Why Health Marketing needs Social media

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Social media acts the same as spreading word of mouth about you and your business.  The only difference is that it’s  on a computer screen. Participation affords many advantages.


  • Your social media posts and comments are available to millions of viewers
  • Prospective patients will decide to use your services over competitors and peers who are absent on social media
  • If a problem exists with your practice or a disgruntled patient complains about a dissatisfied result or care received, you can nip the problem in the bud before your reputation is injured
  • Solutions you provide to problems people are struggling with, sets you up as a guru or authority in your field
  • Increases traffic to your website from people who are interested in what you have to say, increasing your patient base
  • Moves people down your funnel to up sell services or goods
  • Converts prospective clients or patients into paying clients when they may have earlier been on the fence

Don’t be afraid to add a  personal touch.  Provide education and entertainment  with a light touch to enable your personality to come through.

Social Media Manager

Perhaps you have sensibly decided to participate in social media but due to time constraints, it is not feasible or you don’t know quite how to go about it effectively.   Hiring a social media manager is a great way to solve this problem.

Sit down with the social media manager and clearly communicate how you want responses to be made, information to be highlighted and topics for discussion.  By talking it through, you can have the information posted in your voice.  You will be necessary to allow access to your accounts but it will be secure by drafting a written agreement which will enable you to have control of the account including usernames and passwords once the manager is no longer in your employ.

Broach the subject of  who will own the content that is posted after the job is paid for and have this in writing, signed by both you and the manager.    Copyrights can belong to you or the writer (after first rights) depending upon the agreement that you have made.  Failure to discuss this will spell disaster and discord down the road.

To hire a social media manager or see about getting a content package, go to www.CompleteContentPackage.com

What Is the best Media Platform to Use?

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Deciding which media platform to use is a common question…and an important one.  If you have only a limited amount of time in the day, you want to spread your message in a channel that will get the most views, the most engagement and the most return of investment.

The answer is often dependent on what your target market is and what you are trying to accomplish.  However, in general, there are stats for the most views.

The North America Content Marketing Institute release their most recent findings in their 2015 B2C Content Marketing Trends.The following stats are from this report.



B2C Content Marketing Social Media Platform Usage

  • Facebook……………..94%
  • Twitter…………………84%
  • YouTube………………76%
  • LinkedIn……………..71%
  • Google+………………..68%
  • Pinterest………………59%
  • Instagram……………49%

Notice that LinkedIn is 4th on the list.  This is because it is used mostly for B2B marketing.

The Effectiveness Ratings for these platforms were as follows:

  • Facebook……………..58%
  • Twitter…………………52%
  • YouTube………………49%
  • Instagram……………43%
  • Pinterest………………41%
  • LinkedIn……………..36%
  • Google+………………..23%

In terms of “Effectiveness Ratings for B2C Paid Advertising Methods:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)-57%
  • Social Ads (e.g. LinkedIn ads)-49%
  • Promoted Posts (e.g. Tweets)-47%
  • Print or Offline promotion-46%
  • Content Discovery Tools-42%
  • Native Advertising-40%
  • Traditional Online Banner Ads-39%

When deciding which social media platform will work best for you and where you might want to place some ads for visibility while being the most effective, it is crucial to define your purpose in the posts and ads.

The following “organizational Goals for B2C Content Marketing were stated by those interviewed:

  • Customer Retention/Loyalty               88%
  • Engagement                                                  88%
  • Brand Awareness                                     87%
  • Sales                                                                 77%
  • Customer Evangelism                            69%
  • Lead Generation                                       69%
  • Lead Nurturing                                         61%
  • Up sell/Cross-sell                                     50%

As you can see, customer retention, loyalty, engagement and brand awareness head the list.  Regardless of whether you have goods and services or simply promoting your health services to patients, the marketing goals are the same and when you are dealing with Business to Consumer (patient),  the most effective content marketing will be those that either align aims and metrics or start to measure metrics that lead to meeting your organizational goals.

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Are you a Persuasive Health Professional?

