3 Tips for Medical Marketing with Social Media

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Social Media Key to Medical Marketing

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Social Media is fast-becoming a key component to healthcare.

Millions of doctors and healthcare providers are educating the public through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

This is driven by necessity.  Almost 41% of patients confirm that their selection of a particular doctor was swayed by social media.

Yet, the advantages are shared on both sides.

While patients are benefiting by information that is provided by physicians, enabling them to improve healthy lifestyle choices,  social media also helps doctors increase their patient numbers and attract prospective patients.

3 Tips for Medical Practice Promotion with Social Media

  1. Marketing Strategy

Writing fresh content on a regular basis and providing solutions to problems that people are struggling with is key to promoting you, the physician as the "go-to" person or guru in your specialty.  Writing about issues that are in sync with your services and medical practice is paramount but sure to attract those who are interested in your services.  Consider the fact that social media is free in most cases and the results are measurable with analytical tools.  Keep in mind that you are providing content that is relevant to the p;atients that you have and for those that you want to attract.


Social media provides fertile ground for building professional relationships (which strengthens the bonds for a great referral system).  It also enab les doctors to exp;ress medical opinions, discuss the most recent treatment trends or new medical breakthroughs.  Medscape is a great example of this whereby a statement is given and then physicians comment on the specific issue based on their experience, knowledge and thoughts.  Almost a third of physicians polled, stated that they used social media for online networking.  Another advantage is enabling doctors to connect with researchers and medical experts in a specific field.

3.Sharing medical breakthroughs

Patients want to find out about the latest medical news and breakthroughs to stay up-to-date and many others are searching for any new developments on treatments for ailments they are suffering with.  Almost one in 5 patients state that they have at least one health app. on their phone that they actively use.  By using social media, forums and networks,doctors can share information that reaches potential patients and patients seeking help, gaining greater exposure both virtually and offline simultaneously.


Want to take advantage of social media and what it can do for your practice but you just don't have the time?  No worries!  Outsource it!

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5 Content Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Medical Practice

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Visibility and traffic to your business can mean the difference between being a success or being a "has-been". It's not so far-fetched these days to hear "Didn't he USED to be in private practice?" or "I wonder whatever became of the office that used to be here."

Content marketing is a proven way to generate  traffic online while boosting your site's ranking on major search engines which further generates traffic.

Maybe you're thinking that you don't need strategy to grow your business- that you're already too busy as it is.  You'd be amazed at how referrals can dry up over night or expulsion from insurance companies that you participate in can suddenly occur.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing involves providing fresh, educational, relevant content online which strengthens your brand, gives you increased visibility and positions you as an authority in your field.  It also provides an opportunity to engage with your patients and prospective patients as well. The best part- it's free advertising.

Types of content marketing are:

  • blogs
  • newsletters
  • article publishing
  • videos
  • podcasts
  • and many more


In order to get the best exposure for your practice, try these 5 strategies (in combination):

1) Website

It goes without saying that without a website, you don't exist!  Patients are looking up the doctors that they get referrals to and find out all about them before scheduling that first appointment.  If you have no website, you will be found only through online reviews (which may or may not be complimentary to you).

Don't rely on the websites that you are mentioned on through insurance companies.  These websites are owned by them as is the content.  It can be deleted at any time, leaving you…nowhere.

Websites provide a great opportunity to let people know:

  • Contact information
  • Directions to your office
  • Office hours
  • Insurance coverage that you accept
  • Types of procedures that you do
  • Types of conditions that you treat
  • Essentially, who you are in your professional role

2) Blogging

Having a blog enables you to continually add fresh, new content to your site.  It directs viewers to the service you offer and after engaging your reader, enables you to state a call-to-action.  Simply, this is where you tell them what step you want them to take next (whether it is to make an appointment, subscribe to your newsletter, send for a guide or premium)

Patients are asking you questions every day.  Many of these are the same ones that are asked by many and would make a great way to answer the question, solving problems while having interesting content.

3) Social Media engagement

The most valuable aspect of social media is the profile page.  Make sure that this is filled out with the information that puts your best professional step forward!

There are many social media sites but the ones that your patients will be on most commonly are: Facebook, Twitter,  Google+ and StumbleUpon.  Facebook allows you to have a page for business and this is a good way to attract and interact with patients or prospective patients without any "friend and family" posts.

4) E-zines (digital newsletters)

Newsletters provide a great way to highlight "the disease of the week", medical breakthroughs, "the tip of the week" and helpful information that solves problems people are struggling with.  Setting up a routine of sending them out consistently creates an action of looking for your newsletter to come out at that time each month.

