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Barbara Hales, M.D.


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In this economy, you need strong convincing copy and expert marketing more than ever!

Your Problem

The healthcare industry with more stringent regulations, and declining reimbursements, is more competitive. Marketing and brand promotion is no longer a luxury but a necessity for survival.

As a physician, I understand the challenges you face in positioning your practice or health facility in an ethical manner while creating a positive image for your patients. You don't have to struggle with this alone.

Your Solution

The Write Treatment provides you with the communication and marketing tools you need. Your strategy is mapped out and help is given to implement a plan so that you can concentrate on what you really love about the practice of medicine, dentistry and alternative care.

With my medical expertise, you can be provided with great quality health and medical writing that falls within accepted FDA guidelines. Your benefits are richly illustrated in whatever projects you require, making you indispensable to the market. Your message, services and products areproperly conveyed in magazines, online and in social media.

Take this opportunity to contact me so that we can discuss your strategies.

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"For Your Health and Wealth"