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This past month, I had a tremendous opportunity to share time with some of the greatest copywriters alive today:

  • Clayton Makepeace
  • Dan Kennedy
  • Mark Forde (Michael Masterson)
  • Katie Yeakle
  • Bob Bly
  • John Carlton
  • Richard Armstrong
  • And many others

While these pros are making 7 figures annually, their great accomplishment is their art of persuasion.  You see, they each have been able to get into the head of their prospect and strike a responsive chord.

These names may not mean anything to you as a doctor.  Try Dr. Oz, or Sanjay Gupta.  They too are making a fortune while getting their message out.

Why them and not you?

It’s because these people can recognize the problem that their target audience is struggling with and they provide the solutions.  The message is attuned to what people are searching for, and what they want to read or hear.

Why couldn’t you do this?

The message that you have and want to get out doesn’t need to change…just the way that you are presenting it or the channel/method by which you are presenting it.  Take a lesson from the professionals above.

Remember, when you tell people “what they want to hear”, they will want to hear it!

Need help with this?  I would be happy to discuss this as a free consult.  You need only by emailing Barbara@TheWriteTreatment.com

Speak to you soon!

Tip to Spread your Health messages- Don’t Sync it!

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There are several sites like AlphaLink that sync up both your Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus accounts.

Makes sense!  Publish a post once and you are automatically publishing your content in all of your media sites.  It saves time, gives you more visibility, and since you want to cross-pollinate your message, what’s wrong with publishing the same thing to Facebook and Twitter?

Plenty, as it turns out!

Problems with Automatic Cross-Pollination

  • Different fans have different times of day that they seek your information, not simultaneously where some will not see the message before it fades
  • Messages and content are relevant to certain sets of people, not all your fans on all your sites.  They will not read what is not relevant
  • The format that is specific for one media channel may be different for another so that your message appears funky
  • Fans want engagement and the purpose of social media is to be….well social.  It is important to interact with your fans.  When they ask questions or make comments, it is rude to ignore it…and they won’t come back.  You only get one shot at it.

Okay, not never!

It’s okay to cross post occasionally.  The thing is, you need to create customized posts for each social platform. Spending the time and attention will increase traffic, create demand, increase prospective viewers and clients and convert those on the fence regarding your message. Facebook now has an algorithm that actually frowns on social media updates that appear the same in several places.

You needn’t worry.  No time…no problem!  Outsource it!  Contact me at Support@CompleteContentPackage.com and we can get you started!


Is your Social Media Mindless? (aka Your Surgery may be robotic but your posts shouldn’t be!)

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For those doctors and healthcare providers who want to be active in social media, but have absolutely no time, cross-population between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and blogs had and continue to be the “thing” to do, meaning that anything you post, gets published on all your sites.  Wordpress even provides a plugin that populates all the sites with your blogs.

While this may help in the beginning, it is time to revise your policy.  This practice alone will:

  • Fail to engage your audience (as viewers from various sites may prefer different content or different post times)
  • Fail to interact with your viewers who may ask questions regarding information they are looking for you to provide
  • Fail to have the proper viewing format on all the sites (photo images and links may not display the right way)

So, in other words…it Fails!

The algorithms created by Facebook actually devalues updates like these.

This is not to say that one post or two each week can be “robotic” if the audiences are interested in the same topic or the same subject is trending.  However, viewers stick with a particular site based on what they are interested in and their personalities. However, a better way to make use of your time is to have staff and colleagues create specific posts for each medium.

Instead of appearing robotic, you will then have the “human touch”.

Don’t Forget:

  • Guest blogs and guest posts help with time while allowing others to link to you (if their material is in sync with yours) and vice versa
  • Answer questions that others direct to you
  • Answer questions that people pose in forums to establish you as the “go-to” person
  • Pick up on conversation lines that people have in the platforms that you participate in.

I look forward to reading the new comments and posts that you have!

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Healthy Anniversary

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Today is my wedding anniversary.  We are starting on our 36th year of marital bliss!

Was every minute blissful?

Of course there were and are challenges, just as there are challenges in life itself.

It’s too bad that there were no blogs 36 years ago to see how much we have grown as individuals and together.