Just remember, you can only send out your newsletters to people that have requested (opted in) to receive them.

5) Videos

Making videos need not be difficult or technical.  In fact, using your smartphone to create your video is a simple way to accomplish your goal.  The sweet spot is 2 minutes and you can download it to YouTube right through your phone.

Make videos of procedures that you do or explain medical equipment that you have (so that it is less intimidating when patients see the machines in the office).

It's crucial that you include a link to your website in the video description field and the http:// designation so that viewers can click back to your site.  Since YouTube is owned by Google, having an active YouTube account will also pay dividends in site ranking.

Start with one step and as you become more proficient in it, branch out until a combination is attained.

Need help?  No problems.  Outsource it!  Contact Barbara Hales, M.D. at 561-325-9664 and we can get you started!

Medical Opportunity to Get in on the Ground Floor!

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Opportunity to Get in on the Ground Floor!

iPhoneWEBImagine if you started a website for your medical practice back in 1985?

Records show that the number of online sites reached 600.  Without all the noise of your competition, you would be visible merely by virtue of having built a site. If you added information to educate your viewers, you would have been perceived as a guru- the authority in your field.

What if you could get in on the ground floor now? What if the opportunity mirrored the one in 1985?

Change to a New Channel

In the multi-channel approach to health marketing a medical practice or healthcare facility, Facebook, Twitter and Blogging have been the typical places where time and marketing dollars have been spent Yet, surprisingly few have entered the arena of Instagram.

Instagram is Soaring Exponentially

Only within the last 6 months, statistics show that Instagram actually surpassed Twitter in the number of active users each month.

Two Active Medical Companies on  Instagram

Union Square Partners, a venture capital megafirm is taking advantage of this popularity.  They invested $4 million in a startup Canadian company targeting the medical industry, by enabling physicians, nurses and other health professionals to distribute and view medical images between them.

Critical care specialist, Joshua Landy, noticed in 2013 while working at the hospital with patients in the emergency room, “the workflow habits of young physicians on their iPhones”.  This prompted him to create “Figure 1”.  Medical students and residents were sharing work-related images.

Figure 1 app. is currently available in 19 countries and has more than 150,000 users.  As many as one-third of medical students in the United States currently utilize the application.

Security Issues

Since data from Figure 1 concerned specific medical data, privacy laws including those of HIPAA and regulations globally, restricted the implementation and usage of Figure 1.  Amassing patient waivers for the data on each patient was arduous and overwhelming.

While viewing of images is open to the public, only professionals can enter information and comments. A medical officer and team pour over images to ensure omission of patient names and specific case information.

ReelDx is another young company who capitalizes on uploading videos that are compliant with HIPAA guidelines.

The company formed an alliance with education providers, enabling training EMTs to view the educational videos for learning purposes.

The founder of ReelDx, Bill Kelly points out “Having cases on video is superior to simulations created by actors where feedback isn’t possible.

Both companies are thriving because people in the health field relish taking, and sharing both images and video to improve diagnosis and treatment options.

How does Instagram Work?

Instagram works on mobile devices- smartphones and tablets.  Photos are taken and uploaded.  The real benefit is the amount of space allotted to text, links and hashtags beneath the image.

The name of the person posting the image is listed in the top left corner above the image and the time on the top right corner.  On the bottom right, you can link to other users or followers with the @ symbol and their names.

Posting options

Prior to hitting the share button, Instagram offers distribution to followers on other social platforms like:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Flickr
  • Tumblr
  • Shortened url for blogs


With much less competition as opposed to the typical social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube), actively posting on Instagram and amassing a large volume of views and fans, really strengthens your brand, makes you more visible and helps promote you and your services.

There’s never been a better time to launch Instagram- and YouTube-inspired services for doctors. If you need help with medical content, creative ideas and images along with digital strategies, please contact me to discuss your needs at: Support@CompleteContentPackage.com  See you there!

Take Advantage of this Online Benefit for Medical Marketing

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Added Online Benefit to your Medical Marketing

The biggest benefit to your medical marketing is more massive exposure.  A great way to do this is to affiliate yourself with a site that already has a high ranking, large number of views and consistently rates well.
Such a site is Physician Solution Magazine

Formerly known as Medmonthly, Physician Solution is a magazine that is released each month.  It puts out information that:

Informs the reader of medical breakthroughs

  • What is accepted practice in the community
  • Strategies that doctors can use to growth their practice
  • Tips for the latest techniques
  • Case studies
  • Interesting or successful medical cases

Contributing to a magazine such as Physician Solutions, gives you greater exposure to eyeballs that are already present, defines who you are and what services you provide, strengthens your brand and establishes yourself as a thought leader in your specialty.

