it seems like they know a lot about article writing.
  5. Make a Real Impact – Write about things that you are already passionate about. It’ll make coming up with new article ideas and interacting with your audience a whole lot easier.
  6. Stay Relaxed – Don’t get stressed about coming up with new article ideas. Put down your thoughts on paper whenever they come to you. Then, take those thoughts and turn them into full-scale articles.
  7. Be Conscious of Your Audience – It may not be obvious to readers why your information matters to them. Make it clear in your writing exactly how your article can help them.
Article writing is a great marketing technique to get your website viewed and to spread your words.
Although there are many article publishing sites, Ezine.com is the most widely read and most ethical.
Consider it!

7 Steps to a Successful EHR Adoption and Usage

Surprisingly, despite all the urging and incentives, less than a quarter of physicians and health facilities have adopted electronic record systems yet.

In order to successfully implement the system that is right for you, there are certain steps that must be put into place:

  1. Direction and complete involvement from the top down- don’t assign the research to a staff member and expect the same commitment as if there was personal involvement
  2. Everyone on the staff must be involved, everyone on the staff  will be entering and retrieving data after all
  3. Features and benefits for the practice must be identified and in line with the vendor program
  4. Goals must be identified
  5. Decision as to web-based or office based hardware must be  considered
  6. Vendor must have good support and instruction aid
  7. Program must interface with other systems i.e. lab results, pharmacies
Identifying these issues before looking for the right system, will save a lot of headaches and will ensure successful implementation for you and your patients.

EHRevent.org-the Latest in EHR sites

No, EHRevent.org is not the latest convention or party planning around EHRs (electronic health records)

It is a new system developed by iHealth Alliance, a not-for-profit organization consisting of federal agencies along with professional liability carrier executives and executives in medical societies.  The purpose of it, according to Dr. David Blumenthal, the National Coordinator for health information technology, is to report any adverse drug occurrences to improve the quality of healthcare.

While the implementation and usage of electronic medical systems and health records have been shown to decrease accidents from medications, with EHRevent, the alliance is hoping to get information about drug adverse reactions into the hands of all practicing healthcare professionals according to the CEO of PDR Network, Dr. Edward Fotsch.

Adverse events of drugs will be reported on websites of participating liability carriers, medical societies, EHR system vendors, PDR Networks and regional extension centers.  A form would be accessible in all EHR systems for physicians to report any adverse reactions or events witnessed in the practice.

Some of these adverse events occur from the EHR itself. According to Dr. David Troxel, medical director of THE Doctors Company, a physician-owned malpractice carrier, three cases of EHR related medical malpractice claims stem from transition of records from paper to digital files. Crucial information like abnormal test results may occur during scanning of the paper records.  EHRevent.org will help identify and track these problems associated with EHR systems.

Transition between office or facility systems is a difficult one and as Dr. Troxel states it is a “perilous period”

Tips for Successful Text Ads- Mistakes to Avoid

For your ad to be successful, there are certain techniques that you must implement. Avoid the most common mistakes that make all the difference between making money or wasting it.

Make sure that the keywords that you have in the ad pertain to the purpose of the ad.  This way people searching for your product or services can find you. Don’t get cute with your wording and include keywords that would put your ad in a category that does not pertain to you.

Take care not to use abbreviations or terms that are known only to people in your business or your industry.  Don’t assume that everyone would be aware of the significance of them.  Worse yet, the abbreviations may be read in a category that is not appropriate  to you.

Don’t make grandiose claims for your services that cannot be proven.  If your statements are bogus, the ad will never see the light of day.

You have taken the time to write the ad and you have spent money on it.  Make sure that the ad is well written and then it is money well spent

Copywriting guide to Query Letters

If you want to pitch your idea for an article or book to a publisher, you must have a query letter.  Without this, your idea will be pitched all right-right into the round file or the delete box.

Certain basics apply:

  • address the query to the right person (find the right editor and use the correct name)
  • state which section in the magazine your article would be appropriate for
  • Mention the word count in your article
  • Let the editor know in which season your article would be a good fit
Add your credentials and profile.  If the editor decides to run with it, your profile will be highlighted.
Needless to say, you have already seen the magazine guidelines https://ampills.com/ and know that your article fits in with this particular publication.
If your query is sent by snail mail, make sure to put in a self-addressed and stamped envelope with your submission.
Good Luck!

Newsletters Get You In Front of Your Clients and the Crowd

You solicit  clients, new or old and they can’t use your product or service now.

Feeling rejected? Don’t be!  This is an opportunity.  When they are ready for your product, you  want your name to come to their mind. How do you get them to automatically think of you? Telepathy? A witchdoctor spell?

What will enable you to “speak” to them without being a pest. Something that they will actually look forward to.

Can’t guess?

Simple- a newsletter. 

Writing a newsletter chock full of information they can use or learn, something of great perceived value, will be a great way to stay in the minds of your clients. It sets you up as an authority.  They will not only buy azithromycin single dose think of you, they will look forward to a communication from you.

Informing or communicating with clients is a great way to let them see that you are a problem solver and when they need “a problem solved” or a product or service, you will be the one that they come to.

You give advice everyday. Pull up a chair to that computer and get it down . Now. The time is right.

Sending virtual newsletters cost nothing to send. Without the overhead, you can send them information “hot off the press” and frequently.

So what are you waiting for? Get those ideas passed your head and the keyboard. I’ll be looking for it!

The Secret to Internet Marketing

Think of the crowd filling the stadiums at the Super Bowl. Now imagine that these people are all internet marketers, each competing with each other; each trying to eke out an income so that they can afford to give up their full time job. Each following the promise that it is possible to have that grand life style with less hassle, less work.
So, you think, there is no more room for this.  I’m too late.
The fact of the matter is that what you should see is that there is a big demand for internet marketing and that is why so many people continue to be in it.
The secret is not to promote the same thing that everyone else is selling…and why should you?!  You are a writer and can come up with your own informational products!
Everyone wants to read a good success story.  How you went from rags to riches will always sell.  People are curious as to how it was done and how they can emulate it.  Can you come up with this from your own experiences?
Reach into your past and start penning it down!