One thing is for certain.  A heartfelt  relationship that gives meaning to life and allows one to share the joys of life while overcoming the challenges together that life throws one’s way, makes you grow closer and having a healthy relationship somehow makes one healthier in both body, mind and spirit.

So, happy anniversary Sweetheart!   May everyone find their “other half” or true love so that they may also share in happiness and health. “May you find the lid for your pot”!

Thank you for sharing our anniversary thoughts with us and for your friendship.

For Health Marketing on a Shoestring Budget- Try health Blogging

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It would be great to tell your outsourcer to incorporate press releases, case studies, white papers, ebooks and videos along with blogs to your site for enhanced search engine ranking, greater visibility online and more authority status, wouldn’t it?  Unfortunately, this may cost much more than you have allocated for health marketing.  No worries.  Starting small can be very effective with a health blogging site.

Health Blogs provide the “biggest bang for your buck”

One of the biggest opportunities today is sharing your message and views through online blogging.  Viewers are attracted to your site when you provide educational material, entertainment and getting to see your personality shining through “by keeping it real”. Inbound links are established by readers linking to their sites which not only gives you more visibility but also improves your webpage rankings.

The pages that are shared the most are the blog pages.  Guest blogging is also a wonderful way to get your name and “face” out there.  When you post your blog on a popular site, you are getting in front of many more viewers and vastly increasing your audience. Hopefully, if they like what they see, they will follow you back to your own site to learn more about you and your services.

The higher the quality that your health blog is, the greater the traffic to your site as you go viral.

Certainly when you are blogging in the health field as a physician or professional, you are never without rich content that you can share. (and your staff can post as well).

Attracting patients and clients

Hubspot shows in their State of Inbound Marketing Report that 79% of companies that blog have a positive return on investment for inbound marketing as opposed to only 20% of those that don’t have a blog. A full 82% of marketers blogging daily get  clients because of the blogs.

While monthly blogging is advantageous, daily blogging has great results.  You may be thinking of ramping up the frequency of your blogs but only commit to the frequency that you can maintain consistently.  No one wants to be disappointed when they look for fresh content and don’t find it. Too, if quality will be compromised due to a lack of time, it is better to hold back so that only quality-driven content is put out there.  Remember, once it’s out there, it’s out there.

Remember if you are limited in the time or finances for marketing, blogs should be number one on your list.

I’ll see you at your next blog post!

Doctors and Copywriters Have Something in Common

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This week, I had a tremendous opportunity to share time with some of the greatest copywriters alive today:

  • Clayton Makepeace
  • Dan Kennedy
  • Mark Forde (Michael Masterson)
  • Katie Yeakle
  • Bob Bly
  • John Carlton
  • Richard Armstrong
  • And many others

While these pros are making 7 figures annually, their great accomplishment is their art of persuasion.  You see, they each have been able to get into the head of their prospect and strike a responsive chord.  It’s taking empathy to a whole new level.  Have you ever seen two tuning forks where you hit only one but the other sings the same vibration?  Picture the ability to get everyone in a room to “resonate” or get your vibes!

Though they each may concentrate on different niches or be different people, they each related a similar story of their humble beginnings.  None were born into copywriting.  It was a desire to be one…and not just one but the best.  So, they did what any competitive person would do.  They worked on it and worked on it.  They were open to criticism as they molded and honed their craft.  They poured sweat into it, analyzed it and poured more sweat into the craft.  It wasn’t just a job. It was a passion… a driving force- just like becoming a doctor.  Just like a doctor, copywriters make you feel better about yourself.

Both doctors and copywriters can be motivational and inspirational.  They listen and hear the stories that others tell to better understand them. They validate what others are saying about themselves to help them go beyond their current state.  The ones that can truly do this are the most successful and the ones that are getting the most self-satisfaction.

Are you still in touch with these motivations?  Are you still in touch with your passions and acting upon them?

If you could be in a room with “the greats” in your field, who would they be?

Share your answers and comments in the box below.

Get a Good “Pick up Line

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Without a good “pick up “ line, people give you the cold shoulder as they walk away. This works the same way online.

Your pick up line and your subject line are the same thing. Think of it as part of the courting rituals. You are courting your prospective clients or patients, after all. 