These are all characteristics that patients are looking for when they go online to search out a potential physician for their next medical consultation or appointment for an examination. Surveys show that most patients don't make an appointment with a doctor (even one that is referred from a medical insurance site) until further research is done which involves what the ranking of the doctor is and what the rating is.  They want to know what others think of the professional, what are the strong points and what are the disadvantages of going to that specific office.  They want to know if the staff is cordial, the doctor answers all questions the patient may have and how long the waiting time is in the anteroom prior to the patient being escorted to the exam room.  They want to know whether the physician goes to a hospital that has a good rating and whether the office advocates and engages them (the patients).

Being cited in a medical magazine other than your own:

  • Provides links to your site which the algorithms of search engines view positively
  • Adds influence- validating the importance of your views or the messages that you would like to circulate
  • Promotes you and your services
  • Strengthens your brand
  • Establishes you as a thought-leader and guru in your specialty
  • Establishes a referral network from professional medical readership
  • Cost-effective

Having your own newsletter and article marketing or publishing works great but most physicians neglect the benefit of being published on online sites that have higher viewership.  It is a strategic way to grow your practice, increase new individuals to yourself thereby attracting prospective patients and initiating conversation or engagement at essentially no cost.  Not only that, implementing analytical tools will tell you how successful each article was.

Never before has it been easier to market to people with online access so readily available and taking advantage of medical marketing will increase your revenue as well as your practice.


Need help with your medical marketing.  Call for a free consultation at 561-325-9664.  Speak to you soon!

Social Media and Medical Marketing Strategy Improves Healthcare

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Smart phones and iPads are empowering patients regarding their healthcare as well as helping them engage with their physicians.  Likewise, these devices are enabling doctors to better relate to their patients in a more

expeditious manner.    

 "Mobile" is the buzzword in our society this century and describes the technical tools that both doctors and patients are using an a daily basis.

 "Mobile" is the buzzword in our society this century and describes the technical tools that both doctors and patients are using an a daily basis.

Social Media is Reshaping Healthcare

Doctors, healthcare facilities, hospitals and other health providers are incorporating social media into the interaction with their patients on an ever increasing basis to improve patient engagement and improve public health.

Benefits of Social Media and Healthcare

  • Caregivers are in touch with health professionals to provide care to their patients
  • Patients are more educated thereby being better consumers
  • Health resources are more available
  • Health apps are used increasingly to improve health and monitor various aspects of it
  • Patients are taking responsibility for their health decisions
  • Patients are connecting with others having similar symptoms to facilitate diagnosis and treatments
  • Strengthens branding of practice
  • Patients are no longer isolated, whether it is through special needs or rural locations

Social media is becoming more than just an important health marketing tool.  It is driving patient care in our digital world.  While it is not the only means of communication, it is becoming an ever increasing part of it.  Social media can no longer be ignored by doctors and health facilities.  When your patients are looking for answers, don't you want to be the ones providing it?

Most importantly, social media is a channel through which doctors can understand what patients are thinking and the type of information they are looking for.  In rating doctors, physicians can take the criticism to heart and alter their practice to improve it.

Because caregivers and family of patients are using the Internet for self-diagnosis and information, doctors can provide more reliable data, directing patients to the sites which are more reliable in addition to providing solutions to the problems that patients are suffering with.


Ongoing engagement with patients and family members improves compliance to treatment and medication usage as an ongoing dialogue decreases the confusion and misunderstanding that some patients and family members have.  Instead, it is enhancing a patient's support and support team approach.

Physician Reliance

Doctors themselves are connecting with other specialists and medical resources to improve their knowledge of a medical condition or to find out the latest healthcare options.

Social media has become the way medical practices relate to their patients and also to prospective patients. It is a channel by which doctors can inform the public and interact to attract patients as part of a medical marketing strategy.

No Time?

Perhaps you understand the importance of social media but just don't have the time to get involved.  No worries! Outsource it.  We would be happy to help.  Call 561-325-9664.  We can discuss your needs and get you started

7 Key Elements for Your Medical Website- Don’t Leave them by Mistake!

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Did you create your own website?  Worse yet, does your medical website look like it was put together by someone as naive or as inexperienced as a child?

  Your website represents you, your medical practice and your services.  It is crucial that it looks as professional as you are and in most cases, this means that it must be done by a web professional so that you can avoid costly mistakes.  If it looks amateurish, first impressions of your site will be the last impression and it will be humiliating or  a costly lost opportunity.

7 Medical Website Mistakes to Avoid (or Things to Have on your Medical Website)

  1. Clear Call to Action

What is it that you want viewers to do when they visit your site?  Typically, it is to make an appointment for an office visit or to call for further information.  If you don't make this obvious on the site, you are leaving it up to chance. Have persuasive wording that makes prospective patients feel that you have the solutions they are seeking to the problems they have.

2) Clear Contact Information

No one is going to search for your telephone number and office address if it isn't obvious.  Make sure that this information is predominant on the page and also seen from each page.

3) Easy Navigation

Make sure that your visitors can easily navigate through your site.  Have tabs for the places that your viewer will be searching for and a way to get back to the home page.

4) Implement SEO (Search engine Optimization)

The majority of your site visitors will land on your home page by using a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo so you need to optimize your site.  This way the search engines know what your site is all about, what your services are and who you are.  It makes your site visible and easily found by those searching for your services.

You need to incorporated targeted keywords and phrases (long-tail keywords with 3-4 connected words) which are relevant to your site.  This should follow through on Meta tags, title tags and keyword tags.

5) Relevant Content

Create content that is relevant to your target audience.  If you are an orthopedic surgeon, you will want to discuss bone and muscle related diseases, not pediatric vaccinations (or worse yet, stories about your car).  The information must be in sync with what services you provide and what your medical practice is about.

6) Consistent Message

Whatever your message is for your medical practice, it should carry through on your website pages, brochures, business cards and newsletter.

7) Analytics

Sign up for an analytical tool (Google has one that provides very useful information).  The thing is, you need to actually view the statistics on a regular basis so that you know what is working and what isn't, enabling you to tweak your site for success. This tool may also be available through whichever server you are using for your website.  This invaluable analytical tool will inform you about the reception you get from your online visitor, like the pages visited, how many pages were viewed and where the viewer was from.

Need Help?

We would be happy to discuss your needs with a free consultation.  Call 561-325-9664.  Speak to you soon!



Help Prospective Patients Find You Online

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Are you on the first page of Google when you search for yourself?  If not, you might as well not be online.  People don't go to page 6 when searching for your services.

A poor search engine ranking means that you are invisible to more than 3/4 of patients searching online which means that you are losing out to your competition and your bottom line.

Most physicians don't realize how crucial it is that they are visible online with their medical website and how much they are losing by not being seen.  However, it is possible to improve it with a few minor changes.

         5  Tips for Search Engine Optimization
(SEO) of Medical Practice Websites

1) Keywords

Think of the words that people are using to search for your services.  Long-tail keywords consist of 3 or 4 words together or a phrase that most apt depicts you.  An example of this would be Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon or Tummy Tuck Surgeon or Breast Implant Surgeon in Palm Beach.  Sit down and make a list of the keywords because you will have to utilize them in article publishing, blogs and online.  Be consistent with your message.

2) Website Design

While animation and flash photos may look like you have the latest technology or make for cool images, the search engines cannot in fact use the words there and so to a large extent it is useless.

3) MetaTags

The keywords that you have chosen to represent you, should also be utilized within meta tags, source code, captions on images, URL and text.

4) Directories

Register for all the major directories.  While this itself does not help with ranking, it creates links to your site which does then help get noticed by the search engines.

5) Content Marketing

Regular publication of content using your chosen keywords are highly rewarded when it comes to ranking.  Think of article marketing, publishing keyword laden papers with bylines or links back to your site and blog posts which have content regarding your keywords.

Publishing and being cited on other sites, creates back links which is of great value.  The search engines think that if other sites feel you are important enough, then they will too! Google measures the relevance of the links. While the algorithm for Google and ranking is changing frequently, it holds relevancy to be of high importance.


If you are in a highly competitive field or area, consider incorporating adwords and pay per click campaigns to move to the top of the chart until your ranking improves (which can take the better part of 6 months).

If you have further questions or would like a free consultation, reach out to us by calling 561-325-9664.  We would be happy to discuss your needs.



Growing Your Medical Practice- Medical Marketing Your Business

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Growing Your Practice (or Preventing Loss of it to Competition!)

Making the most of the patients you already have is vital to your success.

Imagine if you could focus your efforts on cultivating the relationship you have with current patients instead of constantly trying to attract new ones. You would talk to your patients, learn their likes and dislikes, and better understand the problems they struggle to overcome.

By spending more time working with current patients, you can become a trusted member of their medical team, someone who they turn to in times of need or someone that can provide solutions to the problems that they are struggling with.

By reaching out and maintaining a personalized relationship with your patients,  you will have a better understanding of the dynamic motivations they have. You will be able to respond quickly to an ever-changing market. You will out-maneuver your competition by responding quicker.

This relationship is not something that you have to imagine. You can get to the point where your practiced will sustain itself and grow because of your current patients. It’s easier than you think.

Don't rely on insurance programs that you participate in to do all the referrals.  Insurance companies merge in todays market or worse, they go out of business.  If all of your patient referrals come from one source, the leads can dry up over night! Many stories abound about physicians that have been dropped from an insurance program for a myriad of reasons which may not have anything to do with them.  It might be as simple as wanting to keep only a certain number of providers within a geographical catchment area.  If it's you- you might have to start from scratch and totally rebuild your practice.  It can be a disaster!

Of course you will always need to attract new clients and patients — that goes without saying. However some of that hard work can be done by your current patients. Through word-of-mouth marketing and formal referral programs your customers can lend a very powerful hand in attracting new buyers.

Consider having a postcard that you send out thanking patients personally for any referrals that they provide.  Everyone likes recognition and this will go a long way.

Sign up in the box at the top left corner of the screen for more helpful tips.  See you at the next post!



5 Ways to get Followers to your Medical Website

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5 Ways to get more followers to your medical website

There are several ways that you can get more viewers to your website and keep them coming back.

1) Questions
People love to test their health knowledge and see how much they really know.

Consider giving a list of 5 questions that deal with a specific treatment or ask which treatment matches a particular medical problem.  Consider the disease of the month and ask questions about it.  Even better, consider asking questions on how to prepare for a procedure or exam.  The patients will have fun with it and at the same time, you can see how much your patients have listened to your advice.

2) Contests
Your contest can be as simple as viewers contributing a caption to a photograph that you have taken and the best contribution wins.

3) Medical Breakthroughs

Inform your viewers about the latest medical news and highlight the breakthroughs in papers, guides, ebooks, teleseminars, blogs or webinars.  New information goes along way and is interesting as long as you show how it pertains to your patients and prospective patients.

4) Surveys

Find out what your viewers are interested in reading about and more people will be attracted to what you have to say. Discover what the sweet spot is when it comes to the length of the article or whether it is being understood by most people.

5) Allow write-in questions

Inform your readership that you will choose one or two questions each month and write about it in depth as long as it is the type of question that can pertain to many and not specifically apply to one patient (as this would be against HIPAA policy and security).  If there is a recurring question or topic that you receive on a regular basis, consider making a guide or white paper or webinar out of this topic where you will have the opportunity to expand on the information that you provide.


If you would like to have a captivating medical website or provide health online, but you don't have the time or wherewithal, no need to fret.  Outsource it! Contact me at: Support@CompleteContentPackage.como and I would be happy to discuss your needs or provide a free review of your current site!




How to Optimize a Medical Website

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While everyone wants to have an optimized medical website and higher search engine rankings, most are unsure just what search engine optimization (SEO) is really all about.

Keyword stuffing is now penalized rather than being rewarded.  This means, you can't take one or more keywords that you have identified as being what your site is all about, and then write an article where you constantly mention the keywords until the article no longer makes any sense.

SEO designed articles will generate visibility when queries are initiated with the same specific words but the key is in making the article of value- it needs to be informative and useful. In other words, it must be in sync with the type of services that you provide and in addition to being educational, if it can be engaging, you've succeeded in obtaining both search volume and people who will become patients from the prospective client pool.

Google rewards

If your medical website and health pages provide valuable experiences for your viewers, you will be rewarded substantially.  The various Google algorithms (which change periodically so that no one knows the parameters that are actually being measured) rewards those who provide a positive experience for users.

Keywords are not the only constituent of search engine optimization.  Another is link building but this must be done through connecting to useful sites and with viewers to connect the two as opposed to "buying the links" or artificially linking them.

Too, one must be cognizant of ensuring that the medical website is effectively indexed. Make sure that you are within the guidelines.

Search engine guidelines are freely accessible but if you are not knowledgeable enough to adhere to the expected structure, it may very well be worth your while to outsource it.  Seek out a copywriter or content marketer in the health/medical niche who is familiar with SEO.

If you would like a free consultation regarding your site or a review of it with comments, contact 561-325-9664.

I would be most happy to discuss your site and your needs.