Make a good Impression

You are judged with your subject line…and you only get one chance to make a first impression!

Do you want to entice people and get them interested?

Honing your subject line will create more buzz and increase the email open rates rather than being ignored so that you are able to spread your message to those that count.

7  Steps to Hone Your Subject Line

  1. Keep it short and sweet

Limit your characters to 40 or 5-8 words so that it can be easily scanned.

  1. Don’t Scream!

Prevent using all capital letters and exclamation marks and avoid the word “free” or “get it now”

Educate and entertain your readers. This is how you get and keep their attention.

  1. Engage your viewers

Ask a question and encourage comments. More importantly, respond to them so that the act of commenting is validated.

Asking a question in the subject line will pique curiosity and get your readers interested. Email will be opened more if your clients think that they will get the answer to the question you posed.

  1. Include a Call to Action

Tell people what you would like them to do next. Don’t assume that they will take the course of action that you want without letting them know. This can be signing up for a newsletter or a premium, even going to a landing page.

  1. Give them a taste

Don’t divulge everything that you have to say. Simply give a teaser to entice viewers to go to your website to further look at your message

  1. Be scandalous

People will click onto your site to see what is going on. Tie your information to something current, whether it is about a celebrity or event. Be a contrarian and say something that causes a gasp.

  1. Breaking News

Give people news breaking information. They look forward to see what is new out in the world

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5 Steps in Creating a Social Media Plan for Doctors

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A great technique for patient interaction, getting new patients and finding out what concerns your current patients is through social media.

There are many social media platforms and you don’t have to be on all of them.  See which one’s best suit your needs in a way that you can best get your message out to the community.

Here’s 5 tips in applying  social media for health in a way that builds relationships and provides good service to your patients.

1. Develop your plan for social media

Decide what goals you have for site usage.  Do you:

  • Want to create an active fan base for your products or health services?
  • Need another platform to communicate with patients?
  • Desire a well-populated channel to spread information on your practice, relevant issues, updates to business?

Decide how frequently social media posts will be done.  This can be performed by yourself or assigned to various staff members so that you can interact with those people who want to engage with you.

2. Select the social media site which works best for you

The four most popular sites and hence the ones where most of your patients (or prospective patients) will be present are  Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest.   Connections and communities are active daily on these sites.  Learn the basics for these sites and determine which ones will enable you to communicate most effectively to spread your message.

Set up an extensive profile so that prospective patients can get to know you better and those looking for you will be able to find you in their searches.

3. Seek out the most viewed and respected people for your target 

An easy way to delineate the popular sites is by discovering which sites get the most likes and followers. Consider writing guest blogs or comments on their forums.  This will enable you to get views from a wider audience- one that will follow you back to your site for more traffic and enriched data base.
4. Give them what they want
There is a big gap between what patients need and what they want.  See where your message intersects.  Monitor other sites to see the interests and questions that people have.  Look at topics encompassing the pains and problems that your target audience is struggling with.  If you are still not sure, have a survey (SurveyMonkey.com) which is free will give you an idea of what people want to view.
Social media also affords you a great opportunity to remind patients of impending laboratory and image testing, vaccinations, or even breaking news and medical developments that your patients may find informative.
5. Become familiar with the  HIPAA regulations in your state
While social media is a wonderful way to relate to your community of  people,  be aware of all state and federal regulations used as guidelines for doctors and healthcare providers.  Don’t reveal  confidential medical information on a social site and be wary of story illustrations that can tie back to a known patient.  Make sure that patients know the advice is general but that if there is a specific problem that a patient wants answers to, he/she should seek that opinion in  your office directly.   Insert a  default social site statement that all information is for educational or entertaining purposes only but not direct advice.
 Once you have taken these 5 steps, let everyone know about your social media url, how they can view you and that you are present.  The most important part of the process is to monitor these sites so that both you and your viewers are not having one way communication but rather, an interactive social process is taking place.  Urge your patients to reach out and become active on the site.
Developing a “social” media presence enables you to develop relationships with your patients- something that they will relish now and in the future.
If you need help with your social media plan or want to discuss your strategy further, please contact me at: